Scam letter(s) from Mariah Kwan to Jason (New Zealand)

Letter 1
I am very sorry for your losses in life. I lost a partner 12yrs ago to cancer. I never thought I would love again. 5 yrs ago I met my last partner and for 5 yrs I watched myself burn the candle at both ends. She had 2 children who I took on as my own. Met her when she was 7months pregnant with 2nd. Happy to support but in end she had lots of mental issues which made her switch off. I ended up doing everything while she just sat there and abused me. It was very difficult to walk away from everything including stepkids but after she took everything and I now have to start again. I couldnt b happier. That was 7months ago. Now I am studying criminology and psychology, doing security and just about quit the job at the hospital I took up to b around her when she was sick.i am open to suggestions. I love to live life.outgoing, very fun and funny! Very loving and love to give my partner the love they deserve. I do want another partner, I hate being alone. Not just sexually, but companionship. I would love to get to know u if u r still interested! Xoxo
Letter 2
Thanks for the email Craig, you are so sweet and you are my kind of man, i want a man romantic sweet loving man that will stand by me, care for me and support me no matter what. Well it's good to see that you are ambitious and it's a turn on for me because i like an hard working man and it's just that you are the kind of man i seek for, I am very happy that we met on that site, i am ready for us to start a serious relationship, i need you to always email me and check up on me i will truly appreciate it, i can't write much right now but i will tell you more about me later on, do you have a yahoo messenger ?
I look forward reading from you soon.
Letter 3
Good morning sweetie, i was really worried about you, i knew you were busy but i had no clue what you were doing but i am glad you wrote back and very happy to read your email, i really can't wait for us to join our life's together, i want us to have a future together, it's good to know you thinking about me, i really hope you and i can make things work out. Kisses and hugs
Have a wonderful day.
Letter 4

Hello Craig, thanks for the email, i hope everything is going well over there, i understand that you have been busy lately but i would like if we can have some times to ourselves and i wish we can take this relationship to the next level, i hope you had a wonderful weekend. Work has been good so far can't complain and i am hoping your plans to come here are for real, i will be looking forward to your next email. Kisses
Letter 5
Thanks for the email craig, it means so much that you reply my emails and i am glad you think so much about me because i do too, i would love to see more pics of you, i am really sorry about your family issues and i hope everything goes well.
I wish i could be there with you and have to travel together, that would be amazing, are you gonna invite me or pay for my trip ? i would love to come to you.
Well i have been doing okay myself, been working and having some personal issues to deal with and rather than that, i am free as a bird, i wish we could always speak more often.
I look forward reading from you soon.
Letter 6
Good morning love,
How was your night, i hope you slept well, i can't stop thinking about our last chat got me missing you after you left for bed.
First of all, I would like to say I love you with all my heart! I will never ever forget the first day that we met. I remember each and every detail. Meeting you has been an answer to my prayers. I will always love you. My heart belongs to you and ONLY you. I never want you to forget that. I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with someone so fast ... but, this has totally proved me wrong. I am truly happy to be with you. You are my everything and I will do anything for you. I will never leave your side and when you leave for long periods of time I will be right here waiting for you. My love for you grows stronger and stronger as the seconds, minutes, hours and days go by. I love you with all of my heart, mind, body and soul and I always will. Baby, I love you!!! Listing to this song baby... Love always,
Letter 7
Good morning love,
How was your night, i hope you slept well baby, i couldn't stop thinking about you all day, i had a wonderful time and today and i just got the money so i will be waiting on the other half of it on monday, baby you are the best and you mean the world to me, i love you so much with all my heart and soul, my heart goes to you my love and nothing will take you away from me.
You are the best thing to ever happen to me, i love you with my heart and soul. My love for you will never stop, you are my life and my soul mate, i really don't know what i will do without you, I will always love you no matter, i will be with you through good and always support you. Baby i will email you my cell when i get it running say this weekend ?
Baby i hope you have a great time at work and please be careful and take good care of yourself.
Your Wife
Letter 8
Good morning sweetie,
How was your day, i hope you had a wonderful day, i miss you so much and couldn't stop thinking about you.
How is your new job ?
My love i am sorry i couldn't come online last night, baby you are my everything sweetie, i love you so much.
Baby you mean the world to me and nothing will take you away from me, i think about you every day and night before i go to bed, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, I love you with my life and soul.
Baby your words calms my heart you just know how to make me feel good about myself, i love you so much.
My hubby i will be online for a bit before i leave for work, you are the best baby.
Letter 9
Hello Baby,
How was your night, how was work, i hope you are doing okay, I miss you so much baby. I love you so much baby, i really don't know what am gonna do with you, you mean the world to me and nothing will take you away from me, i love you with all my heart. My love since the day we met i have never stopped thinking about you, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, i love you so much, i will never stop loving you, you are my back **** and my rock. God has sent you to come and take away my loneliness, i want to grow old with you and share the rest of my life with you, i love you so much baby. Muuuuaaaaaaah
Letter 10
My dearest husband,
how are you doing baby, how is work going, i know you have been really busy lately sweetie. I miss you so much baby and the time difference is killing me and i am ready to do everything i can to keep us happy, you have been a wonderful soul mate, an hard working partner and i love you so much because i know if i have you i will never lack anything because you are strong and can take good care of me. Baby i have been thinking so much about you and you mean the world to me, baby i was out with my friends today we went to the shopping mall and all my thoughts were about you, i can't wait to hold you in my arms baby.
My love i want you to know something about whats going on, i have an inheritance that i have to claim and it's worth alot of money and i need you to be my beneficiary, i want to to stand by me through this process and take every responsibility.
Baby my lawyer will explain much more to you, all i want you to do is contact him i will give you his information and tell him you are my man and we are plaining on getting married and you want to help me get my inheritance sorted out, baby all i want you to do is simple and i know it will require a bit of your time but i know everything is going to be alright, we have to do this in other to meet because i have been trying to solve this for a long time now. Baby i need you and all i want is you, i can't wait to hold you, sweetie i took some pics for you and i hope you like them. Kisses and hugs baby
I will give you my number tomorrow baby so we can speak on the phone.
Love you always
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