Scam letter(s) from Alma Pascua to Dean (Australia)

Letter 1
Dear Mr Dean,
I am very dissapointed in you that its your bank that will instruct you of what you are going to do with your money and if you think you can just be playing around like a toe then i think i will let you come over and face the chinese people law and enforcement for advising your friend to get a gold out from the country without any right document . Sir , i have given the money to them yesterday and they have told me that i should come up with the balance before friday which i told them your will have some send to me today and i will show them the receipt as soon as i receive the money from you. Sir , if you think your bank should direct or spoil your mind towards this then i think you should tell them to come over to china because i don't like when you are not being a man of your words .I will advise that you should make the balance available to avoid being in trouble with the custom . Yours Sincerely, Wong Lee
Letter 2
Dear Mr Dean,
I have submitted the money to the tax company yesterday because the Custom people where treatening that they are going to put Ava in jail again if nothing is done on time then i have to make the money we have available to the tax people and i promse them that we will have the balance to them by Friday. Sir , please i want you to know that i am only helping you and both and i will advise that you should try and make the balance available today because i need to get back to them by tomorrow .

Yours Sincerely,

Wong Lee
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