Letter(s) from Svetlana Sidorenko to Sam (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely SAM!!!! My lovely foreigner I am happy that ours the attitude to continue to grow. I to want you to embrace and kiss. I to feel an inclination to you. I have visited two travel agencies which are in my city. In one of them to me informed that they are not engaged in official registration of papers for visiting your country. But they informed me the address of firm which services I can take advantage. She is in other part of city and I had to make two changes by the bus before I there to reach. I to receive consultation at the manager of this firm. Consultation appeared paid. I have paid 20 dollars for it, it is the big sum, but I had to make it. The manager informed me, that I can address in consulate. But in my city of those there is no also I should go in the city of Moscow. I should bring my documents and data on my relatives. I also should pay 500 dollars and expect results. Now in the world restlessly and conditions of entrance to your country very rigid. I should expect from 6 months till 1 year before I can leave to you. But to me also can give up in it. But the manager of firm informed me also about that that I can make the contract with a tour agency. The agency is engaged in registration of trips under the tourist visa. They can make out the tourist visa for 90 days. And this service will be cost accordingly 350 dollars. Term of registration of such visa will borrow from 3 till 30 days. (All depends from such as Quickly American consulate will check my data). But the firm renders this service only in that case if the client orders in them registration a package deal. He includes also the order of the air ticket, his cost of 980~1150 dollars depending on airline and him the name of the international airport in which you will be required can to meet me. The agency also to assist in registration of the passport. To me informed that at desire to remain in your country for joint residing I should address together with you in the Russian consulate and inform there on this decision. And the consulate then will interpellate in emigratory service and together with it to make out to me residence permit. But I to not build illusions. I cannot forget that us divides ocean, and this distance for me a huge problem which I cannot overcome without your help. I would like to arrive to your country and to meet you. I shall try to postpone some means, but my earnings very small. I have 250 dollars of savings and 20 I had to spend today. At the salary in 120-150 dollars a month it is very difficult to accumulate savings. It because a standard of living in Russia not so high. I to be ashamed to speak you about my request but I to not have an opportunity to pay my trip to you. My lovely if you to have an opportunity I shall transform our meeting into a reality is compelled to ask you to help ours a meeting. I to arrive to you, I to work and return your expenses. I to adore and want you to see you more likely. Whole my love! Your Svetlana.

PS: I too to want to hear your voice, but it not possible yet. The matter is that our city a province! At us out-of-date communications. And communication lines are strongly overloaded. Therefore our telephone company does not render services of the international negotiations. The company to promise, that will soon change a situation. But when it to happen??... Anybody precisely does not know. I hope that you to understand me?