Scam letter(s) from Marina to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend!
Please take my letter a little attention.
It does not take much time.
I think what you'll be able to fulfill all of my ****** desires!
I am a beautiful, **** brunette with a great desire to spend with you a couple of memorable weeks.
I want that you are! You're attractive, adult male, who does not mind sharing with me his huge ****** experience.
I am very lonely in your town! I think you will not regret about the close encounter with me!
Just want to warn you that I do not need financial aid. This is a photo I made especially for you ......
You already want me? On a free dating site THESEXYLOVE.BIZ you find many more of my more explicit photos and videos which will bring you an unforgettable delight! my nickname MarinaLove69.
Once again I repeat that it is a free dating site for registration and you will take a few minutes.
P.S. I very much hope that you will not miss my letter! Gently kiss, looking forward to your site! Do not make me wait long ......
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