Scam Letter(s) from Iris Anna Herma Ista to Arron (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Slave sorry for the late responds,I have been quite busy lately and I feel good to finally have sometime to sit here and write you. Practically,I need you to know this is my first time of seeking a slave on line but I think I'm just going to do my best to put something meaningful down for you...Firstly,I do want you to know that I'm not a prodomme. I'm looking for a personal slave we can both share a mutual understanding,respect and I have a feeling that we would build something out of our respective wants. Basically, I've been practically aware of the kinky lifestyle and bdsm in general since I started my adult life. I enjoy fetish sex and the whole idea of having a man under my leash, I live for female supremacy and I do my best to practice what I preach! My understanding of bdsm is that it is a way of life. Over the years of training slaves, I've realized that there is a vast range of activities and intensities that are possible in bondage play and fetish sex. I found out while in college that I enjoy being in total control during sexual activities which led me to begin exploring an inner desire. It's a good thing that you are interested in being my slave, I can assure you that as far as BDSM is concerned , you will be getting the best training with me as your mistress, the two very essential qualities are just OBEDIENCE and UNFLINCHING LOYALTY,once any of that is missing, we both know things cant work well... I want you to be very free to discuss anything with me at anytime. Even though, you might be dominant outwardly, your inner desires remains to be explored and with both of our collective efforts. I believe we can make that happen... Specifically, as a mistress I'm meant to guide, direct and control you. However, I promise you that it will be a memorable experience. Tell me in more details about your fetishes and fantasies as well with your location.

I hope to hear from you.

Mistress Alid

Letter 2

Thank you so much for getting back to me,am new on alt meeting website and i will really like to meet with someone honest faithful loyal open minded caring straight forward trusted committed communicated give able received able sexual passionate and romantic and totally dominate.Someone that can be my personal slave,have you ever been slave before over the internet, for how long,have you ever been sissy before,do you have more interest in been dominate by me, what are you doing for a living, can you send me some of your picture to see how handsome you are.i will be waiting to read more about you.
hope to hear from you soon,
Your Mistress Alid

Letter 3

My intending slave,
I have been really busy this past days that's why i haven't replied your mail. I hope you have been having a good run in your personal life, with work and all. I have my dungeon in my house so sessions will be at mine and when we have your toys, you wouldn't need to bring anything when you would be another world for you to come into. The length of relationships aren't as important as their quality, don't you think? If we are to move ahead with this you will have to agree with my rules concerning this relationship, as that's the only way we can guarantee a safe and emotionally healthy relationship within a short time. so they are;
1. My slave will always address me as Goddess/Mistress. DON'T forget this and you should always respond to any of my mail as soon as possible as a show of respect.
2. My slave would always be loving, faithful, Loyal, caring, honest, trusted straightforward, committed, communicated passionate and romantic.
3. You must NEVER doubt or argue with my decisions. As my slave i command you to delete your profile from the web dating sites, which ever one you signup with. because as a mistress i like been focus to my slave. and i don't share slave and I shall always supersede your own, and My tiniest whim is your absolute law.
4. You must NEVER do anything bdsm related without my permission first.
5. .My slaves speaks in third person speech. Therefore you shouldn't use the words "I," "me," or "mine." Instead, say "this one," "this slave," or "this object."
6. My slave will never disagree or argue with a ME.
7. My slave should not enter into the conversations of himself and his Mistress with others .I love to share a special and sacred bond with my slave without any interference.
8. For My slave It is a good idea to ask for permission to enter a talk with your mistress as well as always ask permission before leaving a conversation.
9. As My slave If you are unsure of something ask your Mistress ,your Mistress is your teacher and path.
10. My slave is to be pleasing at all times; so you will. there is no room for bad moods. Perfection of service and submission is the goal.

I would like you to agree with these rules in your next mail for us to move forward.

PS I will like to see your recent picture in your next mail so as to recognize you when we meet up



Letter 4

Honestly, I'm pleased with your openness. I'm good with starters, However, I do have fetish with Blindfolds; Bondage; Collar and Lead/Leash; Handcuffs/Shackles; Humiliation; Massage; Master/Slave; Spanking/Paddling; Whips; feet and ass worshiping; and I also engage in other activities which depends on what you may desire in fetish and fantasies sharing.... Moreover, I work as an event planner and I am affiliated to many reputable management firms.In my busy life, I always have time to take care of myself from my hair to my foot. I often go to spa for facial treatment and massage, take care my hair, manicure and pedicure, when I have the money to do it. When I don't or feel like not going out, I do it by myself even if I'm tired. I always take shower and have my body spray with deodorant and body cream before I go to bed, I love go to bed smelling good.I like to read good books especially those that are inspirational and creative. I like to stay on bed listening to romantic music or on bed watching movies. I love play golf but now I don't have a partner to play, but I can tell you that playing with me is hard and requires patience :) because I'm bad hitting balls lol, whenever I hit the ball for some reason hide on me, almost all the game look at my balls hahahah lol, now I know why I don't have play partner, nobody want to play with me lol ;)..I m a mistress with substance, honest, perfect, but real..I'm not into pain and I always set my limits at the boundaries of an understandable agreement between myself and my prospective slave.

