Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Belyanina to Dale (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Jeff!
I'm sorry for my delay with my answer, i had no access to Internet.
Also something had gone wrong with my gmail account, that's why I have to write from this address. It's my work email address and I use it more often. Now please write me to this email address.
I'm not too late? I hope you remember me? I have written to you the short letter on website Craigslist and you have answered me.
I did not know your email address. The site has automatically sent my message to you. And together with your answer I received your email!
Thank you for your picture. It is a fine picture. You are a strong and handsome man. I very much like this picture. It is wonderful, when a man combines force and charm. It happens so seldom. Forgive me for my frank words. But I always speak what I think. I think there is nothing bad in it. You have pleasant appearance and it is wonderful.
Probably first of all I should write the most important thing.
I live in Russia. I hope and I think you are not very much afflicted that I live in Russia. But I very much hope that it does not frighten you.
I am the the usual women with heart and soul like many other womens living in the different countries. I sincerely hope that nationality and distinction of cultures for you is not the most important things in a lady. Besides, in the near future I am going to travel and probably we can meet and maybe we would become the big friends or even more...
Now I will inform to you about me in more detail. my real name is Anastasiya.
My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 115 pounds. And of course you should know that I am 30 years old. My birthday is April, 18, 1984.
Color of my hair is light-brown, but sometimes I like to change color of hair. I hope you are not disappointed very much that I am a light-brown, because I know that all men love more blondes? It is a question!!! (smile).
I never married and I have no children. Now I live in village of Bognenko.
It's a small village, where live a few hundreds inhabitants.
My village is located close to the big city - Novoshahtinsk, in a southern part of the European Russia, near to such known cities as Rostov on Don, Taganrog, Shahty. I work in a clinic. I am doctor. I work as an gynecologist. In the childhood I dreamed to be a translator of the English language. I dreamed to work with our President to know all state and international secrets! (smile). But the destiny has disposed differently.
After ending school I entered the Medical University. And now I think our president doesn't need my services because I am gynecologist, and I think that our president would not allow me to examine him (smile)!
Jeff, I understand that all people have various tastes and interests, but I sincerely hope that my appearance will be pleasant for you.
But if my appearance doesn't conform to your tastes and interests, I will understand you, of course. I the optimist at heart and it's often help me in my life. I already adult woman; and I look at the life with a philosophical shade. But as though I did not try to inspire myself that I absolutely happy woman, I can't do it.
I have friends, I have job and my apartment. But there are things without which people cannot be happy. And for me it's not material things. I have written to you the first and it means that I am ready to share with you my thoughts. I am very glad and grateful to you for that that you have answered me. Anyhow, I hope that you, just as I, have interest in our dialogue, and I will wait your answer.
In the end of my letter I want to ask you the most banal questions:
what music you like, what movies you prefer. These questions are really interesting for me because I like various movies and music very much.
I with pleasure will tell to you about it in my next letter if you really want to learn more about me. Do you like your job, Jeff?
Had you ever had experience in correspondence with a friend from other country? Maybe you are more skilled in this than I am? If you do not want to answer these questions, please do not answer. It is simply my female curiosity. I will be very grateful to you also if you will send me any your pictures. I will be happy to have your pictures in the computer. With the best regards.
P.S. By the way your message went to my spam folder and to me have recommended to place you in a "favorite list". You can too place me in a "favorite list". And all my messages will always get in yours inbox.
Letter 2
Hi Jeff!
Today definitely good day - day of dialogue with my friend Jeff! (Smile).
How it is wonderful to receive something that you really wait. And in a case with me it of course your letter! Thank you! Today was a difficult day, and dialogue with you removes my physical weariness. The quantity of patients has considerably increased for some last years. Here many people lives in the remote areas, impassable districts. They lives even without an electricity in absolutely unsuitable conditions for a life. And it certainly becomes the reason of a plenty of diseases. The sad fact.
Sometimes I want our president to live here instead of the Kremlin, simply to understand what life is. Maybe in this case all wars would end much faster? Forgive me that I tell you about our problems, simply I write all what in my head. If you do not like to read about it - simply tell me.
Thank you for the description of your nature and character. I see that we have a lot of common features. You certainly an interesting man and when I read your words about yourself I began to understand you much more deeply.
I very much like your pictures. I very much like to look at you. I enjoy.
You are right, a successful relationship is a 50/50 proposition. We will be very happy if we respect each other and are always honest with each other.
I want to find person I can share my life with and who will share hers with me. Someone I can hold and protect, talk to, listen to, laugh with, cry with, make love to, go through good and bad times with.
Someone I can look at as he sleeps beside me and think to myself, "You lucky, he is too good for you. He could have anyone, but he chose you to fall in love with and surrender herself to; heart, soul, mind, and body. Don't ever do anything to mess this up or lose him because he is the most precious thing in the world." Someone I can't wait to get home to just because. I want to build a relationship where time doesn't exist, where 20 or 30 years is no different than 20 or 30 days.
Yet, I would want it to last an eternity, if that makes sense.
By the way Jeff I have asked you about your family in my last letter because it really interestingly for me, as all my family has passed away.
My parents were military, mom was the military doctor, father was the officer and we hadn't constant house because they very often got the notice about new place of service, in places with the military conflict.
Therefore my childhood was not very cheerful. We lived in temporary habitation outside of zone of conflict, therefore sometimes I did not see my parents some weeks, and I was at home absolutely alone, being an eight-year girl. Therefore since the early childhood I am able to cook, sew, knit and do any heavy physical work. Now I absolutely agree that it's correctly said that:"Thing that does not **** us makes us stronger".
Don't you agree Jeff? When father got new place of service near to city Barnaul, I have gone to study in the good medical university in Tomsk.
I lived in student's hotel on distance of 300 kilometers from my parents.
But we had meeting some times in the year. Later my parents got new place of service and have left to live in the Bognenko. And I saw my parents only once in one year. At university for the first time in my life I have found a true friend (it is Kristina) who is my best and reliable friend till now. We have together passed through a hard time when have been compelled to study and work in the evening and at night,- just to support itself. After ending of university I was to get direction for intern in Tomsk area, but I have received the letter from mom where she informed that daddy has been killed in military collision. There is nothing worse than to find out about death of the parent from the letter.
After that I began to live with mom because I was afraid to leave her lone at such difficult period. One and a half year ago my mom has died of a heart attack. I will not describe all pain and suffering which I had at that time.
Simply I want to tell that all ups and downs, all pleasures and misfortunes that were in my life have led me to who I am now. The destiny was not tender with me, but I am grateful to my destiny for my parents, I am grateful to my destiny for my friend Kristina, because it really a gift of destiny. And I hope Jeff you are not angry with me that I talk to you about it? It is my life and it is a part of me. And how you would learn me more if I would not tell you it, really? And I as well would be glad to learn more about you. Your life is very interesting to me. Are you grateful to destiny for anything in your life Jeff? How often you become tired on work? Do you like the nature, rivers and lakes, woods and mountains? Are you religious person Jeff? I will wait for your letter so please write me soon! Sincerely and with the best regards.
Your friend (I hope) Anastasiya.
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