Letter(s) from Jolie Michelle Oden to Tom (USA)

Letter 1

Hello and how are you,
Its nice meeting you,My name is Jolie Michele Oden ,I'm 27 , white female, 5'7", fit and healthy. I put this profile on Craigslist to find a good guy who loves and enjoy life ,i live in Alderson,West Virgina ,and im open to relocation if the right man came along.

I'm looking for that special someone to settle down with and start a family.I love animals and kids. I'm honest, loyal, and faithful and am looking for the same in a man.

I need someone to lift my emotions.I believe age is just a number, but am open,with great feelings with someone that knows what he wants in life.

Im currently schooling in University Of West London School Of Nursing And Mid-Midwifery in the United Kingdom and would be planning to come back home in 2 weeks,so im hoping to find someone i can spend quality times with and see where it leads.

Im hoping to find a guy who is ready to get along with pretty,exotic,honest,intelligent, brilliant young lady who has a career in Nursing.

Please tell me more about you too and let me know if you are interested in me, i don't want games ,i would like to get to know you well before meeting you when i return to Alderson!Please be matured and be also able to keep a positive communication.


Letter 2

Hello,How was your nite? Below is a little more about me and i hope you would do thesame too so we can continue to get to know each other better and see where it goes.

Name Michele Jolie Oden
age: 27
Qualification: Student(Nursing and MidWifery)
Nationality: Dual Citizen (british and American)
Resident: Alderson,West Virgina
Marital Status: Single, Never Married
Sex: Women ,Straight
Religiousness: Religious
Religion: Christian
Children: Not have yet, loves children/Kids
Smoke: Never
Drink: Never
Food: Vegetables and Meat as well both type.
Looking For: Nice, decent, loving and sincere man who knows how to contribute to a family and home. Who respect the relation and loves like a good husband should be.
Work: Not yet, Full concentration on professional Study. Starting own Business in the medical field being a medical practitioner

Habits and Likes: Reading, Books, Internet, Music, Movies, Entertainment, Dramas, Novel, Real Stories. etc...
Personality: Moderate, neither Liberal nor Conservative, woman of principles and ethics, Friendly and reservative in some occasions.

I hope, You have learned enough about me. If need further question, you can ask about me. I will conclude my conversation by simple statement that Love,Respect and

Dignity is more important than Money, Status and Cast or Group.


Letter 3

Hello and how are you ,
Its my very good pleasure to read from you and also know much about you and i am very happy about your response, it shows you are ready for a lifelong relationship. Because I am not a woman who likes one night stands or short relationships, I seek long term relationship.Upon the successful completion of my Nursing program, I would recieve a Bachelor of Science degree with major in Nursing from the univeristy and i would be qualified to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to obtain licensure as a registered nurse,that will enable me work in any country as a registered nurse. So after graduation I plan to pursue my master's degree in nursing to fulfill my dream of becoming a family nurse practitioner. Ultimately, I'd like to become the CEO of a non-profit, community clinic, serving the medically underprivileged in a child-family-community model of care.
Please answer these questions as i would like to know your view about relationship.
Tell me the roles of man in a relationship ?
What are the things that matters in a relationship and what do they mean to you ?
What are the roles you want your woman to play in the relationship ?
What are the things you want your woman to do to you always ?
Tell me your likes and dislikes ? do's and don't do ?
Do you smoke or drink ? if yes, tell me how often ?
Are you independence in your decision about your relationship or do you seek advice from people around you ?
How long have you been on this Dating Site?
These questions are thought-provoking and may spread some light on viewpoints we didn't know each other had. Take some time and answer this questions, so i can fully understand your views about relationship. I guess i am lonely for now but i am doing all in my power to keep myself busy. but reading mails from you makes it going after doing my room chores and everything.
Hope to hearing back from you


Letter 4

How are you and how is work going on your end, i hope life is treating you right! I really love the way you answered my questions. It REALLY touch my heart and i thank God that i met you. You really make my day with the lovely email you send to me and i like the way you answered my questions. These are my answers too,so you can know my view point about a relationship.

Tell me the roles of woman in a relationship ?

In my opinion the role of woman in a relationship is to be a provider of support, while the man should be the major provider of strength. she should guide her husband to feel secure with their relationship and encourage him to seek out what his heart desires in regards to life choices. Though men and women have equal role to play.

What are the things that matters in a relationship and what do they mean to you ?

The most important things to me in a relationship are love, trust, and communication. I want to feel as if im more in love with a man everyday that we spend together. In order to attain this,a couple must develop a supreme sense of trust where absolutely nothing is held back. Part of trust is to have good communication. Whenever a problem arises, it should be talked out without anger or resentment. I also think sex is an integral part of a relationship.

What are the roles i want my man to play in the relationship ?

In a relationship i would like a man to play the role of an equal partner. When I am not strong,i want to be able to turn to my man to confide into and look to for help overcoming any problem that I face. I want him to be the person I love the most, respect the most, and consider my best friend.

What are the things i want my man to do to me always ?

I would hope that my man will be there when I need him most and always be able to speak to me with both frankness and sincerity. I like it when men can openly show his affection. or a smile that shows me that he really loves me.

My likes and dislikes ? Do's and Dont's ?

I really enjoy when I can bring my man into all aspects of my life. I like a man who can keep a positive attitude during difficult times, who is open to trying new things, and shares my passion for life and for helping our fellow human.

The things that I don't like in relationships are when we loose the ability to be able to talk openly. Also, I do not do well with people who think they are better than others and are always thinking about themselves.

My do's and don't do ?

I am romantic, great at surprises, very funny and can usually turn a frown into a smile, very giving, full of patients, full of life and try to get the most out of everyday. I am good at inspiring others as well.

Im materialistic people, smoking, drugs,demanding people, boastfulness, and people who love to fight.

I think with the way you answered my question, It clearly shows you are ready for a lifelong relationship, It is not as if i am in a rush to get married but i know what i want, and with your answers to my question i think you sound like what im looking for.

I think this is the third or fourth mail we will exchange between each other, where exactly do you think this communication between us could lead to ?

Have you even experience anything like this before ? with all i have told you about me, do you think we might have a chance together as we continue our communication ?

I will be expecting your response to this mail as soon as possible. and also let me know your daily schedule so that i might be sure of the exact time i can meet you at the computer so that we can exchange mails.

I am looking for someone that has the freedom that I do at this point in life. I also wouldn't mind being with someone who knows how to pamper a woman. I am not at all a materialistic person so I mean this in the sense of passion and affection. I am a little careful with my feelings at first, until I get to know you and then I can be a very loyal and caring person.

I am an attractive woman and even more important, I am petite and have been told that I have a great smile. My crowning glory is my hair. If I had to characterize myself I would say I have more of an exotic look because of my lighter features. I am at a very stable point in my life and the only thing missing is that special someone.

I am getting acquitted reading from you and i hope this leads to a good place

Take Care!