Scam Letter(s) from Julia Latvinova to Dilip (India)

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Letter 1

Hello Dilip! I discovered you viewed my video welcome
Do you like hot and spicy food? I do not, I use only little herbs while cooking. Maybe because I am hot and spicy myself What do you think?
It is nice that you like to cook! I think that we can create a lot of culinary masterpieces together, and not only would you help me with pizza? There is a saying even if a pizza turns to be bad it is always tasty. I have heard that the idea to make pizza came to a house wife who decided to cook a meal out of what was left in her fridge. Have you heard about this? I think that one day we could make up something very delicious out of the things we could find once in the fridge it is better to go shopping for food in advance to find something there would do you support this idea?
I consider myself quite a passionate person and maybe this is because I like the red colour very much. It means warmth and also is connected with love. So maybe I choose it because I want to love and to be loved!? What do you think?
I am very passionate and I am sure that my beloved will be convinced in this easily and will be glad to get such a gift of destiny, I am sure he will feel my passion, huge and whirling as an ocean in storm and he will be flooded with his feelings...
I believe I have a special sparkle in my eyes
Waiting for your reply with impatience.

Letter 2

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter.
Yes, I am quite refreshed after the week end and it is a good to begin my working week in a nice mood and in full power. However it is getting so hot that it is not easy. Yet this is not the utmost heat we have. I remember we had 42C and it was so bad because we live near the river and the humidity is high.
Well, yes, I go to the agency sometimes twice a day but not because I get many emails. Just sometimes I prefer not to answer at once but to think about the letter and to write the best answer possible and to check maybe I have got a new interesting mail. Actually I dona€'t reply all of them so it is not difficult for me I choose people whom I like to correspond with, and I am glad that I have chosen you.
Yes, it is quite popular to have summer houses here especially because we have the river Dnieper here. Maybe people have grandfathers and grandmothers living in the country to visit them on the week end. I go there on the car which my father has, but I dona€'t have a car myself yet.
Yes, I can know who viewed my video. I just asked about this the manager of the agency and she told me. Yes, I have been here since 2010 and have not met my love yet. Just like you. I met with some men but did not find out the necessary chemistry. It is not always fast to find the love of your life, and it is not easy to make the right decision.
Maybe the person was not right yet. Well, yes of course if you can go well with a younger girl, there is no need looking for old
As for Chinese food I did not taste much and I dona€'t know the Chinese style of prawns. Are they tasty? And what is the best way you like to have them cooked?
Yes, I mentioned Queen Catherine of Russia in my video and our city was built by her order and by her favourite Potyomkin. There are some things she used in the museums and we have her portraits in our arts museum. Of course I will show you if this is interesting for you. it will depend upon my work at the moment how much time I will be able to spend with you but I will try to spend as much time as possible.
When we go shopping with my sister we get some grocery ad sometimes we get dresses. I like light colours, especially in summer. And you? as for Indian dresses if you mean saris I know them. When I was a schoolgirl I watched a lot of Indian movies about love and of course was crying. They are so touching!
Dear Dilip! It is so sweet of you that you want to help me with my English!!! I am so happy to hear that!!!! Of course I wona€'t accept any money from you but if you want to help me with my lessons you can do it with the help of the site, and my agency will arrange a tutor for me. That would be very helpful and I will be happy to have this opportunity. So if you like to help me you can find out more about this! Of course it will be better if I have some skills on our meeting and will be able to understand something myself.
I like to be fresh and to smell like a rose. I like the perfumes of Dior, Channel and other famous brands, and what do you like to use?
Oh I am so excited to hear about Kama sutra! I am sure you know much from it and it is very intriguing for me.
I will finish my letter here.
Take care too!
Kisses, Juliya

Letter 3

Hello dear Dilip!
I wish you a good morning to you too and a good day as well! I am happy to know that my letters bring s to your face! Yes this is good you understand that even if I dona€'t answer at once this means I have forgotten you. No, you dona€'t have to worry, the agency is not far from my work, and from my home too. I dona€'t live in the centre but our city is quite small so the distances here are very little so it is very fast to get to the place you need.
You know, as for the chemistry I dona€'t know exactly how we can decide if there is chemistry or not. I think that each letter we become closer and closer to each other. But perhaps you are right, the chemistry can be felt at the meeting.
I understand you have commitments for your clients and when we decide to plan our meeting we will do it in advance of course so that we will be able to arrange the things with our work. I want to do it when we are more ready for this.
No, I dona€'t mean that we should wait for six months to meet. But on the other hand, it is not appropriate to meet after several weeks as most likely the things will not work. And if not, no one can get warranty that things will be ok at once. We should be ready to accept this. I can even suppose that there must be something about me which you might not like as wella€¦ but maybe not too much likely
I am glad that you like my first letters to you but this is only the beginning and I hope it will lead us to know each other closer. We communicate for a week now and of course it is still quite early for a meeting but I promise you it wona€'t be six month to decide if we can have future or not.
Thank you for your opinion about what you pay attention for when you look at person. As for me I look into the eyes, s, and of course how neat the person is. If there is something in the appearance what is not neat, this makes doubts is a person is reliable to have deals with. Do you agree?
Yes, I have got your pictures, thank you. I really like how you look Even though I pay attention to appearance I consider that inner world and thoughts are more important.
Have a good day too!
With hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 4

