Scam Letter(s) from Elena Vorona to Dale (USA)

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Letter 1

I am glad to receive your letter. To me it is pleasant that you wish to help our meeting. For me it means much. Jeff, I very much was upset when I have found out that I will have not enough money. And I very much experienced that our meeting cannot take place. But now I know that we meet and be fast we can together. To me your words of support are very pleasant. I have good feelings. And I feel very happy girl, knowing that you are in my life. To me have told that in our city there are branches Western Union. My name Lidiya surname Subbotina.
the address; Kirov, Street Borodulina, 34 Index 610915. I hope for your help. And I very much wait for our meeting. For me it will be the happiest day. I very much want that it has come as it is possible more soon. And I hope that all our dreams and desires will come true.

I shall wait for your letter.

Yours Lidiya.

Letter 2

Hi my dearest Jeff!

I have more recently left embassy and at once have decided to write to you. I write to you the letter and I smile. I'm so glad! If I could, I would speak with you for a long time . But unfortunately now it is impossible. But I am confident, that our meeting will take place also we shall speak in person. Jeff, I want to tell to you about the commission in Moscow. I hope to you it interestingly!!! Tomorrow I shall already write to you from native city. I shall arrive to Kirov most likely tomorrow in the evening. I can probably have the visa.
Because I tried for it much. I worry, you should understand it. I never thought that the commission will ask such unusual questions.
They asked about my sexual life, they asked about children, about work, about patriotism, about my attitude to USA, about my conversance and awareness of events which happened in the world and in USA, about my religion and belief. I have told about all my life in detail. I spoke about verything fairly how it's really. To me have told that my answers are unexpected and as a rule applicants don't answer such questions so directly and openly. They haven't got used to hear such answers, but they said that to hear sincere and truthful answers is much more pleasant than words which come not from heart and reason. Children from the orphanages also have made the big impression and rendered the big influence on the commission. To me have told that I the first lady who have such support from children - orphans. Now I should wait the decision. I hope, that my visa will be ready within the next few days. The representative of embassy at once informs about it to travel agency. After that I shall buy the ticket in your country. After I shall buy the ticket I shall inform date of the start. Now I agree with expression: "Expectation of death is worse than the death" I can't concentrate on anything. My heart so worry, I can't work. They have told that the decision will be accepted in several days. I so worry. I so want that this small dream was come true. I simply want to see my lovely friend. I think the God will help me. I simply want to meet you. I already see us together and I sink in dreams. I want to construct with you the ship to float under sails in boundless ocean. I want to meet with you a dawn and to see off a sundown. We will float on our ship and our love will illuminate our way. We will look at night at stars, we'll be pleased in the afternoon to the sun. If there will be a storm, our love will protect us. If there will be a calm, our love will be a wind. Our love will be a beacon for us. We will be floating at ocean of love and oblivion and nothing can separate us. We'll name our ship - Dream. It will be the small ship, but very strong. Because we will make our ship from belief, hope and love. It's impossible to wait, when your dream will fall to you from the sky. It's necessary to go to the dream. It's necessary to clear and build the road itself. If in heart there is a belief and dream, if in heart there is a love and hope, it is necessary to achieve the dream by all means. I always go to the dream.
I don't sit on a place. In my life there were very few light moments.
On this I try to make everything that my dreams have come true. I understand that now it's only dreams. But these dreams brighten my life. I hope that yours also. Nothing will keep me to arrive to you Jeff!!!

With tenderness your Lidiya.



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