Scam letter(s) from Elena Liskray to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Hello I very much liked your profile. I very much would like to get acquainted with you. I would like to receive news from you. I hope that you will be able to answer me. Elena.
Letter 2
I wish to communicate with you and to learn you better. I have read yours profile and you have very much liked me. I send you the photos.
On the first I at home and in the second photo I in sports to a hall.
I hope that to you to like. I shall send more photo and to tell about myself and I hope that you too will so. As though you would want that I to name you? How to name you your friends?
I look forward to your answer and I hope that we have not casually met.
Letter 3
I tell to you that I do not speak even to the girlfriend. And when I do not receive your letter I think that you to be upset and do not wish to write to me. But I hope that it not so. And you will write to me soon. I very much wait your letter.
I miss and wait.....
Letter 4

I am glad to check up mail and to receive your letter. I today went from work at once to the Internet of cafe and hoped to receive your letter. And here I have received it!
I wish to tell a little about myself. I live in city Sosnovka. I work nurse in our small hospital. To me almost 28 years, live I with mum.
The father now lives in other city with other woman many years. He drank also mother much has left from him. I have left school and I have received education nurse. Met men but many of them want only *** who that constantly drinks, or changes with other women. I want will meet the man which is happy with me and with which I shall be happy. I would shall make all that we with him were happy. All that I want it love, caress, tenderness, passion.
And I have learned about that what to have an opportunity gets acquainted with men through the Internet. And here we with you have met. You can tell to me, what you search in women? Tell to me. I very much would wish to learn it. What character, what appearance? What should she be able to do?
I send you the photos. On which I am at home.
I wait for your letter!!!!
Your new girlfriend Elena
Letter 5
Today dreamt at night. In it I as the climber ascend uphill and above I am am waited by whom that. You can? But suddenly the cord has broken also I to fall downwards. I very much was frightened and at once have woken up. I hope that you will write to me soon and I shall see a dream in which cord between us again strong and reliable.
Very much I wait for your letter. Write to me. You know, I very much wait!
Letter 6
Hello My New Friend!!!!
As you? How your day? All is good? I hope that at you all perfectly. I today with impatience waited while the working day will end and I can come to the Internet of cafe and receive your letter.
Forgive but how I can prove to you that I real? You didn't give me the name! Very much it isn't convenient to me to correspond with the man without knowing his name. I feel a little not dexterously! I hope that in the following letter you to me it write.
I wish to tell more about myself. At me to have the good girlfriend, her name Katya. We with her live in one house and our apartments only on different floors. My mum name Galina. she works at a factory. In our small city everyone know one another. I work nurse about 7 years and nobody complains of my work. I like to work, I as very like to prepare for various dishes. Especially for holidays. Because it is possible to think up that that new. You would like to try my dishes? I would think to you it was pleasant.
I to not smoke and to not drink alcohol. I to drink alcohol only sometimes for holidays. But only red wine. We with the girlfriend like to go to cinema, on dances. And you? You would like to dance with me?
I very much would wish to look to you in eyes and to dance. I think it it would be good.
Tell to me about itself, ask all that you want at me, I with pleasure to answer all your questions. Very much it is pleasant to me when you are interested about me.
Tell to me about the family? About parents, about that that you make every day and what the pleasure and a smile brings to you? Tell to me.
I shall wait very much for your letter.
I send you the photos. On the first I with the girlfriend and in the second photo I sit in the cafe Internet.
I look forward to your letter and a new photo.
I wish you fine day and mood after you will receive my letter.
Your girlfriend Elena
Letter 7
Joe excuse, today at me have appointed watch and I need to go again back for work. I ask you to not take offence at me, I shall come tomorrow in the Internet of cafe and I shall answer your letter completely. Joe I hope that you will wait for my letter tomorrow.
I embrace, Elena
Letter 8
Joe forgive that could not write to you yesterday. I had to remain On work because to me have put watch, and I have forgotten about it. I Would leave work not on long what to warn you.
