Scam letter(s) from Olu Soola Tian to Clifford (USA)

Letter 1
Am fine and you?,hope you had a nice and wonderful day out there, thanks for taking your time getting at me here and it has shown how interest you are,well the pleasure will be mine get to know you more better and it seem we both are same page looking for same thing in relationship,but don't know if you willing to settle down in life,because am looking for a mature relationship that leads to marriage in future... Regards Mechi
Letter 2
Because i dont usually get on tagged ,but whenever you write me here and i will replied back at you as soon as possible..,,
Letter 3
My weekend has been pretty good ,even it has been busy taking care of alot and kinda mom , but still cool and yours?, well i still look forward in get to know you more better in returns if you dont mind...
Letter 4

Good Evening Clifford,
How are you doing?..Hope pretty good out there,thanks for your responds getting back at me,it also nice meeting you and will be a pleasure getting to know each other more deeply...Firstly am Mechi Williams by name,living alone, single 26 years old, never been married,looking for a real man, a man at home some that will make me feel like a house wife.You sound honest,truthful and good but i will still want to know the inner beauty. I was born and raised in N Y Queens, I normally ask my Dad how come he married my mom because she was a native Africa and he said i should not mind him that he met her in the school when my mom came to the state to study.. It hurts i lost my dad on July 6 2012 in an automobile accident, so i then relocate to stay with my uncle in Levittown, PA, but he treated me bad and he even tried to **** me to several times when he is ***** so i then ran away from him before he ruined my life to West Africa nigeria to meet my mom but on getting here i found out that she was sick and very ill.. But i thank God for her life she is getting better now. I will be coming back home soon i have been very busy with mom till she will be alright. I took her to the Hospital for better treatment and help her financially by paying her bills and medication to make sure she got back to her feet. I will like to meet honest man and wish u could be the one to stop me coming to the site again or you could be my reason coming back soon.....I also want a man who shares the same thing in common with me and we both start a new life together as one and that all i can say for now, while i looks forward in getting to know you too and read from you in returns.... Pls Be Honest Good And Truthful Needed Above All Loving Person
Much Love
Letter 5
Thanks for your caring responds, including much concerns you shown towards mom , yes am currently here in africa ,because of the issue am having with that ****** uncle of mine and at same time to take proper good care of mom because when getting here i met her very sick and am glad she is responding better to the treatment, yeap i came over with my state cell phone , but i was told that wont able to receive or call out with that over here unless via text message only, but it will be my pleasure get to know you more better if you dont mind open up telling me more about you in returns too...
Letter 6
Yes been replying back at me ,but you havent tell me more about you which has been the same thing i keep asking you always and would like to know more inner deeply about you ....
Letter 7
Good Evening Clifford,
How was your day? hope everything is moving well with you,thanks so much for great concerns taking the bold telling me lil about and am sorry for my late respond getting back at you, i had to rush down to the hospital to take care of mom and pay some attention to her. it a great pleasure hearing from you here and it really shows you are a caring and loving person. So Tell Me, how was your day? and everyone back there? What am looking for in a relationship would consist of respect, trust, and honesty. Isn't that what everybody says though. It would be flexible with room for each person to grow. I don't want or expect anyone to change for me. We should be able to be ourselves good, bad, or indifferent. I would want to know that I could depend on someone and never worry that they wouldn't be there when it counts. I also want to have fun. We only go around once so we might as well enjoy it while we're here. So what your day gonna be like? I know you're gonna have fun.i have to take my shower now just back from the hospital few hrs ago, i'll come back later to see if you've sent me an email, Talk to you later, and please take good care of yourself, i hope thats fine with you?, when i get your next reply I have some few questions which i want you to reply all for me. And i think it will help us get to know much more about each other and hope you enjoy seeing more of me and i cant wait to see more of you too, that's all i can say for now and hope to hear from you soon. Much Love Mechi
Letter 8
Good Day ***
How was your day?,hope lovely and thanks your concern towards me and my family,Whew!!! its pretty hot here in Nigeria, i better try and get used to weather out here, so how have you been??, i have to take a cold shower, my body is hot, the weather is **** not good. I will have to write the question when i am back. i think i am okay now, i told my mom all about you and she says hi, i have get something eat for dinner, i hope to see your reply by the time before am off to bed Do you have any siblings?
What type of music you listen too?
What do you do for a living?
What do you drive?
Do you have any pets?
Do you live alone?
Do you live in a house/apartments?
Do you consider yourself very ******?
What has been the saddest moment of your life?
What interests you?
Got kids?
What do you do for fun in your free time?
Do you like public intimacy?
How long have you been single?
What's being single like?
How do you treat your lady?
Why do you want a lady?
When you meet a lady, what are the first things you look for in her?
Can you love this lady(ME)?
What is love to you?
What has been the craziest thing you have ever done?
Would you hit your lady for any reasons?
I hope i did not ask too many Questions...But i just feel this would help us get to know each other quite well...
Letter 9
Alright i will try look for a means figure out in getting my phone fixed up ,so that we can also keep our conversations through there and faster too...
Letter 10
