Scam letter(s) from Elena Hopina to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Frank! How are you? I hope this day treats you well. If not, I hope my letter will high your spirits:)) Thank you for your pics, I like them a lot. Thank you for giving me so detailed info about yourself. Let me introduce myself. My full name is Nina. I live in Ukraine. I do not drive. And I have an international passport. I will share my personal info with you later, after I know you really well. I am sure, looking at my photos you see a blond blue-eyed lamb, however, let me assure you, I have a strong character. I hope I do not scare you off with my words:) First of all, I am a woman and I have the strong feminine side in myself. I am sure, my pics also show this to you:) I am beautiful and nice girl. My characteristic features are kindness, generosity, sensitivity and passion. I am tender and romantic, but at the same time I think that I have strong personality. I am honest and sincere, but I never hurt people. I look for a serious and decent man who will take me as I am and who will respect me. I believe that a relationship has to be based on the mutual respect and understanding in addition to love. That is why I want to share everything with my beloved, I want to give him my feelings and emotions and to get the same in return. I believe it is enough for you to decide whether you are interested to communicate with me or not.
Belive me, I am serious in my searches, I do not play any games and I do not tick any one. If you want to know me better, if you also have serious intentions and also do not play games, if you are looking for the same as I do, let us correspond and learning more about each other. I expect for your letter with great interest, darling. By the way, I am attaching you some pics from my work, with one of my clients;) I am a veterinary:) I have been loving animals from the early childhood, so it has become my profession;) Sincerely, Nina.
Letter 2
Hello to you Frank. How is your day? I hope it spoils you a little bit, giving you some pleasant surprises and nice news;) Darling, thank you for your warm compliments, it is a real pleasure for me to hear them. Thank you for your pics, you have such kind eyes on them;) Your garden is nice.
Do not you plant or grow anything there? I am sure, it is nice to have the big house, however, when you have to clean it, it does not look that nice:)) I appreciate your concern about my country. Unfortunately, it is not peaceful in the Lugansk region. What do you want me to tell you more about the events here? The Ukrainian army bombard Slavyansk, ruining schools, hospitals and other buildings. I am not sure, how the city will be built again;(( There are also come fights on the north of the Lugansk region and in Donetsk.
I know that there will be some battles in Mariupol, at least, the Ukrainian army collect their techniques in that area. Thank you for sharing some info about the holiday in Germany. I do not see anything bad in calm and boring life. I am sure a self-sufficient person may find a way to entertain himself:) I have heard that October fest may be really crazy;)) I am sure, you have some informational hunger about me and my life. I hope this letter will be able to satisfy it a little bit, for one day, at least:)) As you know, I am a veterinary, I work at the clinic which also has the hotel for animals. I may say that I have enough work during the day and this keeps me really organized and disciplined. I love my job a lot, I love to help to animals, to see their sincere eyes, I like to see their masters happy, on the other side, I need to make operations from time to time. There are also some days when I have to make the saddest decision for an animal. I have such enormous soul waves and I hate my work these days. However, let us better talk about the pleasant things. I cannot say that I have some many interests and hobbies. Of course, it is necessary for me to read some professional literature and to get as many info as I may about all the aspect of the veterinary science.
My main hobbies are knitting and sewing. I like to knit a lot, sitting in a cozy arm chair covered with my warm blanket. This is so relaxing.
I try to sew something from time to time, I like to have some exclusive clothes which no one else has. Besides, I believe these ancient skills as knitting and sewing make a woman a real woman, unfortunately, there are so few women these days who still know these activities. What else do you want to know about me? I am from a small family, my parents live back to my native city, and me and my sister live in Lugansk. I am sorry about your parents. I also am sad that you do not have some other relatives around you. Sincerely, Nina.
Letter 3
My darling Frank, I am so glad that we become closer with one another with every other letter from each other. I want to be open with you about how interested I am in you:) How are you today?
What's the news?
Thank you for the new pics. tell me where they were taken. I wonder whether you miss your motherland from time to time. We also had some rainy weather last days. However, today we again have the real hot summer. I am impressed that you change your tyres only now. Do not you change them in April, for example?
