Letter(s) from Nadezhda Alekseeva to Gorjan (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Gorjan. I regret if yesterday my with last letter have afflicted you. I did not want that you in vain worried. I likely became a little nervous and sentimental lately. Too many has fallen down my shoulders for last days. I am glad that you understand me and try to support! For me it is important, I thank you for the help.
I have learnt about cost of all travel and to me became insulting. I see ours with you the future, I am sincere believe that you my destiny. Very painfully to realise, really because of my financial position I cannot arrive to you. Why the destiny gives difficulties when least for it wait? Therefore I so have reacted, I went to library and in my to a head there were thoughts that now I can not arrive that all our plans will collapse in a flash. I do not want that all it remains only words on a paper, and not come true dreams, I at all do not wish to release a hand! I wish to be with you!
My love Gorjan, I love you, and I wish to do the utmost to arrive to you. Let it will be long road, but we together, we love each other, two loving hearts will pass through any difficulties! Forgive if sometimes I happen such sensitive, and it would be desirable to cry, I simply wish to be darling, that you me never will leave the nobility in a trouble. The trust and support is the base to our relations.
Independently to make all documents, buy air tickets I cannot, and does not remain other exit, only I hope for your support. The manager has told that the price includes the price of insurance, international passport, air tickets Kirov - Moscow and Moscow - Skopje and makes 570 euro. As soon as I will pay this sum, we will make the contract and they will immediately start to work. It is required nearby 7 for preparation of documents, and only then I can arrive to you.
Darling, I wish to divide all joyful and bitter moments of this life with you. A life one and I wish to live it adequately, enjoying in each afternoon, rejoicing to each minute near to you! I will wait your answer.