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter.
I wish you a good morning too and a good day! I have started my English lessons already and I am very happy about that! I am really thankful to you that you gave me such an opportunity, even though you told me not to thank!
Well, I think that it does not matter that my father is a little younger. As you say you watched a movie with the same situation and this can happen in life. I think that age does not matter at all, the most important is the click. I will try to find the movie here if not I will tell you. What was the title of that movie?
Lol I see very attentive yes, my underwear in my private photo is not red too but maybe I need to tell you that this is for special occasion? I will have to look for some photo in red the picture with my cat was taken at home, I dona€'t think that my cat will lie peacefully in an unknown studio
Dogs are popular to keep at home here too but they need more space.
Thank you for telling me about your family. It is a pity that you were not on good terms with your brother. But I admit sometimes this happens in life. Sorry to hear that your parents died already but we have to admit that such things happen in life too and we must be strong enough to live further.
I send you my kisses to wish you a good night and of course wishing a good morning and good night is better with kisses.
As for the festival, yes it is quite interesting and it is nice that you have some festivals in India too. yes, maybe next year we will be able to enjoy it together
Do you see with your daughter and son often?
Thank you for posting some new photos for me. I have seen them and you look nice I think you dona€'t look your age at all! So dona€'t call yourself an old man please!
I will wait for your next letter.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 5

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I wish you a good day too! I am fine and I hope you feel well too. The movie you tell me about is very interesting so I will try to find it and watch on the week end. If I wona€'t find then you can send it to the agency and they will give it to me. I will let you know.
I think that the girl answered the right thing, of course if two people fall in love, the age does not matter, and I am sure my gather wona€'t say such things. The only thing he cares about is that I should be happy.
I am glad that you like the photos where I learn English. You are right I am with my teacher on the photos and of course I am given these books and take them home to do my home task. I dona€'t go there every day, we scheduled them to be two of three times a week , there are 10 lessons in total. The next one will be tomorrow. Yes, my sister Dasha have seen the books and she tries to read something from them too but she is not as lucky as I am to do it with a personal teacher
The dress I was wearing on the photos was the dress which I was wearing at work too. We dona€'t have a strict dress code I am quite free in my choice of clothes thank you for your compliments. Yes, I dona€'t wear too much make up in every day life.
As for my hair, I used to have it in such a way and I feel quite comfortable with this, but we can try something else for the change yet not to much can be done with curly hair.
I think wishing good night and morning with a kiss, the best kiss will be on the lips
Oh no, boys in the street dona€'t tease me maybe I look serious and they dona€'t feel brave enough to approach.
Do you like to listen to music? And do you have your favouirte song which you are ready to listen again and again?
Have a nice day too!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 6

Hello dear Dilip!
How are you? I hope you had a safe trip back home. I would like to write something before I go to the seaside and I hope you like my painting You are good at antiques but even though this is not a masterpiece I think it is quite good for amateur painting. When I return I will choose some more photos for you but please bear in mind I dona€'t have internet at home, and cannot check my mails often. By the way unfortunately I was not able to understand your last letter as my English is not so good yet and I get help with translation only here.
Also as it will be the world kissing day on the week end, I would like to congratulate you with it !
I have found very interesting variants of kisses so I would like to share it with you. Perhaps one day we would like to try to follow these recommendations!
The Butterfly Kiss
To give someone a butterfly kiss, get close to them so the tips of your eyelashes are touching theirs. Then blink very fast so your eyelashes flutter together like butterfly wings. I like it but I think that it can be ticklish
The Spiderman Kiss
the Spiderman kiss involves kissing someone whose face is upside-down from yours, so your top lip kisses their bottom lip and vice versa. Not sure how it can be but it may be interesting, though I think that the impression will be like in 3d movie.
The Eskimo Kiss
In an Eskimo kiss, two people rub their noses back and forth against each other. Ita€'s based on real kisses that people in Eskimo cultures give their friends. Just like with lip kisses, Eskimo kisses are best executed with your eyes closed. - that would be ticklish too.
The Secret Message Kiss
In the middle of a French kiss, spell out a secret message with the tip of your tongue against their tongue. It might feel a little funny to the other person, but at least youa€'ll be getting your message across. - this sounds especially sexy and I am sure it should be tried on a most special moments.
Bambi Kiss
A light lick on the side of the face.- for those who used to licks from pets good occasion to see if the tongue is stretchy
Duck Kiss
Move your head back and forth like a duck while your tongue moves in and out of your partners mouth like a lizard. Haha that is funny to feel like a lizard)) can you imagine me moving my tongue like this? lol
Ice Kiss
Take a piece of ice in your mouth and hold it on your tongue until it melts, then sneak up on your partner and quickly lick their cheek or neck. It provides a cold but great feeling for them and it's a lot of fun! But not when the weather is frosty I think.
Mermaid Kiss
Have your partner let all of his/her breath out and go under water. Follow them down, connect, and give your breath to them. This kiss is fun and very connecting. - good at the seaside
The Love Kiss
Finally, the love kiss is any kiss that you give while thinking tender, loving thoughts about your partner. You might not realize it, but your kissing style can be influenced by whatevera€'s on your mind. Smooching with love on your mind will make your kisses extra soft and sweet. Whether ita€'s on your partnera€'s mouth, neck, ear or forehead, the love kiss is the most romantic kiss you can give.
Of course this is the most romantic and special kiss among the others.
Perhaps you know more special kisses? If so I would be glad if you share them with me
I will wait for your reply.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 7

