Scam letter(s) from Olivia Miles to John (Australia)

Letter 1
yeah Jack, you are very right.. i think hearing each other's voice will also be very good and will be interesting.. I wish had a new phone but you know my situation now.. if you could try your best and make it possible for me to get a new phone will be very glad with it..yes darling i do have facebook but don't go there most of the timesearch by name Olivia
Letter 2
darling the problem is that, i will like you to help me fix some few things personally.. am feeling so shy asking but will be so glad if you do your best for me..
my sweetheart, these days things have been so hard for me and need to fix my internet bill and get some personal things at the kitchen love.. the kind of part time work am doing is not helping me at all
Letter 3
i have told you that yesterday love.. i even need to get some few personal things as a woman but can't get it.. am begging with you to please help me with any amount from your heart so that can get some few things that will make my mind relief and can chat with you with happy mind please
my darling, first of all I understand very much on the way you are feeling but my dear you know that due to the distance between us the best way we can communicate for the mean time is this way till you come here in arms or i come there..If you truly have interest in me, i don't see the problem with you helping me out when am going through some bad situation.. You are human like me and knows how it feels like when things are so down in your life and hard.. I myself don't feel happy asking you for this help but i tried my hardest to ask you because of the situation am in now... i wasn't trained that way but i have to be honest with you and tell you the problem with me or my worries. If am not healthy and well, how do i even come on here to chat with you.. my advise for you is that you shouldn't be listening to what people say or being said around cos many people are able to go through this way and meet their right ones then get married to them.. I have a female friend who met her husband this way and they are happily married together.. Human always talk about the bad side of things but never talk about the good side of it..There are so many people in this world who met their love this way and happy together now but they never came around saying the truth to people.
Letter 4

my dear, do i have any reason to lie to you? why should i lie to you.. what will benefit me if i do that.. i will never ever do anything to hurt you or let you down.. am very serious with you.. From the beginning i told you that am more intrested in a matured man in my life. I believe in a man like you very much because a man like you knows what LOVE can be and can treat me very well that is why am so much attracted to you..
you do know that i don't have headsets and am even thinking that if you are able to help me will get some of the headsets so that we can always be talking on it.. darling if i don't get happy and look worried how do you think we can even be talking with happiness. i will do my best and get the photo for you but i think ID should be enough for you since i do have that already scanned.
Letter 5
they do have it darling.. i have given you addresses to show where you can find it.. if you think is going to be a problem for you then send through ma cousin's bank details and will get it
my dear, we are not starting up a relationship with money but am going through bad situation that is why we are talking about money.. if you can even help me with $100 pounds.. i think can manage it for the mean time while we get to know each other better
my love have got the bank details now so i send it to you now
Name: George Afrifa sort code: 30-94-47 account number: 20451060 IBAN: GB96 LOYD 3094 4720 4510 60 BIC: LOYDGB21096 LLOYD TSB BANK
Letter 6
darling is never hard at all you are the one making it hard.. i told you to just go to a western union office then send it there but you are refusing.. like that will be cheap and easier without any stress
Letter 7
I just saw that message this morning when i woke up.. darling if you want me to snap a photo for you holding a card or paper saying Hi Jack.. I will do that for you
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