Scam letter(s) from Natalia Usova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

My Beloved! I never was be married so me it is difficult to speak of that, as will, but my thoughts such that man head in house and families. I well-mannered so that it is necessary to respect the husband if he came home with problem. But I leave immediately, as man will lie in bed with the other woman. I want the faithfull husband. I want the childrens. I want to bring up the children itself. I want to talk with husband on all any subject even unpleasant. I can convince or becalm the husband. If husband I offend I shall cry, I can keep quiet but not long. Better speak peacefully. If I shall offend the someone else people I shall take offence, shall not to communicate, but avenge - it is impossible. If your son clever child he will take me other, but I his(its) other. I want that husband spoke me all bad and good. Tomorrow I answern the other questions. You understand my answers? At me very good news. I yesterday spoke with my parents, that I to want to meet you and they to me have allowed. My daddy has told, that will help me to legalize papers and order tickets. I spoke you, that he works as the manager in the transport company so, that problems will not be about official registration of papers in short term. Please write to me the airport in your city where you may meet me. OK? I wait for your letter very soon! I am very happy, that we soon shall together. I now shall go to have my supper home. I shall write to you tomorrow and to inform the information. Love! Natalya.
Letter 2

Hello my Honey!!! How are you today? I am fine! I hope, that soon can visit you. We need to speak each other much. Most likely I shall arrive to you at the In the middle of July as I will have vacation from my work. I today have submitted the application on reception of the visa and the passport for travel abroad. I did not think, that it so is difficult. It is necessary to bypass many bureaucratic procedures to receive necessary documents. I make documents through the transport company where my daddy works. he has told, that will try to issue all documents for 1-2 weeks. he also promised to help with reception tickets aboard the plane. I shall be capable to visit you only for one month, and then I will need to return back to Russia. Nobody should know, that I to arrive to you. I was told by daddy, that I should speak all, that I go as the tourist to visit various sights of your country. Otherwise to me may give up in the visa. I also had contradictions with my daddy. They all over again did not want me to release, and has then told, that you too should pay a part of cost of my trip. I convinced him various ways, but he has agreed to differ, as he will pay cost of the ticket and will help in short term to issue all my documents. I in full despair, but I shall try to give you a part of money at the end of next one month when to me will give holiday money at my work. It is required to me 312 euro to capture all are closed including the medical insurance as without it me will not let out from the country. I shall be capable to give you two hundred euro you the end of month when I to receive my salary. ok? Please transfer me 317 euro today that I tomorrow have paid all. You may transfer me money through systems of monetary transfers (western union) or (money gram). I to write to you the full data which will be necessary for you by transfer of money through these systems of monetary transfers! My full name: Natalya Usova. My home address:
Mari El, Volgsk city, Komsomolskaya
street 4-90, Russia. You may transfer me money in any branch western union or money gram to Russia. I shall be capable to receive money from myself in city. I very much hope for your help. I in a duty shall not stay. I am sure, that it will be good us together! I shall go now on work. I wait for your letter as it is possible soon! Love match! Yours Natalya.
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