Thanks for your lovely and heart warmth responds, it has always delightful and also put that greatest smiles on my face reading from every of your sent messages, to your questions, Yes i wouldn't mind changing to Pentecostal Christian , but i don't see anything bad on it, since we all christian are calling and praying to same ONE GOD, so i don't reasons bad attending your church with you ***......
OK OK you have seen my pic's and what do you think that is honest.loving.peace with them self's i love to talk to keep everyone around me laughing,which i love doing it all as music and i would love for you to meet my mom,because she has always told me you my daughter someday you will meet that a caring man that you been longing with on day that would make you feel like it's you the only woman on earth and i believe the future is high,but it only time could tell,.. my mother has always been there when i need some one to talk to.. if you would like to take part in my life you would have to past the mom test. i learned a lot for her and how to hold or when to fold.. i will tell you that i am a little romantic woman i like to run a bath with candles and soft music.. i like change everyone need that!! you learn from life it's self.. iv made mistakes being with whom that was not made for me in past and learned from him and i wont want that to repeat.. i learn everyday all day.. will there let me know what you want to know about me and i will tell you, my mom told me a closed lips never got fed! if this i what you want for a woman. iv been ready to settle down.!! that would yah day dreaming now sorry but i got to cut it short.. i got to check on mom now at the hospital... i would love to pamper each and every part of you mind,body,and soul.. if you gonna promise to always keep me smiling.. there is a million and one things to smile about ourself have to pick only one...
Much Love
Letter 11
Thanks on your comment towards my pics, but i cant wait to see more of you too in returns,,,
Letter 12
Awwwow you honestly looks great even while at work ,i long and cant wait we make a very beautiful photo album together as soon as we together ***.,.
Letter 13
Ohhh that was great task you ask ,but your wishes has always been my command and i will send you more of me as soon as possible .....The thought of you in my arms right now sounds so good to me. I just want you to know how much I care about you and i cant do without you on my thought each moment that passes
Letter 14
Thanks for admiring more of me , likewise i cant wait seeing more update pics of you **** and am sorry i don't take a **** pics or open up my body on pics, so i wasn't trained and brought up in such manner , but will give you whole of me and everything of me in person sweetheart.....
Letter 15
Thanks for your responds taking much of your time getting back at me ,including much concerns you shown towards mom ,always she has also keep asking after you too, it honestly delight my heart and put that great smiles on my face reading from every of your sent messages, just cant wait we make a beautiful photo album together ***, but hope you had a nice and pleasant day out there and guess it wasn't that stressful with you at work *** , alright will be looking forward read from your lovely responds as soon as possible....
Letter 16
Am not ignoring you, just that alot has been going on over here
Letter 17
Yes ,but i don't know how to approach this with you honey, since last night I fight a battle with myself my heart says I should tell you , but my head tells me not to be ****** that it would just cause damage to our relationship and that you wouldn't be interested in me anymore,becuz i dont meant to bother you concerning my predicament, but the problem had together are perfectly been solve together and two heads are better than one,but i will have to rush back to the hospital now,while will be waiting on your responds as soon as possible ... Much Love & Kisses
Yours Mechi
Letter 18
The doctor call on my attention yesterday morning when i walk into the hospital and says that mom was too short of blood and will be needed urgent transmit of blood,which they demanded that she will need a 2bags of blood transfer to her first thing Monday morning and we went running around for a means in getting the blood perfectly to her type and thank GOD we found that at the lab,but the amount demanded was much which i cant afford presently after i have just paid up all hospitality bills with whole amount got left on me and it cost the sum of $ 680 in buying of 2bags of blood and i only have the sum of $225 left on me for her up keeping while my coming back to state ,but i have no choice rather than will make use of that in saving her life first ,so that she can also been discharge the next after the blood has been transmit on her, which i wont mind in leaving with the next aviable flight finally meeting with you in person ,but it remaining the sum of $435 ****,pls **** what ever you can able to afford to help will put a smile on mom face....Please am counting my hope on you and want you to know that we both are doing the right thing ***, i have to rest my head back on bed and look forward to your responds as soon as possible... Much Love & Kisses
Letter 19

Thanks sweetie for your swift responds and it always delightful reads from every of your sent messages too...Honey am 100% telling you nothing but the truth and whom that i said am to you...i was born in a very deep christian family,so i was not brought up with a habit of lieing in life and not the type of ladies that knocks other man down so that i can bring myself up ,because i understand in life that whatever goes around will surely come around back, now you can see from whom i got my beauty from my sweet adorable mom and my best childhood friend Kim on right hand side, but she married and relocated with the husband to holland, same she was the one whom motivated me getting a tagged page which was from their she met her better half, got marrieds and they both living happily together in holland .....
Letter 20
That was the only pics of her having on this PC am using over here..
Letter 21
Mom address here or state? And i told my phone are currently disconnect from calling out or receiving calls since am out of town, so whenever you calls it gives to voicemail or either to any nearest number to mine, but i do have access to text messages only while over here ****...
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