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am very happy to hear from you again. Yes, the translation on the mail is not always good and I would prefer to write to each other here. My English lessons are going well, and I attend them regularly and I feel a little sad that I have only two lessons left for the next week and then they will be over. Yes you are right, it is still early to be able to write something , only simple phrases but I would like to continue and to learn more. It would be nice if get such an opportunity
Oh I see you are very inventive indeed a€“ but you are right the way you describe Spiderman kiss is very precise! This is Spiderman kiss exactly, and this is quite simple to bring it to life a€“ now I can see it.
Lol I see you enjoy me in bikinis, actually I dona€'t have a dozen of them, maybe I need several more to complete it. I like bikinis and lingerie. and I am glad that you like that too but please dona€'t bring anything with you because you cannot guess the size of the upper or lower part. I prefer to try them on when I buy them to see how I look like in them.
I think it will be still early to communicate via the telephone without the help of translators. I would be so uncomfortable not understanding you! What do you think, maybe it is better to ask to arrange a call with an interpreter. And then we can have a normal talk. Or better have a video chat then we will also see each other and that will be like our first date what do you think?
I have found the place where I can take that movie and yes I have a DVD so I will watch it and say you my opinion.
As for the tradition I am glad that you enjoyed to know about them and you are welcome to know about some peculiarities of our culture. As for waiting for the flowers on that day a€“ well, yes and no, because I can tell you that there was no one there to give me them, and yes, because girls are romantic and they wait the tokens of love all the time. I am not the exception.
I am not sad with you any longer for your harsh letters and of course I forgive you because I believe you did not want to make me upset .
Is it hot now in India? It was so hot, no cooler ! By the way, when I was returning form work on Friday I saw some people splashing right in the city fountain in their clothes. A nice way to keep the head cool and body hydrated It was fun to watch but yet I think somehow this is a sign of bad manners. As for me I would never do that Would it be bad manners or normal in India? Also I have heard in the local news that we have a reconstructed fountain with lights. This must be fun to watch so I am going to see it in the evening. Of course I would like to go there and see it with my own eyes. It looks pretty nice when it is dark but it is turned on only when it gets dark enough to see the lights.
It is said that we have only two such light fountains in Ukraine. In Kherson and in Kiev, so we can be proud of it Also I remember once we had a nice music fountain, which was dancing sprays of water while music was playing. It was fun to watch but it does not work now. Ita€'s a pity because it looked very cheerful! Do you also think that it is fun to watch it?
Have a wonderful week end. I will wait for your next letter.
Kisses, your fluffy Juliya

