Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Kevin (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Kevin! I did not expect such a quick email from you. So I could not answer you immediately, because I was busy. First of all I wanted to say my name is Tanya. I now have a little time I will not write much. I want to make sure that my letters reach you. In my next letter I will write you more about yourself. I post my photos, hope you enjoy. I hope you will respond with understanding to my letter. I'll wait for your response. Tanya
Letter 2
Hello Kevin! I checked today to see the e-mail your letter. but unfortunately it was not for me, it's a bit sad. I can not understand why you do not write me. maybe you do not want to communicate with me? if you do not want to have a correspondence with me and then tell me. I'll be waiting for your reply. Tanya
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Name: Tatyana Selihova
Age: 25
Name: Mary Colman
Age: 33
Name: Deborah Larry
Age: 27
Name: Linda Nyarko
Age: 34
Name: Maria Mironova
Age: 25
Name: Tamara Morgunova
Age: 27
Name: Elena Vasilyeva
Age: 33
Name: Marianna
Age: 27
Name: Emelia Johnson
Age: 34
Name: Ekaterina Rybakova
Age: 26
Name: Melissa John
Age: 33
Name: Roselyn Aboagyewaa
Age: 29
Name: Hannah
Age: 24
Name: Alexandra Mihaylova
Age: 39
Name: Diana
Age: 35