Scam letter(s) from Maria Cherchagina to Don (India)

Letter 1
Hello Don ! I have received your letter and I am very pleased. Send me more of your pictures that I've seen, with whom I communicate. I hope you like me too! Im sorry i not have facebook. My English is not very good, but I hope you understand me well. I hope I can learn your language better, and you can understand I was more clear. Now I will tell you a little about yourself. I have never been married and could have a child. In this email, I'd like to talk about their city and the place where I live. The name of my city is Syzran. It is located near the Volga River! I would not dare say that this is a huge city, sometimes I wish it would be more. Have you heard about this city? I live with my mum in one apartment . She is a very good mother, and We had good friends. I love her very much. I worked in the press. I served as chief editor of "I Know". I'll tell you a few words about our newspaper. It is available only in our city with a circulation of 30.000 copies per day. I really like my job, despite the fact that it takes me much time and effort. Editor in chief has no right to make a mistake, for it he will have to answer before and founder, and before a stern judge - the reader. But on the other hand, nothing can compare with the satisfaction that I feel the last issue of its publication. I am required to professionalism and ability to manage people and respond quickly to changes in social life. Namely, I define information policies and monitoring the publication of exactly how it should employees.I like my job, and I like that when our visitors leave us happy and come again and again. All of this is my job, and it makes me happy. Don What else do you want to know about me? It will be nice I answer all your questions. I hope you can tell me more about you, because you are very interesting for me too. Tell me, Don, What do you like in women? What should be a woman? What is the nature of it should be? I'd really like to know Your opinion about him. I think that it is "enough. Now I'm going to make dinner. I hope that Can I receive letters from you soon. In this letter I will send you some my pictures, and I hope you will send me lots of photos. I hope you like it. I'll wait for you very much. Don I hope that you do not forget to write me. I'm waiting, I hope that will respond quickly.
Your new friend, Maria.
Letter 2
Hello Don Is pleasant for me to get a letter from you. I hope You are well and you have a good mood. I hope you like my photos. Today, I will send some more pictures. How are you today? How was your day? What did you do today? I hope that your mood changed when you received a letter from me? Do you like me? I hope it `s not a lot of questions. Don I would now like to tell you more about yourself. My height 168 cm, weight about 47 kg. Don You like cooking? I love to do it. My Mom taught me to cook. When I was a little girl, I looked at my mother kitchen, for me it was a pleasure to help her mother when she cooks. Now I can do it myself, and it is very tasty. What to do dishes You like it? What you usually do for lunch? Very much Chinese cuisine, such as beaters. I like very much comfort. I like it when it is clean and comfortable. When I come home I `M are always welcome, because my house is always clean and well groomed. In people I appreciate kindness, honesty, sincerity and good attitude towards other people. Dear Don, I asked you about women in the last letter. Now I want to tell you that I prefer men. I love men who are quiet, sincere and do not cheat. What alcohol does not so much. What kind of person I love and who loves me. What do you think you can be him? Or not? I think that Soon we find out about this when we know each other better. I do not know when you read my letter early in the morning or after work. But I hope when you read, it warms you and make your mood better. Now I gotta go, I meet with my girlfriend for a walk. I impatience will wait your letter. I hope that I get answers to questions, and many photos. Maria!
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Don!!!
I hope your day is good. How are you? How your mood? After I read your letter, my mood was better. I was very glad to read it, and if you only know how to cheer up. I am glad that our acquaintance continues, and you do not forget about me.
Dear Don, I want to tell you about my family anymore. I want to tell you about how I grew up, and who raised me. I was raised by his grandmother and mother. Mother's name, Tamara, my grandmother name Maria, as mine. I live with my mother in an apartment in our city.
My grandmother lives in the village, it is called the ignition lines must. What's on Father, I do not know anything about it. My mother and grandmother never told me about it. Mom is crying, or goes away when I ask her about him. So it's because I never ask about it. I do not want my mother cry.
Don, My grandmother is very good. I lived there every summer and I really enjoyed spending time with her. She is very good. We often strolled together in the woods with her, went swimming and went to gather berries.
I want to explain to you why I can not find the right man of my dreams in my country. We have people, but drink a lot and do not beat their wives. AND others were married. So I decided to get acquainted with you. I do not drink or smoke. Only on holidays, I can drink a little wine. I do not against a person to drink, but not much and not often.
Don I want to tell the truth, I do not like to scream and quarrel. I love laugh, and I want my favorite was always happy and never sad. And I'll do anything for it. I am always ready to kiss him if he makes him happy. I want us to enjoy our love, passion and tenderness.
I hope you like the picture, which I now send you. I `M waiting Your letter. I'll wait for it tomorrow,
We look .......
Your Maria .