Letter 8

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you are happy to be back because I am happy for this too and I am flattered to know that you read my letter three times and of course that you like my new photo in bikini. Oh if I sent you the one with the paining you had already I just mixed them up and I will send you another one which is similar but with different picture
Well, you can guess the sizes of bikini quite well, but I think it is better to try on to me sure because it depends upon the form and not only from the size. But I dona€'t refuse and I dona€'t say that I dona€'t trust your taste, I have to confess that no men have ever bought this for me so I feel a bit shy but if you like to bring you can do that
As for meeting in September I think I will be able to, and so far it is ok with my work, but maybe I will be sent to a business trip for a short time, I dona€'t know yet because this is still too early and I will know it later. Yet of course I will try to devote to you as much time as possible.
Ok I see you are not able to have a video chat as you dona€'t have a mike. Ok we can wait till I can speak English better if you dona€'t want to have an interpreter to be an intermediary between us during our call.
I see now you have a rainy weather. What do you like more, rains or hot weather? and what is easier for you when you feel better?
Oh I dona€'t blame poor children bathing in fountains but homeless and poor people make them dirty so this is not good and healthy for other people.
Thank you for telling me a small detail of my figure I am glad that you like them. Lol yes even though I dona€'t have fur like a cat I sometimes think I can be a cat. But my tongue is not scratchy, like cats, too
I will read my private mail as soon as I can.
I agree that the best kiss is out of a sudden. I cannot think about any other kiss for the moment, maybe you have an idea?
As for my skin, yes, I do like to pamper it with creams, spa procedures and massages. Though it is not often as I cannot afford to do that frequently. Do you like massages and spa?
I wish you a nice day and a good evening. I will wait for your next letter.
Hugs and kisses, your fluffy Juliya

Letter 9

Hello dear Dilip!
I know you got used to my everyday letters and I know already that you are a very sensitive person. So I think that you will not feel well if I go for the week end and write you nothing, and not wish you a happy week end. I know also that you are not able to read this letter now, but I thought you will see it now and you will be glad because you will understand that I am thinking about you. Am I right?
The internet in India is so cheap! I am surprised. Here it is more expensive and computers are expensive too. I dona€'t know how much now but not as cheap as in India for sure.
I am glad that you like my other picture with the tiger of course I know that there are many tigers in India! And do you know that tigers can swim well and can refresh in such a way?
Thank you for your advice how to keep cool in the summer heat. It is so hot now so I will follow your advice for sure.
Dear Dilip! I am glad that you wona€'t take any hasty decisions and I am flattered that you dona€'t want to write to any other ladies and you are concentrated on building relationship with me. But as I told you I wona€'t restrict you, you may do as you like as this is your decision. But your mentality in Asia is good. I respect this.
Take care of yourself too!
I will wait for your next letter.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 10

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. It is so good to be able to communicate with you frequent again! I missed you so much! I am so happy that you like my photos so much that you look at them often. I think you can always log in to the site to watch my photos but I understand that you want to have them. I will ask in the agency for them.
Oh your advice helps me and I feel better. I think that I drink a lot of water. I have heard from TV that it is also good to have a lot of mineral water as minerals which we get from it can give us vital energy.
Thank you for telling me about your traditions! Wow you have 23 different languages in India! This is so many! Of course I think that people have very many different traditions and I wonder how people can understand each other if they speak so many different languages! This can be really difficult unless they choose one common language to speak. Do they have it? do you have the official language in India, for TV and government? And for school?
I see we have similar traditions about knives and also black cats. I did not know there is a good remedy to escape from the good luck of the black cat. as for handkerchief I wonder why it can be a bad sign? Maybe because it is used to wipe off tears? How do you think?
It is interesting to know that people do not want to remarry in India. And you have so many religions! I think all the religions on the world!!
I am happy to know that you are always glad to get my letters. I try to write you as often as I can but sometimes I can be busy with work or go outside for example to our summer house. Thank you that you understand that dear Dilip!
Oh dear Dilip! I am happy that you dona€'t want to leave me this difficult dilemma. Of course I will write you from time to time and I do this, to your private email. I asked in the agency about 50 lessons and they told me it depends how diligent the student is, for somebody even 5 years at the university are not enough. But I consider myself smart and I will do my best. To be fluent I will need practice but they say I will be able to read and write. As I understand , fluent speaking needs a lot of practice or living in the English country. But I want to tell you one thing, when it comes to something what is important for me, I am very diligent. So I will do my best, if I have such an opportunity.
Oh I am glad that you liked cartoons Tom and Gerry they are so funny. and you know about Garfield too!
I am glad that you take care never to smell bad this is important for me. I dona€'t like men who dona€'t take care about that.
Your things can be really cheap but I see that you also have the great contrast. This is surprising. But I can understand that things can be good and bad.
I wish you a nice week end and will wait for our next letter.
Hugs and kisses, your fluffy Juliy

