Letter(s) from Anna Dorenko to Jules (France)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Jules!!!
Today was a travel agency. It was interesting to talk to people working in the agency. But first, I had a lot of work at school as well. it was necessary to prepare the documents for our director. All the documentation I have been doing ... But I think that I do not appreciate this ... I do not know why ...
Well, I started writing about the travel agent.
It is a good travel agency, so I do not worry about the price of a visa, they painted me that I needed to quickly and easily get a visa to your country. The main thing is to have an interview at the embassy in Moscow.
I was told that it is best if I get a tourist visa, so dear Jules, I ask you to contact the travel agency where I was today, and send them your full name, address and the nearest airport, where I should go.
Agency data:
Russia, zip code 198205, St. Petersburg, Vanguard Street, 15.
E-Mail: agency.manager2014@yandex.ru
here is my data for a travel agency, so they know what kind of client you are talking about. They know in their information for them to know this information, as well as you can leave them in my next letter, I will give them.
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 196135, Aviation street, 14, ap. 76
Here is my full data:
last name: DORENKO
first name: ANNA
city: Saint-Petersburg
Country: Russia
November 23, 1982
I always feel pleasure when pronouncing your message out loud and pronounce your sweet words. You are a unique man I am afraid to lose. I hope that you understand me.
My journey is the fastest way to have a meeting and it will be easier for both of us. I hope all is well with you and you can do it, I think it is not difficult.
The thought of you Jules does not leave me. Conversation with you in the letters makes me understand what you are unique man. You are a very good man who can not be here in Russia - I will repeat over and over again is ...
Jules, yesterday when I went to bed, I imagined you in my dreams. I imagined that we are now in a house :) and talking quietly over tea with your face does not come from that smile and I just start to smile through the curtains falls a ray of sun, which makes me wink at you and you I just winked, then we laugh together ... It's stupid, but still. I do not consider myself an intelligent woman. I am a woman who is only looking for a simple family happiness ...
I'll wait for your letter. I hope you will write to me soon.
already miss .... Kisses ... and embrace ...
With love, Anna

Letter 2

My love Jules!!!
I'm just happy to get a letter from you, thank you, I am very pleased.
Cute Yes, I'm ready for you at all, I am ready to jump into the fire and into the water for you, my love.
My dear I am very sorry that you have no confidence in me, I'm so sorry dear, it's so you.
I understand that on the Internet there is a lot of hype, but understand I'm not that cute, I do not deceive you understand this.
I have done a lot in order to be together, this is the last step before our meeting, don't leave me, help me.
We will be most happy, trust me dear, and we will have everything, I beseech you, do not break the fate, help her.
Please darling, pay my tickets and I'll fly to you, help me with these 500 euros and all I'm asking for your help only once.
Here are my details to transfer money:
Name: Anna
Surname: Dorenko
Country: Russia
This is all the data necessary for a money transfer, help me Alex.
I really want to be with you, we have done a lot for our meeting, we must not miss this chance.
I very much miss you honey, I miss your attention to me, I want to be quite close to you, to kiss you, hug, caress.
Cute how I can't wait to spend with you the night, how I want it.
I want to fall asleep and to Wake up with you from your kisses sweet.
I want to do you a pleasant and a relaxing, kiss you every second, your tender naked body.
My heart is beating just because thanks to you, only because you're with me....
Try as I can, avoid banality. But I can't. Try to shut it (banal) of this sincerity. I think you will notice her.
Beloved, be near. For me always was and is lacking. You're so far.... You are so inaccessible that I want to be your shadow so as not to depart from thee, neither one step!
Love you, good! I often call you that, although I want to call names. I love your name, but circulation of "good, dear," I like a little bit more. That way! The thing is that in answer to your question is "what are you my love so much?", I have used this word!
I often call you her husband. You like that, though we are still married! I'm sure it says the following: soon we will be the most wonderful married or married (not sure how it would be more correct) a couple.
Always love you I will! And I believe not in separation, and in happiness, which is decorated with our happy and beautiful future.... I thy will be forever! Only yours." I want to be with you, I want to you, help me.

Letter 3

Hello my love!
Cute, you know, I'm very hard now, it's hard on what is missing you, my love!
Understand my dear, I am not able to find the money, I did everything possible, try to understand it, my dear.
If you are afraid to send money to me, then you can contact the agency and pay for tickets directly in the agency.
Yes, I sent you a copy of your passport. My visa is ready and now she is in Moscow cute.
Understand I can not fly to you with your tickets.
all your documents are processed through its agency and tickets I can only get from your agency, you must understand this, I have a contract with the agency.
Here is the data the agency, contact them and pay my tickets:
I'm so sorry that we are not together, but that's okay, I hope we'll be together soon.
I'll be glad to be with you, do not leave me, do not break the fate cute, help her.
I'm terribly much I love you darling!
You did exactly the man without whom my life did not turn out.
I can not live without you 1111111, so I very much hope for you that you will never let me throw.
For all our time communication, we were not just friends, we have native people. I'm afraid of losing you. Be always with me darling. I love you very much.
Your girl Anna