I believe our interests are very compatible but before our first session, there is something you have to take care of. I make this mandatory because of what I've experienced in the past from prospective subs, I don't accept money from slaves, I don't need it, am very much financially stable on my own,that's why am not a prodomme. My version and understanding of tribute is quite different, I believe it is your duty to purchase your training kit we will be using during our sessions, I make it a compulsory assignment for my sub prior to our first meeting, it certifies that you have duly contributed your quota, it's also regarded as a sign of commitment and it shows that you actually take all this seriously. There wont be any social or sessional meeting whatsoever until I see proof of your compliance meaning we won't be having any meeting neutral or not until you carry out this instruction. I'll direct you on how you will go about it though and I believe it should be a simple task for you to complete. You can either have them shipped to you and make sure you bring them along on your first session or have them sent to me straightaway and I can prepare everything and put things in place. After you've done this, we will work out a suitable time and arrangement for our first session, its the same items we will still be using on subsequent session so you only have to do this once. Its as simple as that, it might look tedious or expensive to you but that's the price you have to pay to be under my servitude. The earlier the better and am hoping this wont be a big deal for you and I will have your understanding, I think its better we are on the same page and you can start working on this immediately if you truly want to receive your training with me and have attached my picture as well so do send me your full address as well have attched my picture for you to see....

Letter 5

Hello My Slave and sorry for the late responds as i was bus due to the nature of my work as a business lady,I have a friend that works in where I always do all of my toys shopping. You will get them at the best discount rate and I believe that should make this easier on you money-wise. Write their sales dept ( directly with this list of items and tell them Mistress Alid greta homes Referred you to

*The Enforcer Steel Chastity Belt

*Bondage Chair

*The Steel Impaler Tower

and do let me know once you contact the store and do send me your full address as well cause the tools will be deliever to you and once you get them you bring it down to my place in order for us to start the first section...and the picture i sent you was my older picture an dthe one i sent you now is my recent pictures ,so do contact the sales representative as they will tell the amount but wont be more than 1,180dollars cause its will be cheap since i direct you to get it from there and do let me know once you write them and get the kits down to your place for the training or would you like them to send it down to my address?so that once i recieve it you can come down for the training and if you......i can get the kits for you once you which i will send one of my workers to get it for me and bring it down to my door step as am a very busy person due to my work and you need to get everything done on time for us to start out first training section,so do get back to me with your choice so that i can ask you to send the money to my workers so that he can get everything done,which its might not need for you to go through the kits store in order to save your time and stress cause i dont joke with time anyway.....

Your Mistress Alid

Letter 6

Hello slave i want you to know that have make all the rranagment since the goods will be delivered to me so that you can come down for the first training section and You won't have to bring anything along with you when you are coming to my place, I also have a special store I buy all my toys from and it's always with better discount compared to anywhere else. I will make arrangement and you will make payment as your duty in accordance to my instructions: Remit the total exact sum of 1,110.00 Dollars to the information below via western union as i got some discount after discussing with the sales rep...

Reciver Name: chris bolatsiron
City: white plains
States:new york
Zip Code:10605

I trust Chris can handle this because i have used him account(sales rep) repeatedly and he has delivered without a hitch every time. You know that you trusting your mistress and doing as he says is part of the thrill and deal.

I also require your secured private phone number with which we can keep communication discreet. If you are ready to take care of this assignment I've given you immediately then I believe our relationship will move forward, that is what I want and if I can have your obedience and you follow my lead, I will be pleased.

Another useful tip i will like to give you is for you to ensure you keep fit and exercise regularly, I always admire a healthy slave, well dressed and someone i can be proud to go around with. I like you already, I doubt if anything can change that, the only thing now is I'd like to see more photos of you so i can fully wrap around my head your physical appearance. i want to know your opinion of me aside the looks, what are the things you look out for in a lady you could be involved with, true compatibility is always a difficult task but i hope in our case, we can deal with that without any fiasco or drama.
I eagerly anticipate hearing from you again, i will write you again as soon as i can,and for your own security have attached my passport as well in order for you to get to know more about your mistress cause i came from holland which have spent many years here anyway.....

Take care of yourself and be a good sissy,

your mistress
PS: As soon as you have completed your task do attach me the confirmation slip.

Letter 7

Hello my slave am waiting to hear from you and have you make inquiry regarding the where i refer to?here is my location so that once you get it done they will send me the kits and you can come down for us to start up the training and do send me your recent picture so that i can be able to identify you easily....

your mistress,Alid

Letter 8

Hello slave do try and send me your recent picture as am waiting to hear from you once you get the money and i will like you to get it done this week as i will need your full address as well and mobile number i can reach you on as well so that can talk via mobile or text ech do get this done this week......cause you should be happy t meet someone like me as other mistress collect money for training why i dont collect money but all i require is just you training kits and i hope you understand

your mistress,Alid

Letter 9

Hello my love i want you to try and get the money across before friday in order for me to get the kits and we can start up as i will be busy from next weekend due to my work,and i will be waiting for your recent picture

your mistress,Alid

Letter 10

Hello slave have manage to raise some amount as have got one of the training kits myself so i want you to try and come up with remining 780dollars or like how much do you have now so that we can start up the training this week.....

your mistress,Alid

Letter 11

Hello slave am waiting to hear from you and why are you keeping me quite?get back to me today

Your Mistress,Alid

Letter 12

Hello slave have been waiting to hear from you cause have make all the necessary arrangement and beside you can come down to my place for out frist training section and beside i ant you to try and confirm your address to me once more...?and i want you to make the transfer of 780dolloar so that the training kits can be purchase today as its weekend and we can get everthing done this week.....
get back to me

Your Mistress,Alid

Letter 13

Hello slave nothing will really happen cause have waited for you for long time which have make my schedule and i dont like disappointment in my its will be great if you can get it done.....

your mistress,Alid



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