Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Packerson to Edward (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Edward, Thanks for getting in touch on the dating site and sorry about the late reply.... I will attach my photos to this email and I will tell you a little more about my self ... I am single , never married , No Kids .., I am 5'9 fit tall , Blue eyes , long Light brown hair, athletic built , love sports in general especially long tennis footie and basket ball , In my free time I love to read , listen to cool music or watch a good movie / DVD , I like all sort of music , starting from the 80's , Blues , country music , classical's and continental music .What I am looking? I am looking to start a serious relationship with a genuine loving , caring man is that you ? I know only time will tell lol , I believe trust and honesty is the key to a successful relationship I would like my relationship to be built on trust love and honesty , I take my relationship very seriously I'm loyal , faithful and honest , loving and affectionate , I don't play games I am 100% genuine and I expect the same from you if we become partners.. , I am easy to get a long down too Earth kind of lady , I have been single for over two years by choice , I have only just decided to give it a go thats why I joined that dating site and I hope this will be the end of our search . I don't really care about looks the inside of a person is what matters to me if you have the above qualities then I am sure we will engage in a serious relationship.A little more about me ... I was born In liverpool we moved to the IOM a few years ago , I am the only child of my parents , lost my father in 2009 , I live with my mother here in Ramsey we have a sweet home I live here with my both of my parents before loosing my father it was a big loss as we are one small happy family , its such a lovely place out here In Ramsey lots of sea shores though its boring sometimes ..but I would love to relocate if I find the right person else would like to make new friends and see other places around the UK. A few questions for you now what do you seek on that dating site ? how serious would you take our relationship if we engage in one ? would you discuss private stuff with friends after a couple pint or are you a private person like my self? ...are your both parents still alive? have you got brother and sisters ? where you married before ? have you got kids ? do you want children? whats your occupation? hobbies and interest ? hope I am not asking a lot of questions just want to know more about you , would be nice to learn more about you and see what happens..I believe hopefully we will get on well and this will be the start of a great relationship between us , I will stop here for now and wait for your reply don't forget to attach your pictures , my mobile number is 07564451939 text to let me know once you reply so that I can have a look and reply back thanks for taking your time to read this email .waiting for your reply soon..cheers *** Sheila.
Letter 2
Hello Edward, Sorry I have not been in touch via e mail , I had internet failure it has not been stable ,I have only just got internet back this morning , I have enjoyed reading your e mail and your answers to my questions are perfect , yes I am a serious and genuine I mean every single word I say here and I would like to meet someone with similar values so that we can hit it off together and make a good partner that you ? I suggested a meeting this weekend that will allows us get to know each others in person and see if the connection is there !! if you let me know the name of the closest Airport to your destination I will contact my travel agent tomorrow and see what I can sort out about meeting this weekend .. let me know this informations including hotels that are close to your destination /and I will put it under consideration ..I hope you take this seriously give me a call tonight and lets see how we can arrange things together and make this work as it takes two to tango will stop here for now and wait for your reply..take care and have a pleasant day.. cheers Sheila.
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