Scam letter(s) from Olesya Mynina to Bert (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Bert!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter and it was very pleasant for me to read it.
My dear I to want to tell to you that I really to see your serious relations to me and for me as it is very important and not only for me, but also for us with you and for our future.
You correctly to understand my last letter as we can solve completely as I to concern to you and as you to concern to me only at a meeting. My dear I to think above words concerning our meeting and I to understand that it really very serious offer and I will think what not each person to answer at once.
Certainly I to see your relation to me and to see that you would like to be happy with me together. I to want to speak you that I also to trust in our future and that it really all is real, that we could be together and dream, and a simple reality could be happy and it not.
The most important for me it only that he was fair with me and only that we could understand that we are created the friend for the friend. My dear I to want to ask you now, you really to understand as you to concern to me?
We shall be together?
If all is good for understanding also you that you to love me and to want to be together.
That I can arrive to you what to live with you together and to have family and children.
I shall arrive to you what to live in your country as I to live one and I to not want what you to lose the work.
As in Russia for you it will be very difficult to find work, and will think that for us better if I shall arrive to you.
What you to think???
As I to want to tell to you at once that I not the rich person and itself I can not find all sum on my tickets what to arrive to you.
I think that you can to understand and pay 50 % of cost???
I as to want I shall tell that I to arrive to you and I shall take the son with myself.
I as understand that we cannot to find this sum at once, I to know that it is necessary to save.
I very much to love and wait for you from you the letter is fast.
Your love Sveta!!!
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