Letter(s) from Valentina to Erik (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hej, jag gillade din profil, jag skulle verkligen vilja lara kanna dig. Har ar min e-post: valentya@gmx.com, skriv mig, kommer jag bli mycket glad.

Letter 2

God dag, min van.
Det kommer att bli en overraskning for er att jag skriver till er i dag. Men jag ar bara valdigt mycket saknat dig och beslutade att komma i dag, vad skulle du skriva ett brev, och jag hoppas att jag kommer att gora dig trevlig.
Jag hoppas att du ocksa vantar pa mitt brev att se ut som mig din. Jag var ute pa stan sa ensam, och jag bestamde mig for att komma i dag. Det skulle ge gladje till mig sjalv och till dig.
Men efter att ha kommit i dag, jag bara inte hittar ditt brev. Jag ar mycket upprord. Pa min sjal "skrapa katten", eller fran att inte forsta att jag hade nagot fel att tala om for dig, oavsett om det faktum att du har tappat intresset for mig, och vill inte att kommunicera med mig. Jag ar bara forvirrad.
Jag vill fraga dig, vad skulle du skriva till mig och forklara vad som hander. Vad skulle jag inte forgaves riva en sjal bortsett fran alla tankar och kanslor.
Jag hoppas att ni kommer att svara mig.
Jag ser fram emot ditt brev.
Din van Valentina!

Letter 3

Hi Erik!
How are you?
It is pleasant to me that you answered my letter.
I live in Russia, in Shumerlya city, is in the Chuvash republic.
My age of 33 years. I never was married, and I have no children. Now I work as the masseur in a female public bath.
I decided to try to find for the first time the man in the Internet from other country, and for me this new. I do not know that from this it will turn out. I think that we can communicate, know each other better, exchange photos. I would like to learn about you more.
Tell me about your last relations with the woman.
You have children?
What do you do for life?
Tell me about your hobbies.
I do not know what to tell about me. If you have questions, can ask me that you interests.
Yours faithfully Valentina!

Letter 4

Hello .
I am pleased to receive your letter again, and now my mood is good.
I understand that letters can not replace real communication, but I am pleased that our dialogue continues.
I am pleased that you tell me about yourself, and I learned more about you.
I studied at the Pedagogical University, and I have a degree in teaching. What kind of education do you have? In the past 8 years I have worked as a schoolteacher early grades, but a year ago I quit my job. I graduated from massage courses, and for half a year, I work as masseurs. I make different kinds of relaxing massage.
Also I want to tell you that I am very pleased that you tell me to write today in his letter. but I am very sad that I don't write yesterday why? You I can explain. and also want to ask you to write to me every day.
I want to tell you about my hobbies. I love art, painting, literature, and I am fond of astrology. In my spare time I like to watch movies, listen to music. I like to watch comedy, melodrama, documentary films. I love listening to music retro 80 - 90 years. What do you like movies and music?
I like to play sports, and I run in the evening. Before I went to the gym, doing yoga in the course of the year. But unfortunately now I do not have time for this. Probably, it is laziness-)
I want you to tell you more about myself, and I'm waiting for your letters and photos.
Regards Valentina!