Letter 11

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letters. Oh yes, I was informed about the English lessons from the agency already! I am very excited to be able to continue them soon thank you for such an opportunity. I will let you know when I receive them. They will be delivered to me as soon as possible.
I would like to answer your questions.
You ask if I drink tea or coffee. I drink both, and I like green and black tea and I know that India is famous for it. but I drink coffee in the morning and sometimes during the day, it helps me to wake up my breakfast is usually light. Just a cup of coffee and some biscuits of a sandwich.
It is interesting to know that you drink water melon juice because we dona€'t do like that, we just eat it. but I think it is a good idea and it can be used as a drink too as it is easy to squeeze it as it has a lot of juice
Oh you are so smart dear Dilip! I am so impressed that you know 5 languages! It must be not easy to remember them all! are Indian dialects are similar or like different languages?
Oh you dona€'t have to worry! Lol I am not mixed or lesbian I ma just a normal woman and I require a normal man! we have gay people here, and they even make parades here but I think this is not normal. I dona€'t feel disgust for them as this is the way they are, but I dona€'t understand how this can happen as I believe that there are no gay animals, as far as I know, and they are supposed to continue their generation, that is why there are males and females. Thus gay people cannot fulfill this function but this is just a deviation in their nature. Maybe they are even ill in a way.
Oh I can make apple pie and mushroom pie. I like them! I have not tasted spinach pie though. I want to try now. By the way pies with berries are also very delicious! You are right, our season is the best now , we can enjoy so many fresh vegetables, fruit and greens!
I will try to find another nice dress you will like when I come to the English lesson
I will wait for your reply,
Hugs and kisses, your fluffy Juliy

Letter 12

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Today I began the new part of my English lessons and was very happy to do it! I am very thankful to you! thank you very much for your help! I hope you will like my photos from the lesson because I wore a red dress this time to please you! So now you can see me in red. I will send you some photos from my profile too.
I will write to you from my email box next time ok? Because I cannot do it today but I wanted you to know that I have received the gift already! Thank you so much once again!
It is a pity that we cannot communicate here till September because as you know I cannot write often from my email and I will miss you so much!
Oh it was not too late. We can stay here till 22.00 it is normal time. there are still people in the streets and it is safe. But I took a taxi of course. It is dangerous at nights but evening is ok.
I will send you more pictures and you will have lots of them. Maybe you will be even more greedy in the future after the meeting and yes of course I am looking forward to our meeting too.
I am glad that you both like tea and coffee. I am surprised you drink coffee in the evening. after coffee I cannot sleep well so I prefer not to drink in the evening. But if it is not too late it is ok. Oh I think we dona€'t have good Indian tea here so it would be nice to taste it!
It is nice to know how to cook a spinach pie. I will try to make it
It is good that speaking foreign languages is not difficult for you and I see your daughter is good at foreign languages too!
What will you do on the week end? I remember you old me you dona€'t like house keepers and you prefer to do everything yourself. I am going to make cleaning of my flat. I usually do that on Saturday and I have read some interesting things about feng shui views on cleaning. Is this popular in India too?
I want to share some advice with you!
It says that according to feng shui with cleaning we attract positive energies to our home. The theory of feng shui says, when you want something new to come to you, something old should go. It says that if you get rid of things you dona€'t need you will attract new ones to come to your house, and that will bring positive emotions and success, such like even career promotion and raising of wages!!! It is believed that dust and disorder cannot let the energy circulate freely and thus there are no positive changed. I have read some pieces of advice to attract positive energy while cleaning and I think it will be interesting to you.
Get rid of the things you dona€'t need, and new will come to you soon!
Keep vacuum cleaner in a closet behind the closed door.
Keep the doors of WC and bathroom closed because through these rooms energy runs away from the house.
Keep your working table in order and then your thoughts will be in order too.
Throw away all broken things and the things you dona€'t use.
Keep windows always clean a€“ these are the ways of the sun energy to come to your house.
Air the room as much as possible.
Do cleaning listening to energetic music a€“ which I like to do. This will recharge you and the energy in the room
Get rid of the dust as it forms the energy of the low level.
Do you agree?
Have a nice week end!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 13

Hello dear Dilip!
I am glad that you are waiting for my mail. I was going to send you my letter but then I found that you wanted me not to send so I had to waita€¦ now you say you are waiting for it so I am gladly send my reply!
First of all I am glad that you like my poem so much but I did not compose it myself. I found it and liked it so much that I would like to share it with you. I thought that you would like it because I remember you told me you are so much bored with your rainsa€¦
As for my English lessons, of course they are not so easy as before but I am trying heard, to learn grammar rules, and to learn new words of course. I have books in English and also in Russian. For example the words are translated in Russian and explanations are made in Russian too. I am doing my best. I attend my lessons two or three times a week. It depends how much free time I have in a week.
Yes, the rain makes me fresh. It is not cold so it is no problem that I did not take the umbrella.
Oh I could not send you all the photos but I chose in different clothes as you like also I will send you more which you have not seen yet and in different clothes too. I like to dress different all the time
If we find the chemistry, then we will develop our relationship and possibly marry. Leta€'s try to imagine how this can be.
I will not judge you and I accept your little weaknesses if they don't hurt me. I believe that every person can have his or her little weaknesses. Maybe one day I will have you as a husband and you will be so happy to have me because I will try to make the best wife. I will try to explain my love in every way possible. I would like to write you very short but pleasant message to encourage your day! I think it will be nice to leave such short messages everywhere- on the fridge, in the bedroom, even on the mirror in the bathroom a€“ just to remind you that you think of me every time during the whole day. Do you like this idea?
What is the first thing you notice in people? And what was the first you noticed about me?
I will wait for your reply. Sleep well and take care too!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 14