I am glad that you have answered me and is not offended. I would be very upset if have not received your letter. My height of 167 centimeters.
I today all the night long worked and is tired. I even have fallen asleep on work at some o'clock. But nothing happens also all well. You know what dream I saw? Joe you will not believe. In this dream I went on coast of the river and have seen a boat. And in it flowers. I have sat down in it and have looked at other coast and have seen that there too who that stands and swings to me a hand. It can you? I have sat down in a boat and have floated, but then the second nurse has woken me also I has woken up not having seen than it has ended. Joe it can we stand on different coast and we float towards to one another? I wish to learn more about you. Tell to me more about the friends. What do you make together? How you think at you many the true friends which always to you will help?
You it is frequent with them have a rest together? What most of all you like to make? You would take me in the company? Joe I send you the photos. On the first I with the girlfriend and in the second photo I at home. I hope that it was pleasant to you?
At me only one present girlfriend, remember I told about her? And I think that tomorrow I shall tell to her about you? You Wish to learn that she will tell?
I shall inform you at once as soon as her meeting and we shall lose. I think that she will be glad that I communicate with you. With impatience I wait for your answer.
Gentle Elena
Letter 9
Hello My Dear Joe!!!!
I today have woken up from that that the solar beam has shined my room and mine face. I have understood that there will be a fine day and I shall receive your letter. And here I in the Internet of cafe and you have written to me. And on mine face a smile. How you? How your day?
With what ideas you have woken up? With what you fall asleep?
Joe I talked to the girlfriend. You know that she has told? She all over again was surprised, and has then told that is very glad. Speaks that could not understand all over again why I look such sunshine. Now has understood. Because I have got acquainted with you. She transfers you the "HI".
Joe she asked about you and I have told that that I know. She has told that you good the man. I know it.
I send you the photos. On the first I sit in the Internet of cafe and in the second photo I at home.
I wish to ask you about your working day. Tell to me than you are engaged? Whether your work Is pleasant to you? What in it good? Or it at all is not pleasant to you?
Joe I in the work to love that that I can help people. They come also it painfully and when leave hospital, they know that soon will healthy and they are happy.
I to be pleased to it. I feel that I to help people and this feeling very much is pleasant to me.
Joe I hope that you to write to me soon. I shall come to the Internet of cafe tomorrow and I hope to receive your letter.
Your girlfriend Elena
Letter 10
Hello Joe, My dear friend!
Joe I do not know why, but many my friends speak that I have changed. Has changed in that sense that in my opinion there was an aspiration to live and him is well simple from that that they see my happy face. Mum, the girlfriend, and on work of the colleague speak me it! And you? What to you speak? Joe tell to me???
I wish to tell to you why at me today good mood. I have woken up, have made a breakfast and have gone for work. On work too all is good.
There were no harmful patients. Everyone understand and it was not complex. From work I could leave earlier. And I at once have gone to the Internet of cafe. Joe I so am glad that have received your letter now. I do not know why but I to remember this day on long.
Joe And what has happened in your day? What did you do? At you all turned out? I hope what yes. I so would like that you smiled, that you would have a good mood. That all at you would turn out. I think that it will be fine if will be so. How you think? I am assured what yes. I send you a photo. It was seen by you and my girlfriend which has made it. It is pleasant?
I send you the photos. On the first I walk in the park and in the second photo I in our shop.
I wait for your letter. Joe I already miss....
You like me..... I think of you.... And it pleases my heart.
Always thinking of you Elena
Letter 11
Hello My Lovely Joe!!!!!
It shall be possible to name I you "Lovely"? Joe, you not against? I hope that you will not abuse me for it. How your mood? All is good?
Tell to me. It is very interesting to me that has happened in your That has told thanks me about the last relations. I am glad that you Sincere with me.
I will surely say hello to the mother. I think that she will be very glad to hear it from you.
I am glad to learn more about you. Joe I think that we already to trust one another very strongly. We know one about other already much.
