Letter(s) from Alena to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello again Frank) i hope you had no time to forget me?))) you gave me your email on the site so i really want to be sure that we are connected now, ok?) so please answer me if you got my letter) as i want to tell you much more:)have a nice day, Alyona).

Letter 2

no my dear i have no passport(

Letter 3

Hi, hello my dear Frank!!!!:)I hope my letter has found you in a good spirit?:))))and i hope it brings you a smile on your face as a lonely beautiful girl from Ukraine is writing you with a hope to get more of your attention:)well i am not so lonely as i have a little daughter Alina who is 2 years old but we both miss a strong man's shoulder...

I really would like to know you better and become at first friends as i think that friendship is the base for everything, but in my aims there are strong and serious relations, family and everything is connected with the word Family, as i cherish family values. what about you? are you here for fun, love affairs or just sex? as you know a lot of men just need only it...no it doesn't mean that i don't like sex, i just want everything to have with my man..with my beloved with the HEAD of my future Family)I am divorced for 2,5 years already and i don't want it happen again...i want my family FOREVER!So my main question for you is-have you ever beaten woman if yes for what?
and what is your attitude to violence? if you are a man who cares about your woman and if you love kids, then i will be more then happy to know you better)

Oh yes!My name is Alyona, I will be 31 13 Of May) years old I am a simple woman but i can call myself cute)))haha))) am i shy?)))

I live in Ukraine in a little town Gorlovka (Donetsk region)it is green and cosy)I work in the shop of clothes as a seller of it, unfortunately there are no many variants of work here..but i do what i can)

I will be happy to tell you more about me and answer your questions if you have, i think if a person is interested in another there will be always questions, because without them you will not know a person better, right?) so you are welcome to ask me and please if you don't mind i will ask you too: tell me please what qualities Your woman needs to have and how do you want to be treated by woman? in all the
aspects:) i have to know it just to know(and not only know but to realize it in future!!!!;)

For the moment i will finish, wishing you a good day))) will be waiting soon for your letter and your photos), bye-bye, Alyona

Letter 4

hi Frank) How are you doing today?) are you ok i hope?) as for me i am well thanks) and Alina too)
i hope you like her and my photos too)

Ohh) i want to tell you many thanks for the photos you send me!! wow, you really look great!!!

I think as we don't know almost nothing about each other, i will start to tell you more about me and though i can write almost novels about me:)) i will try to introduce myself in a short way from the beginning:)

I really hope that you are looking the same as i ma looking) I know and truly believe that hopes and dreams become a reality, just we have to believe in it, do you agree?)

For me it is great to know that you value woman as a woman, not like a piece of meat as the majority of our men do, yes, that is why i want to find my second half there, as i had no luck with our men.after divorce i had no anybody as all i have to do since birth of Alina is taking care of her and myself, yes i do it all alone as my ex doesn't support her or me at all, so all this time i needed to survive and earning just to try to raise my baby. You may wonder why i am divorced..well you know...here in Ukraine there are a lot of same stories..when my ex knew that i am pregnant he became mad, as he said that he is not ready to be a father and he pressured me to make abortion..but i said-no way..and he started to come home always drunk and beat me...can you imagine..to beat a pregnant woman...his wife...from that moment i understood...that better to be myself with baby and i need to safe a baby's life from this monster...and i went to the court and divorced...after that i didn't see him at all and he never has seen Alina too..

But enough of bad points) everything is happening leads only to the best, right?)))so now me and you have met each other yesssss it is only for the moment virtually but i hope that it will bring us to something big and important)

I love my parents very much) they live in Russia in a little village as they are farmers they love to grow everything by their hands, so i see them very seldom and i miss them(

Please tell me more about you) your principles of life)how do you see your family in future, what hobbies do you have? do you like your work?) and other things you want to tell me i will be more then pleased to hear it)

For the moment i have to run) send you a friendly kiss, waiting soon for your letter, have a nice day,Alyona and Alina

Letter 5

Hello Frank!! is everything all right with you?) did you wait the letter from me?:) i hope that yes)is the weather there well or no?
here it is cold now)but i dream to swim!!!!!by the way do you like to swim?)thanks for the photos)

Speaking about other points:)as for me i am fine today, Alina is also ok) and i am happy today because I again have the letter from you)i have hurried here to get your letter) opps, you don't know where I run to:) you know my darling I have no my own pc:(((didn't earn for it yet:( plus for this i know English only a little-little, just a couple of words, so i run to the nearest Internet cafe to write a letter, yes i was trying to use an electronic translator but i have seen that it doesn't give the real meaning of what i want to say, and when i was mad about this, the administrator in the Internet cafe proposed me a girl(she works there as an interpreter) and i said-why not? it will be better if i pay her for the translation but I will be sure that you get my letters translated with my thoughts and not just electronic words not connected by its meaning.