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you have met a friend of yours and you spent some time with him even though you wanted to write a letter to me instead. It is very important to socialize with your friends from time to time, this helps us all to distract from our every day routine.
My Sunday went well, and I was glad to hear your voice too. I am glad that you enjoyed talking to me even though it was for a couple of minutes. At least we heard each othera€'s voices.
It is great to know you like my sincerity but you know sometimes you ask me questions which are difficult to answer and I need to think before I can answer and you then get impatient that I dona€'t reply.
Well, I will try to check in my schedule of course but I cannot know what will be in May now. Everything will depend from work. I dona€'t know what will be in March or April yet, if it will be much work or not. It is good that you can plan everything so much in advance. I will check and let you know. If you worry that April is cold for you, I understand. Leta€'s make it closer to summer. Anyway I need to know my schedule.
Yes, I have noticed that you can get mad very quickly and very easily and to be honest I dona€'t like that of course. I hope you will find the way to cool down. Thanks for understanding that to keep family traditions is important for me.
You know as for how to say a person if I dona€'t like hima€¦ this makes me think but I guess the best way will be with the help of the interpreter.
As for my winter picture, I have found it already as I promised and I will send it to you at my nearest possibility. You ask me to check my mail on February 13 so I will do that. By the way that will be my sistera€'s birthday so maybe I will do it on 14th.
As for big question marks, as I told you , sometimes it is not easy to know what will happen. Even what we suppose can be is only theory, and life may show different. This is like theory and practice. It is not always the same.
I hope you will have a nice trip.
I will wait for your reply.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 15

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter! Yes, the English lessons were a very nice surprise from you! I was very happy to continue! And yes, you will see 5 more pictures of me you are right! Thank you very much, I appreciate your help a lot and I do see that you care for me. You really know how to make me feel good and special
We dona€'t wear winter clothes for now, but our weather is changing all the time, it can be warm like real spring sometimes. We dona€'t have snow any longer but it is very windy and we have storms at the sea again. It got cold suddenly, we had only 2C in the morning but the week end was warmer but windy too.
Oh it will be interesting to see the pictures of the Holi festival. I will check my mail. I also hope that we will be able to stay in touch when you go on your trip and of course I wish you a successful trip as always and have good news as well.
Hopefully the news in my country will be nice too. The authorities of so many countries try to convince Russia but they are so stubborn. The negotiations between the USA and Russia finished but unfortunately were not successful as I knowa€¦ Also the referendum in Crimea took place yesterday so we will see what it will be. Though it is said it wona€'t be recognized as legitimate. Hopefully things will be sorted out and people will get rid of this stressful news.
How was your week end? I did not plan anything exciting just made some cleaning and some cooking. I hope your plans were more exciting than mine and you really had a nice time.
I wish you a nice start for the week. Have a great day! I will wait for your next letter.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 16

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am ok but worried with the news because one Ukrainian soldier was killed already in Crimea. The situation is still tough there and people worry about this a lot. Yes, perhaps they wona€'t be totally free and independent because Russia will rule them. Who knows will it be better or not? but to ruin is easier than to builda€¦. This is a good proverb which we have here. Now people will need special papers there like going abroad. But for now no one wants to go there and I saw interviews of people who manage hotels. They say they dona€'t have orders for this touristic season and all the orders are canceled because people are afraid. So the situation is still not over there.
The major cities of Crimea are large touristic centres, like Yalta, Eupatoria, Alushta, Alupka and some others.
Yes, I have begun my new English lessons already and I must say that they are more difficult now but I still try to do my best. Ok I will tell you when I have only two lessons left. You are right, if you tell me what surprise you have it wona€'t be a surprise. As for the tea and coffee it is good too, didna€'t I write you about this? I also told you that every time I drink tea or coffee now, I think about you. So it was very thoughtful of you.
Well, I drink tea in leaf and in bags too but I think I have plenty of tea for now but if you like you can send of course
You know, dear Dilip I think you should not hurry with your question when we can meet because I cannot have a good meeting with you when I still have a heavy heart and still quite upset with your betrayala€¦. I will be honest with you and say you this because you like my honesty. After you have done this to me I have to be very careful! As I told you I need time for that when my heart wona€'t ache. The other thing is that with this political situation we never know what will happen tomorrow so it is very difficult to plan something. Of course I dona€'t think about my work all the time, and want to give some time for the man who will become my man but there are some circumstances which we should take into consideration.
I have not seen the pictures you sent to me but I will do it at my soonest possibility.
Have you heard the news about a missing plane from Malaysia? That Bermuda triangle is a real mystery! Everything is lost there. So the plane must be there too. I wonder where it goes. Our planet has a lot of mysteries! I have just read that scientists found out that the Atlantic Ocean will disappear in 200 mln years. But there is so much time that we should not worry for that for sure.
Do you know that a new flying car was invented? This sounds like from future or sci fi movies I wonder how they work? Maybe one day they will be very popular!
Keep smiling and have a bright day!
I will wait for your reply.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 17