And as we do not know much. The truth Joe? How you think? I already spoke you and once again I shall tell that I to not have from you any secrets and secret. I know that you that the man to which I can entrust all and I know that it will be only between us. Yesterday I went to the grandmother, she is very glad that I communicate with you.
Speaks that it is impossible for the woman without the man, and the man cannot be without the woman. And they will be happy if between them there will be no lie. And I agree with it. And you Joe? I think of us with you. What for us waits? Happiness, love, tenderness, passion, caress, games? Or disappointment? And the more I learn you the I understand more that we shall be happy. And I trust in it. Also I think that it will be so.
The grandmother has given me with itself some new recipes how to prepare for pies. She to love cooking, as well as I. You would like them to try under new recipes? I think very much.
Joe forgive if I ask it is a lot of. I very much like to communicate with you. How to you my photo today? I send you the photos. On which I am at home. It is pleasant?
Joe I send you the kisses. If you will go today in a bath when you will come and will be there they will surround you, they will be everywhere. Everywhere around of you.
I wait... I miss your letter and I wait.....
Letter 12
Hello My Lovely Joe!!!!
I read your letter and is glad that you write to me. How you? How your mood? All is good?
I today worked much and is tired. But when has read through your letter that weariness I have passed also feel better. Thanks you Joe? Last night I went to the girlfriend. We drank tea and talked.
She works at school as the teacher. She speaks that strongly gets tired and soon she will need to go on improvement of professional skill. She asks about us. I have told that all well. I have told that you transfer her the "HI".
Joe Today at us in hospital have opened a massage cabinet. When I studied on nurse we studied massage. Whether me have asked I shall work there. But I have told that was not present. It is difficult to make massage all the day long. I make massage to mum and the grandmother sometimes. When they ask. And you would would like that I have made massage to you? I would think to you it was pleasant. You represent, you come home tired. I shall make a supper, we to eat and then I to make to you massages all weariness passes. I with pleasure to make to you massage, both you would like also you would enjoy it.
How you think Joe? It would be good?
I feel that you good the man and you very much like me. I want more and more and more to you.
I send you the kisses if you will wake up and you will have a good mood, means my kisses send to you and have brought pleasure and success which I has sent with them.
You have received them? They like you? Would like to feel them on the present?
I send you the photos. On which I am at home.
I miss and wait for your letter.
Your personal masseur and girlfriend Elena
Letter 13
Hello My Lovely Man Joe!!!!!
I open the mail and I receive your letter. And the beam of the sun at once shines my heart. How you? How your mood?
I wish to tell to you about the dream. I should tell about it. It was fine. Joe I do not know what dream you saw this night. Can same?
In this dream I went on park. I was one and to me was sad. Nobody looked at me and I was necessary to nobody. And here you have approached to me. Has approached and has asked "How are you". Has told that at you to have two tickets for new film and you will go on it, only if I will agree. And I have agreed. Joe we all film talked, did not look at all it. And then you have told that wish to spend me home.
And I did not begin to object. I very much wanted it. You spent me home. Also has kissed me. When I have turned to you. It was such passionate, sweet kiss filled by love, and I too have kissed you. You have told that you need to go and tomorrow in the morning you will meet me. And I have told that I shall wait for you.
Joe I now in the Internet of cafe, but I cannot forget your kiss. I feel as it warms me, freshens, gives me happiness? You would not think of that what to kiss me?
Tell to me, what to you today dreamed at night? You saw what dream? I very much wait for your letter. I send you a photo. I think it will decorate your day and night? How you think?
I send you the photos. On the first I at home and in the second photo I walk down the street in the winter.
I miss and wait for your letter. How you think we can see the same dream?
I wait and miss, the whole and I embrace.
Your gentle and dreaming of you Elena
Letter 14
Hello My Lovely Man Joe!!!!!
Joe your letter gives me happiness. I would be happy with everyone yours the letter to receive many your kisses.
