Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kuzminih to J. (Australia)

Letter 1

My name is Nastya nd i very would love to acquaint with you. Your profil have left a good impression about you and i decided to write you. I hope we could to become a good friends or maybe something more... who knows... I hope my letter will interested you, because you really liked me. I want you know that i`m serious to find to myself somebody special with whom i could to connect my life and will be very glad to get your reply on my letter. You can write me also on my mail: hope to see your letter soon.... best wishes Nastya
Letter 2

Hello! It was very pleasant for me to get the letter from you today.
You seem me very interesting person and I have a huge wish to know you better! My name is Nastya, I live in Russia in Cheboksary. I think I have everything, loved work, good friends, the one that I need - the loved man with whom I could to build a serious relationship and to have a happy family. I`m 26 years old and I feel myself lonely woman.
I tired to live alone and I have a serious intentions to meet the man who will be love and care of me and whom I will can to present all my love and gentle which I have. I think, i`m an open, kind, romantic and gentle woman and very want to meet a honest, intelligent and optimistical man who will be open with his feelings and will not afraid to show them to me. Nowadays I`m working at shop, i`m an adviser by selling different kinds of home appliances. I like my job,
but sometimes it can be rather hard. I have many different interests:
books, computers, movies, sport and many other thing that make my day better. Besides I like to spend free time with my friends. Also I like cooking and to listen to the music, different styles, often it depends on my mood:) I will not write much, I just want you can better represent who I am. That`s all for now:) Please, tell me more about you and your life, what are you looking for in life and relations,
about your interests, plans on the future, about the people you are surrounded by? I will be wait your reply with a big impatience. I think we need to use any chance to be happy. The life is too short just to think and to dream, do you agree?
Write me on my mail:
Wish you a good day!
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