I like the way how you write to me) i see and hope that with every each day you are more interested in me, yes?) so you know if we are together one day, i mean-forever, you will get in me 3 in 1, I mean Housewife, Educated, Lover as i am really possess myself in this way) as i am a woman who likes to have a house clean and who will be a good cooker,a woman who like to cook and also who like to receive friends) a woman who like to go to the cinema or the theatre,a woman who likes to be independent with a good character, who like jokes, who have much humor) In one word a woman educated and smart who likes to make her husband's life full and rich in all emotions i can give)I am a woman who likes sexy underwear and beautiful clothes, who thinks that sex is important part of relationships and who don't have any limitations in it. Finally, a woman who like making love, who love to give and receive hugs and caresses, who will be both and a wife and a lover:) did you look for such a lady as i am?) if yes, you have found her:0 and from my side i really hope that you will be the man i am looking for-wonderful, kind, compassionate, romantic, smart, sensible, intelligent, talented, kind-hearted, thoughtful, congenial, affectionate, appreciative, loyal, caring, loving, passionate, handsome and an incredibly sexy man) are you this man?)

You know every person thinks different about love, so I really would like to ask you what is love for you? what does this feeling you think consist of?):)

Really i will be glad to hear from you the soonest as you can) as it is a big pleasant for me to get your letter) unfortunately i have to finish now:((((as i have to come back to work, but I promise i will fly here soon with a hope to get a letter from you:) let me to kiss you) have a nice day, muuah, your Alyona and Alina

Letter 6

Huuuurrrau))))!!!! I have a letter from you!!!!! and I am happy)How are you doing today my dear Frank?) are you in a great mood and health too i hope?)thanks for the photos)

Me and Alina are happy to get the letter from you)))) yes my daughter is a little but she understands when her mom is really happy) she simply feels it and can you guess why i am so happy?)) no i didn't win a lottery))it is even better)))I HAVE YOUR LETTER)and it makes me happy)))!!! I really like the way you are thinking about family and role of a woman in a family life) and about love)

As Bible says Love is patient, love is kind. It has no envy, nor it boasts itself and it is never proud.
It rejoices over the evil and is the truth seeker. Love protects; preserves and hopes for the positive aspect of life. Always stand steadfast in love, not fall into it. It is like the dream of your matter of affection coming true. Love can occur between two or more individuals. It bonds them and connects them in a unified link of trust, intimacy and interdependence. It enhances the relationship and comforts the soul. Love should be experienced and not just felt. The depth of love can not be measured. Look at the relationship between a mother and a child. The mother loves the child unconditionally and it can not be measured at all. A different dimension can be attained between any relationships with the magic of love. Love can be created.)

tell me please do you like to eat everything?) or have some preferences?) i need to know what to cook for you in future:))))am i a good cook?) ohh yes)))
really))))without any modesty i say))

You know maybe it is silly but i want to share all with you, and guess what?)) yesterday Alina said to me mama give me kisya)))))kisya it is a cat in Russian)) can you imagine? i was so happy that she starts to make sentences saying normally) ohh i am like every mom proud and happy for my baby))))))

Ohh!!i have noticed that it is time to run way from cafe again:( but I am keeping you in my heart and smile because of you, havce a nice day i will be waiting for the next letter from you, muuuah Alyona and Alina

Letter 7

Wooow my dear Frank!!! hi, hi, hi privet(in Russian))))) how are you doing today honey?
oooppppss, i hope you don't mind that i call you honey?) i think you are as sweet as honey, yes?)))

You know my dear today i can't write you a long letter ok? as i have to run to work, we have there inspection today and also Alina was crying all night( don't know why I think her tooth is growing that is why she was crying, so i have to handle all that things, so i hope you forgive me my short letter for today, i just have run here to let you know that i think of you and miss you!!!!!