Joe as you think, we shall be happy together? I am assured that if we shall be together that it there will be a big step. We can enjoy that we shall embody all our dreams in a reality. I understand that that if you will cease to write to me that I shall suffer, and is very strong. I shall worry and wait for your letter every day. Because you the beloved for me. I know now as perfectly feeling when you know what to do you happy. I feel myself happy that I can make happy you. And I would would like that at me wings have grown and I could be for one night at you? You would like it? You Represent, you sleep also I as the angel to fly to you? Joe you would like? I very much would want.
I know that I shall be happy, that I can make you happy. I can make each your day fine, you will be pleased and smile. We shall enjoy our love. We shall create the world in which there will be nothing bad.
Only that of what we dream.
Joe tell to me, you think as? What do you think? It is very important for me. I know that you will be happy with me and I shall be happy with you. You doubt of it? Why?
Joe I wait for your letter. I can not breathe, not eat, not drink, but to me it will be bad without you and your letters.
I hope a photo which to you today I send the happiness and a smile brings to you. I would would like that on it there was you. I send you the photos. On the first I at home and in the second photo I am about the work.
I miss .. kisss  kisss it is strongly strong  passionately passionately  gently gently .. It is sweet it is sweet 
Your gentle and sweet Elena
Letter 15
My heart is compressed from words which to me it is necessary to write to you. Joe I thought what better to not write it but if I shall not write that you will think that I have forgotten about the surprise.
Joe forgive me, I hope that you will forgive to me that that I was early pleased. I did not represent that so will be.
I would want that you have forgiven me, I did not know that so will be. I trust that you will forgive me. Well? I ask you, forgive. Joe I cannot arrive to you. I today learned also it very expensively. I talked to mum and girlfriends, I cannot find such money. I would need to work very long what to earn so much. Therefore I cannot make it.
But I ask you do not forget me. You have made me happy and I do not wish to lose you.
I hope that you will forgive me and will write to me tomorrow. I shall wait for you. Joe the love is fine. And I am assured that we shall overcome all barrier on our way.
I ask you about one. To not leave me one. We shall be together. I do not know when. I very much wish to be with you now. But it is expensive. I have learned the approximate price. I do not have such money.
Joe forgive .. Forgive .. Forgive .. Forgive .. Forgive ..
I very much hope that you will forgive me.
Yours Elena
Letter 16
Hello my lovely Joe!!!
I was so happy to receive today your letter. Know I so I was upset because learned about a trip to you. I all night long not I could constrain tears. I very strongly hoped that I will be able to you to arrive! Thanks to you that didn't leave me at a difficult moment. To me your support Joe is very necessary. All problem consists in that, to pay a trip to you. This thought haunts me. When I there was in tourist agency to me everything in detail told that it is required for a trip. But the exact sum of a trip they to me couldn't to tell. As I don't know where I have to fly. Joe you could to tell the airport name where I could arrive? I hope that in the following letter you will write me this information. I will wait for it. In tourist agency to me could give exact cost only registrations of all necessary documents. I was told that their registration will cost 633 dollars.
And registration will take about two weeks. I would give now everything only to appear near you! Joe you in total for me in this life! And I won't be able to live without you. You for me as air for the person. If you I am not near simply I will die of melancholy.
Would tell me my gentle you could help us with trip payment to you?
You could help now to us with 633 dollars for paperwork? Simply I any more don't know whom it is possible to ask about the help. Now you only, in whose hands ours with you destiny. I very much want, that we with you became the happiest people on light. You want it? You you want that we were together? I very much want it! I hope that you you will be able to answer soon to me. I will wait for your letter.
I love you Joe!!!
Forever your gentle Elena
Letter 17
Hello My Lovely Joe!!!!
Joe I think of us with you much. I think, that if we shall wait also for nothing to do, we shall get used and we shall be so always. And I think, that I cannot so. I wish to be with you and only with you, Joe I want, that we with you could meet each new day together. I wish to be with you because you to take my heart, it belongs only to you.