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Well, yes I was busy at work and also I had to think over your letter than is why I did not write at once but took the time to write quite a long letter explaining the things and answering your questions. I guess you know yourself that they were not easy to answera€¦ but well here I am.
The day yesterday was busy as it was Friday and I wanted to finish some urgent work before the week end and not finish it on the week end. Sometimes we can work on the week ends too in case if there is some emergency work. But this is not much fun
Well, I see you have noticed I have another teacher for the new English course Yes, indeed. The old teacher was not available this time so I had a new one. I think it is logical that the lessons become more and more difficult each time because I have to learn more complicated things.
Ok I accept your offer not to argue about our future meeting and your mistakes. Yes, I liked you and still like you and try to forgive you completely. I am glad that you regret about this terrible mistake and I hope you will never do that again. But ok you said no argues. So leta€'s close this topic. If you promise you wona€'t break my heart again I will try to believe you and will do my best.
Lol I think you will lose patience first and you will start teasing me. lol something tells me all men are the same and they dream to appear in bed with their girlfriends no matter what age they have! no you are not a bad man, you are a normal man. Yes, I also remember you are GNOM but I believe that you are gentleman as well
How is your week end going? Do you have any special plans? I hope you will be able to enjoy some nice weather which will not be too hot. My week end plans are to go for spring shopping with my sister and look for something nice to wear in spring when we dona€'t need any jackets. This time will come soon
I wish you a nice week end! Take care
I will wait for your reply.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 18

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am well and in a good mood. I am glad that you are fine too. It is funny to know that you had this tradition of April jokes too and they were not in a bad way. Lol it is very funny how you tell me about the button and the paper I can imagine it can make really a scaring sound because the person does not expect it
Lol very funny but I think as people grow older they stop playing such tricks and remain them for children.
Dear Dilip, I am not shy to accept your calls, just as you know I am not always able to answer the phone because I have a lot of work recently as I told to you before. Also sometimes your calls dona€'t reach me and I have no missed called and you say you called me and I did not answer. This gets you frustrated and upsets me too, so that is why. No, I dona€'t have to pay to accept international calls but not always able to receive them because of weak signal I guess.
How is your weather? It gets cold here suddenly and we have only 0C! So it is colder again, and we have our central heating off already. So my cat tries to get warm with her nose in her tail. It is very funny. They can feel weather very well. You know she used to lie and get warm on the heating battery and now she looks quite puzzled that it is not warm any more. It is very funny to watch that
Take care!
Have peaceful dreams!
I will wait for your next letter.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 19

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter today! Actually I was in the agency yesterday evening and yes, it was open. I left at 22.30, took a taxi and went home. I was writing a letter to you yesterday but it appeared to be long and thus was delayed in translation. So you have it today I know you like long letters but longer letters are sometimes delayed in translation. You were a little earlier than it was sent so you did not get it.
I dona€'t know why you think that I was here at 11. I was not. Perhaps you forget that we changed our time? Also I have found out that our pages can be indicated as online some time after we left. Perhaps that is why.
I had enough time to sleep after that so you should not worry
We begin to get ready for Easter here. We begin to think what should we put in our Easter baskets Do some people celebrate Easter in India? I guess there are some Christian people? We congratulate each other with Easter baskets when we visit each other and share the joy of Easter. I would visit you with Easter basket if I could I am sure you would enjoy it. Or you could visit me with Easter basket I would enjoy that too
Take care! I hope you are not too disappointed that you were late to your tripa€¦
Keep smiling too
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 20