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Don!! I'm happy to receive your letter again . I hope you have a good day. Are you right? I hope that your day goes as you planned. Don do you know what I saw today? When I walked down the street I saw a small cat. He was purring and staring at me. I raised him and took him home. Now I do not know what name to give him. Can you help me? Dear Don, I want to know how you spend your holidays? As usual how you are planning your weekend? Do you love spending time with friends or maybe relax at home? What movies do you prefer? If I was now close to you, do you think what the film most of us would like now? Do you like to dance? I would like to dance with you. Tell me what you love? Do you travel often? Don and you were at sea? I was only once in Russia, Sochi! You know this city? This city Was Olympiad in 2014. I really liked be there. I love the water and sun. I like a cool breeze envelops the body like cold water gives freshness and delight. Only missing the one, men with that all these can be enjoyed. You would go with me Don?? I THINK THAT YOU AND I NEVER FORGOT THIS TRIP! HOW DO YOU THINK? I am sending you a photo, it was made in Sochi. I'm sending you greetings from my mother and girlfriends. I'll wait for your photo and letters. They are my joy each day. I am happy that I met you. With you I can discuss whatever I want. I am waiting for your letter. I AM WAITING!! YOUR Maria !
Letter 5
Hello my dear Don!! Dear I hope you have a good day. Today I want to send pictures. On this photo I am and my mom. It is not very a pity to me that I can send you these pictures, you could have about me more representations. Dear Don, I want to learn more about your friends! Do you have many friends? Do you have any true friends to whom you could trust in all. I think you have a lot of friends. But I want you to know exactly about these friends who will always help you, always give correct advice, always support you. I have many friends. But I have only one true friend. Her name is Anna. We are familiar with her very long. Our home since childhood, were nearby and we were in one class. She is a very good woman and now she works as a travel agent in our city. She knows English, and sometimes I have her practicing in English. Don I hope you're well now tell me about your friends! It would be nice to see them in the photo. You send me this? I like you very much and each letter of yours is becoming more interesting for me. Don I hope that you are not offended at me that I always ask so many questions. I already miss your writing and look forward to your reply ... Your Maria.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Don!!!!!!! Don when you woke up today, you got my greetings? I asked the birds to give you greetings from me, and that they sang a good song for you. They gave it to you? I hope that they well sang for you and from it your day began well! I'm so happy receive your letter. I happy that I'm interested to you. Thank you for your pictures! I was very happy when I saw your pictures. You did a very nice man. You can send more photos? I am very tired today. But the weariness has passed after I received your letter. Don tell me more about your work? You work every day? I am every day, but Saturday and Sunday I work less hours. But sometimes I rest on those days. It's so nice to be free from work in the weekend. Sometimes I and my friends get together to walk down the street. It's so nice to go my hometown, enjoying the good weather, and give a smile to other people. I love to smile, and I like when people reciprocate. I also love to spend my free time in nature, and usually in the weekend I go to my grandmother. Don I have a very good grandmother. She taught me everything. I know how to wash, iron, care of clothing, repair it, cook delicious food. Grandmother say that taught me the best. And I am very grateful for it. Don would you like to try the pie, which we do with grandmother? I am sure you would like it. They are very tasty. Don and what kind of dishes you would like, what would I prepare? Or learned prepare? I hope that you answer me as soon as you receive it. Your sincere Maria!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Don! I am very glad to see your letter. I can not explain this feeling, but I hope that our acquaintance will not end now. Remember I talked about my grandmother's pie? It bring them tomorrow. You would like to try? I think that when we meet, then I will definitely make these pies that you could try. My full name Maria Cherchagina. Mo birthday 28/03/81. Don Do you see dreams at night? Or you do not see dreams? Yesterday night I had a wonderful dream. You were in this dream. We sit in a restaurant. It was a great and very good restaurant. Around were only you and me. We had personal service. There were romantic conditions, on our table candles burnt, good music played, and I could look at you. We sat with you and talk about everything. Then we decided to have a slow dance. You took my hand, it was so real that I really thought that I am close to you. We began to dance and you took me in your arms and we have long swirled. You put your hands on my hips, and we looked at each other's eyes. I was happy!!!!!!! My mother says that when morning came into the room, on my face was big smile, that she did not want to awake me. Tell me what do you think? Don What are you dreaming? What would like? I don `t know why, but I'm sure I can trust you any my mystery. But I don `t have no one from you, you know everything. By the way, my girlfriend and mom asked me to give you their greetings and congratulations. I hope that you, Don, receive them with my air kiss, which I am sending you. I will wait your letter tomorrow. Already missing you and waiting for your letter ......... Maria.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Don!!!!!! Your letter again brings joy and happiness to me. I am glad that you did not forgot about me and wrote me. I very much waited your letter. I hope that is your day, too, was a success and all is well. I'm a little tired today, so I'm going to sell my second apartment. I prepare all the documents and tomorrow I think that the client will pay me money. I decide to sell because it is an apartment I do not need. Don We communicate is not the first day, and I feel that our peak at which we will meet soon. I've learbed a lot about you. I like you. But I would want to know more about you. Do you have a secret from me? Have something that you hide from me? Tell me, please. Don I have no secrets from you. I can talk to you about anything want. I do not know why, but I think you understand me. I do not like lie, I do not like people who lie. I was brought up from childhood, so that would not lie. My grandmother said that that would lie must have a very good memory, that would not get confused. I I think that it is better not to lie. And then everything will be fine.