I LOVE YOU Joe!!!!!!!
I yesterday was at home one. Mum has left to the grandmother, I did not wish to go to the girlfriend, I wanted nothing. I thought only of one. As to me to make so to be with you. I all over again watched TV, then to lay on a bed. And me it was sad, I know, that you there. But I cannot be with you, only in the ideas and dreams. And I wish to be in your embraces in a reality.
Joe I love, and I dream what to be in your embraces for ever. I wish to be with you, I look at a photo, I represent you about me on all.
But it to me a little. I wish to be on the present with you, to be in your embraces, to kiss and feel yours caress, tenderness, love and passion. I wish to embrace you, I wish to feel, how your hands caress me, I wish to feel, how fire in our hearts warms us with you and gives us the finest happiness in this world. Joe you are far also I feel, that I am lonely without you. I shall search for all the most possible ways what to be with you. And I hope, that I can find it soon.
I very much miss you and I think of you constantly.
I LOVE YOU Joe!!!!
I shall make all what to be with you. Because I know, that when we with you shall be together that we shall make eternal happiness which searched for all life.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena
Letter 18
Hello My Lovely Joe!!!!
Joe I today did not go for work. I went in city which about me and has submitted documents on reception courts to all banks and tomorrow I can learn as, how much and where I can receive the loan. If I can receive it in two or three banks that I think that I can arrive to you. But all this we learn tomorrow. Joe you know, that to me advises Katya, she has told, that it is necessary to pass and ask all friends in a duty on a few money and from a few we shall collect all sum. And now I shall go on all friends, and we shall collect all necessary sum.
Joe I think, that at me it will turn out to find this money.
Joe I so am happy, I am assured, that all will turn out. I shall be as likely that that to sell from the things what to pay the rest and to arrive to you. And we shall be happy, Joe I all am ready to give for your happy eyes, for yours a smile both your the most reliable and strong embraces. I love, I love you madly and I wish to be only with you for ever. I ADORE YOU Joe!!!!!!
Joe I to not sleep the second day and I all think, about that as well as that will be and when we shall meet you. If at me all to turn out, remains to very few time and we with you already together. I LOVE YOU, AND WE SHALL BE TOGETHER!!!
Yours and only your loving both gentle and ready on all for the sake of your love, suffering because you are far, but warmed by your letters, I shall be with you, you will be with me.
Also we shall be happy for ever.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena
Letter 19

Hello My Lovely Joe!!!!
Joe I wish to be with you. Only with you and with anybody another.
Your love is necessary for me and I all would shall make what to be with you for ever, you do not represent what today fine day. I so am happy, that at me that turns out, that to do, and I can soon arrive to you. I have collected 1249 dollars and tomorrow I can already conclude the contract, having paid this part. Joe to me have told, that other part will be necessary for paying then. When provisional date of a start and the exact name of the airport where it is necessary for me to fly will be known, Joe you can inform me the name and a code to the airport where you can meet me? It will be necessary for me to inform this the information in Travel agency.
Joe you represent, tomorrow will start to legalize my papers, and I can be with you, in your embraces and we shall be together and are happy for ever. You represent? We shall enjoy our love and caress and our love, we shall create the world full of love and passion. We can be together. We can sleep in a this bed, I can prepare you for fine dishes. You represent? As it is fine!!!!! I wish to see your smile and your happy eyes every day, I wish to go on ours with you to the house that is pleasant to you and me and that we with you could do all about what we dream and we want.
Joe I went to the girlfriend, but she has refused to help to be to us together. The grandmother has told, that the friend who can help us has and on learns from it all and will inform tomorrow, as well as that it is possible to make.
Joe I do not know how to describe that occurs to me. The more close I to you, the am more and to knock more my heart, I am afraid, that it to jump out of a ****** when I shall be with you.
And how you? Than you are engaged? You Wait for me? You have already thought up what we shall do? You will have a free time for us, what we could go where or?
I love you Joe!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Elena
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