Scam letter(s) from Lulu Yang to Vertti (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello,dear Vertti,I'm Kitty,Lulu,do you remember?
so happy can set you a message now,then I can tell you something about me:
I open my own shop here,clothes sales for woman:)
I'm a simple, kindly, sunshine ,Black eyes,chinese girl.
with the time,you can know more about me.
Here i have my nice life, my parents,my friends, and my work.
But, I lack the most important thing in life, that is "love"
I don't know how to love and care friends and my speical man .
but I know, sincerity is priceless, love is priceless
So, I know, when I meet a special man, I know use my sincere and true love to treat him, to love him and take care of him
in the near future, I want to be a beautiful, kind, virtuous good wife
I hope I can have a chance to know more about your life, your work, family, hobbies, etc,,,,,,,
we can share each other life,happy things,sad things,and special things in the life
i hope can be the special woman in your life,and take care of you
Please forgive me for not able to check my mail often, sometimes my work will so busy,
I often on gaga, you can go there to find me, my gaga name is "kitty000" ,we can in the gaga keep in touch
And gaga has very good translation, also can help us, more understanding of each other,set me a message on gaga, then I can find you there
Wait for you~
Letter 2
hi,dear Vertti,good hear you there,thanks,do you add me on gaga?what you usename there>i will off my work now,cook at home,hope chat you more there.
Letter 3
Hey,Vertti,ood hear you,thank you,and i leave message on gaga,chat there soon~
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