I am sure, you do not have too much snow in Germany and you for sure do not have it in April. My darling, I want to tell you why I have decided to search for my beloved in the Internet and not in some local parks or cafes;) Ukrainian women are worldwide known for their family values, for their desire to have strong and loving families, to care for their kids and husbands. I had serious relationship in past, however, me and my man had different goals - I was already ready to have my own family, but he did not want that... Of course, I do not want to say that my man or all the men are bad here, I just did not succeed with my relationship with local men. What about you? Why do you search for a lady abroad and not in your country? And do you believe in this Internet dating? I have heard some successful stories when a man and a woman from different countries got acquainted and were happy with one another. Do you want to write your own successful story with me?:))) Dear Frank, I am really interested in you, and I am ready to start serious and loving relationship with you. I do not want to sound too demanding or harsh, I am a woman and I long for love and passion, I want to give my tenderness, and care and affection to my beloved. I want to be his goddess, his ***** in our bedroom:) Do you search for such a woman?:) I am attaching some new pics for you. The first of is me in one of my favourite dresses. Does it fit me?:) There are some photos of me at work:) There are also some pics of me, I am sure, comments to them are needless. The photo of my last letter you asked for, was taken in Crimea;) Kiss, Nina.
Letter 4

Honey Frank! How are you doing today? Thank you for your pics, I like them a lot. You looks so cold and miserable in the middle of that square;) I am impressed with your photo with Prince Felipe. I suppose, he will get the crown really soon. If I am not mistaken his wife's name is Leticia. She is a beautiful woman. I am sorry to hear that your dog bit a baby sitter one day. I agree with you that small dogs are great to cuddle with, but sometimes, they have some little brains:) However, sometimes big dogs also can be silly:(( So, it may be even more expensive. I am sorry that you have some teeth problems cause of the bad treatment of your wife.
Believe me, that I also have the same story.
One my relative treated my teeth and I also had to redo everything he did. I am impressed with your temperatures in Spring. You see, some people always like to say that we have cold winters, but we gain warmth and even heat really fast, in May we already have a real summer. The continental climate, you know. I have heard that climate is quite rainy in Germany. Is it so? By the way, we also will have the same long weekend cause of the same reason;) Are you religious? I do not have some special plans for the weekend:) And you? I love your letter very much. You are sincere to me, that is very important for me. Darling, I am happy that we can be totally open between one another, that we ask questions, that we show interest to each other. I think that you are a decent and nice man, who knows what he wants from life. You are a stable and serious and these qualities are great! You are kind and understanding and that it is very great too. You have respect to people. I want to touch you now and feel you very deep, my thoughts are running now...... I think it's wonderful to have the one and only person for love and to do it daily. I start to miss you, your pictures and your letters. I also feel that I want to be with you, feel your heartbeat, look in your wonderful eyes, feel your heart. I want to be together with you each minute. I wish I were in your arms right now. I wish you were holding me and stroking me. I know that you would smell good to me all the time. By the way what is you perfume? I want to go to the shop and to smell it and the image of you would be right here beside me. I like every part of your soul. Your skin would be so soft and I would love to run my fingers all over your soft skin, honey. I would love to kiss you so much. When we meet I will run my fingers through you hair and all over your body. All the life with you would be wonderful.

At night I dreamt about you, and I am going to tell you what I dreamt of. I hope that you do not get mad at what I say. I dreamt that we went to bed together and we were lying next to each other kissing and stroking, and I started to kiss you on your lips and then I kissed your neck and then I went down. Oh, honey, I want that so much... Ok, my dear, I need to stop right now till I am not so *****;) I wait for your answer with such impatience. Love, Nina.
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Frank, thank you for the letter to Nina. Your lady Nina is a client of our translation agency "Red Line Translation Services" as she does not speak English at all. She opened an account for the translation in our translation agency to be able to correspond with you. Nina has informed us, that she wants you to make the serious step in your relationship with her, that she wants to see whether you have sincere intentions towards her. Nina asks you to help her with the translation expenses. Your lady assures you that she is able to cover them and she has done that till now, however, she wants to see whether you also want to share the responsibility for the relationship with her. If You do want to continue the correspondence with Nina, since You and her developed Your relationships, I can advice You to open an account of correspondence for You and her. Let us know, if You are interested, and we will inform your lady about it and send You the information about the services and prices. Let us inform you at once that we can not pass any kind of messages to your lady. Inform us, please, about your intentions towards Nina. What do we have to pass to her? Sincerely, Marina Tregub, a manager of the translation agency "Red Line Translation Services".
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