So my Honey))) i am running now again) with thoughts about you, have a nice day, kiss yours
Alyona and Alina

Letter 8

Hello honey Frank, I hope you are well and safe) me and Alina are ok) today she slept well)
> There is so much propaganda in the
> Western and Russian press, I do not know what to believe. I was in Odessa
> the last two summers. That is really sad.
it is really bad here((tanks are here((bombing((

I really appreciate your interest in our welfare and your time to write me:)))) I’m so impressed and well pleased over your reciprocating kind gestures and enthusiasms as it concerns this relationship:)

I feel honored having you in my life and my instincts tells me you are that special one whom I was looking for)

I would like to know more about your private life for a better understanding)

I also want to tell you about my likes and dislikes.

I like to - sleep long in the morning (Weekends) - have a late breakfast (also in the bed) - visit Concerts and Operas - cook my own dishes - meet with my friends - do as much as possible together - spent time in the woods - Kiss and hug my love at any place - visit the cinema very often - spent my free time outside - spent time and play with children (yet not with mine :) - go into the Zoo, Circus - see the happy eyes of my love - make my decisions by intuition - make surprises - be open and honest in every way - go shopping if I know what I want to buy - go for swimming, skiing or hiking - people where try to do the best - responsible people - be proud of my friends - have a sexual harmonic live - travel - wear casual clothes - open minded people - romantic and intimate evenings - relax at the vacation
- have romantic dinners in the restaurant or at home

I dislike - to stay together with people which I don't like - people which are not responsible for her doings - people which are not open to me - people which can not listen - people which try to manipulate me - people which can't forgive faults - uptight people - drunken people - to think about everything what I'm doing - to plan everything in my private live - when other people just judging by that what they see - grasping people

I am a person who has many familiars but has not so many friends.
Concerning my beloved man and love itself, i should say that this feeling makes me fly like a bird and I look like a light white cloud in the sky near the Sun, near a man - a man whose rays embrace you and give you all his tenderness and all his love and give you the feeling that you are not alone in this world, that there is a person on this planet who wants to see you every minute, feels the scent of your body and admires just your presence. I am very passionate and romantic and I would love to share that with you and have you by my side and care for you and protect you and love you forever and always. I can tell you that I am very affectionate, loving and romantic. I will care for you, respect you and support you. If you give me your heart, I always will care for it and protect it. I will be faithful to you and always mindful and considerate of your needs. If you trust in me, I will fill your life with interest, fun, excitement, happiness and love. I will come home every day to you and we will share in each others accomplishments, triumphs and sorrows. We will live life together shared in harmony and love:))do you wish it?) I hope that yes) you know i have so many dreams about you and me..mmmm..I wish they can be a reality!!!!:)

wow,,I wrote much..hope you are not bothering to dead the news from me:))) I just want to forget about all daily routine and be with all my thoughts just with you:) I really hope you feel the same:)but unfortunately i have to run home now and take care of Alina) i hope soon to hear you:) kiss you, have a good day, yours Alyona.

Letter 9

Hello, my sunshine, my sweet man Frank!!!!
> Has your nationality changed overnight? It is a pretty strange
> situation to find oneself in. Did you vote?
no i didn't vote( i was too much scared(

What are the news in your life today;) Do you know that I miss you I'm sure you do;)) well, actually my mood isn't as good today as I try to show it!!!!! Reason I'm afraid to loose you as I've already found you and got used to you very much. We discussed so many topics and life issues with you and understood that we really have the attraction and some feelings to each other. Well, I'm an optimistic person in all the situations and in this one too.

Dear, today when I came to the Internet cafe and paid for the translation of my letter to you, I understood that my financial position became harder and I just can't afford it any more((( But please, don't misunderstand me as I'm not asking you for anything and I'd never do it but I just want you to be aware about my problems as we are close people now and I promised you not to hide anything from you!!!! You know that i am a single mother and really it is very hard for me...as i have to support my daughter..our Alina..and sometimes it is hard for me to buy even a bread... Yeah, I'm very sad as I really can't imagine my days without getting your sweet letters and I will miss them much. My dear, I have plenty of photos, naughty and passionate dreams, plans of our meeting and all of this I want to share with you but can't afford writing about it now:((

My dear, please, don't judge me strictly for anything as I'm really attracted to you and want us to be together that is the greatest my wish for now!!!!! I want to cry but try to restrain my tears as it's not the way out!!

My sweet heart, I kiss you and please, promise not to leave me!!!!!
Yours now and forever, sad Alyona and Alina