Don I do not know what awaits us at the top of the mountain, the mountain on which we climb. Maybe happiness, love, passion, tenderness, and maybe disappointment. I do not know. But I hope that the first. Don Yesterday came my grandmother. She said that I would need to give you hello from her. She asked whether you want to try the pies, which it does? With strawberries or other berries? Don You would like? Tell and I say your words to grandmother. Don I hope that you will not get tired of my emails and questions. I want know more about you, you're more and more like you and I'm glad I met you. I already told you this. But I hope that you are not tired me. How do you like my current picture? I hope that like it. I'll wait for your letter ...
Forward and believe that I will get it soon. Your Maria.
Letter 9
Don Good evening!!!!!! How is your day??? I hope that your day is perfect. I wish to be with you, and I dream our happiness would be with us for ever. Every day I wait for your letter as a beam of the sun in the morning. I send you a picture and I think you'll like. You have a museum in your city? Do you get pleasure to admire painting? As to me it very much is pleasant to me. By the way, Don you have received my kiss? Yes or not? Did you liked it? Today I finally was able to sell my apartment . I did not think it would have to sell the apartment so much time and a lot of paperwork. But I am very happy that I finally got to sell the apartment and now I have the money from the sale of apartment. I do not know what happens to me, but I feel that is to the best. I feel as my heart knocks, as I would like you to embrace you now, to nestle on you. To feel touch of your kiss, it sweet, its tenderness. I WISH TO FEEL ALL IT!!!!!!!!! I would like to be with you at least for some seconds. And I do not know, how to make it. Don If I had wings, I would fly to you to kiss you. Don I never met such men as you. In my heart there is anything happend, that changes my life. I feel that enamoured. I am not assured, because I do not know what is this feeling, Don and what you feel???? Don Say to me. What changes have occurred in your life after we have met. I am not assured completely, and consequently I think, that we need to find out each other better. Even better. I hope that you not against. My mum, girlfriends and the grandmother pass you the greetings. I wait for yours letters.
Don I hope that you will write to me soon. Don Tell me about your feelings.
I very much wish to know, Don you will tell to me? I wait.
Letter 10
Hello my beloved Don!!!!!! I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that you understand my feelings, and I am glad to find out yours. Your letter has again warmed my heart. And I am glad, that it is familiar with you. When I do not receive your letters I feel lonely and as though anybody in this world is not present also to me it is not necessary to live. Your letters give me forces to live, and I feel better. Don what you did last night? I looked yesterday a film together with mum. I did not look it attentively. I thought of us. And mum has asked to make to her massage, Don you like massage? Mum speaks, that after my massage to her it is easy, and she feels better.
As she had new forces. I studied to do massage, when studied at university. I very well do massage, and I think, that to you it will be pleasant. Don you would like, what I would make to you massage?? I would like to feel as your strong, and gentle hands do to me massage, you will make it to me? I very much would wish to try it. Don I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses, and I hope, that they warm you and your heart, and you feel better. You looked at the sky? Saw stars?
I send to you so much kisses with each star, how much stars in the sky. If you you will look at the night sky they will begin to sparkle to you, passing mine kisses. I hope that you liked my photo, and it together with mine kisses brings to you pleasure and love. Don I will sleep, and to dream of you. Perhaps we will meet, in ours dreams? I hope, that I will see our meeting. Your gentle and tender Maria.
Letter 11
Hello my dear and gentle man Don!! Don I am pleased to receive your letter. I'm glad that we're familiar with and were so close to one another. I am happy to get your kisses, they warmed my heart, and II feel like an angel, and I come from your kisses wings. Don Know what happened today. Today I came home from work and lie down on the sofa to rest and sleep. I slept for two hours and then felt that someone wakes me up. I did not understand at first, who touched my back, but when I opened my eyes, I realized that the cat wakes up me. Remember him? Don I think it's like what I would have passed hello to you from him. Don Like me are your relatives? What they say about me? That think of us with you? Do you think they will treat well the fact that we'll be together? They will not mind? You want to be what I would have to live with you? I do not know your country and people. I do know you, and I really like you. Don My mom, my friends and my grandmother, always talking to me about that I gave you their congratulations and good luck for each day. I I'm sending you their greetings now. Don My grandmother said that she would seem that you would have tried it cakes. And do you want? Don My friends and Mom asked what they can give you? What gift would you wanted to get from them? Don Do you want to be my man? I want to be your girlfriend, and II want to feel your love, your passion, your smile, your tenderness and your joy. Don Between us long distance. But I think that for us it is not be a big problem. And we'll be together. I'm almost completely certain you're just the one I want to be together. I wonder how your would react to our close relationship with you. What will they think? I miss you and wait for your answers. Yours and yours alone is sincere and gentle Maria
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