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter! Yes, I am fine and in a nice Easter mood and of course very happy with the gifts I have even not finished them yet and of course I will share them with my mom and dad and also Dasha as well. We had a nice family dinner yesterday and it was very delicious.
No, I have not tasted the tea from the parcel yet but I will do as you advice, so I will begin with earl grey. We also have it here but not the same of course. I am sure that the tea which you sent to me is more tasty as for red wine we have a tradition to drink it a little for Easter occasion too. But not too much so you should not worry
As for the dress, I know my size now too in your measurements. So it is ok
I am glad to know about your flats. They sound very well equipped and safe too and quite cozy. I am glad that you agree that 3 bedrooms will be the best variant. Of course unless I see India I cannot know which guests I may have but I suppose my parents can come with Dasha occasionally and I am sure that once I live there I could make some friends there if people are sociable there and like to communicate. And of course you will have some guests too and sometimes your children come to visit you as well.
Yes, yesterday it was the main Easter day so everyone was at home and that is why I did not write to you. By the way we dona€'t have any turkey for Easter. Actually we dona€'t have turkey at all usually as they are too big for our family. We may have ducks or chickens roast in the oven and of course they are delicious. Even roast fish is delicious too. I remember how you told me that you had never tasted such a delicious fish when you were in a restaurant with your friend.
By the way, dear Dilip, you asked me to tell you when I am going to have my last English lesson, so it will be on Wednesday 23rd of April. It would be nice to continue my studies. I do enjoy learning and I like this challenge. I know how important this is for me!
I am going to check my email today so I will see your surprise
Take care and keep smiling too!
Miss you!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 21

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Wow the English lessons came the same day! Thank you very much for your help and care! I am very pleased. However I cannot fulfill your request as I was delivered them today and as you may understand I went out of my home already and I was not dressed in the dress you wanted but I could have an opportunity to go home and change it as I dona€'t return home during the day. Anyway it is colder today and I could not wear it. But dona€'t worry I will make a photo of it as I promised and will send it to you. I guess you wona€'t be able to see how it fits me if I sit at the desk on the photo. So I will make another photo in the dress, I hope you will like it.
I understand about the spices, but I am a bit worried if I manage to cook your dishes but I hope I will manage to.
Oh it will be nice if my parents and Dasha can have a separate room if the come to India but of course this wona€'t happen often.
I guess even though you say that flats in India are different from what we have I guess they are the same with modern flats which are built here now. They also have parking, but I am not sure about meeting and partying places and the gym too. So that makes them even better than here
Lol I am glad that you noticed the skirt I wear last time as well you are very attentive
Have a great day and keep smiling too!
Thanks again for the English lessons which I got today. They will give me a wonderful opportunity to improve my skills! I am very excited about that!!!
I wish you a lovely day and will wait for your reply.
Miss you!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 22

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am in a good mood after the week end. Our weather is getting hot already during the day. I hope by the end of the week the weather will be nice too! I am waiting for my birthday already and hope we I will be able to have some barbeque on it! I also hope that there will be sunshine for my birthday which will come soon too. We have labour day on May 1st and 2nd too, and then my birthday is coming. Usually I go to the summer house to have barbeque so naturally I expect that the weather will be nice it is good to enjoy good food with good people when the weather is good
Oh I am glad you enjoyed a game or cricket joining cricket I hope the pain will go down very soon.
I am glad you have a kind heart for animals and you treat the stray dogs with cookies so they know you. You are right animals are aggressive when they are hungry but they wona€'t touch those who give them food. As for my cat of course she does not need to hunt or look for food so she is not hungry and not aggressive but very lazy
Of course marrying a foreign person is a risk but I have never thought about contracts. I dona€'t know much about them but of course people need security. Everyone does.
I dona€'t know how to drive yet but I guess I can learn it. It is not difficult to drive, I think so if I have such an opportunity and have a car of course I will be able to drive.
Yes, we dona€'t have contracts in my country for marriage. But what you think is correct. That would be very nice to do.
You think about the financial side of relationship and I think a lot about spiritual one.
I would like to share some views on relationship with you.
Common interests are important indeed. I also think that it is important to be able to create a relationship and this needs a lot of patience. It is believed that people should work on it, and this is really work as it strong and long lasting relationship does not appear out of a sudden and does not fall from the skies. Also, to satisfy emotional needs is important. For this it is important to be able to talk open about everything, I believe. We should remember love in s choice and people who love each other from the bottom of the heart are happy people, do you agree? Also, not to hurt the person you love. Not to be impatient.
Have a nice beginning of the week!
I will wait for your next letter.
Miss you!
Hugs and kisses, your fluffy Juliya

Letter 23

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am fine and in a good mood, you are right. I hope your body will not ache soon, and please dona€'t play so long next time. You cannot do it without training. If you like this game why not play it oftener? Then of course your body will not ache!
Of course this is not true dear Dilip that I dona€'t want you to come. I told you I leave the city and go to the summer house with my family. When I am married I will spend less time with them. So I want to spend as much time as possible with them now. I am glad that you will also celebrate my birthday and will think of me.
I have got a birthday card from you! thanks Did you mean this surprise? If so, I just got it!
Actually because I will be in the country side the connection is bad there so I am not sure if I am able to receive your call. Most likely not. We have a very bad signal in the countryside. Dona€'t worry I think one day you will cook something delicious for me and of course I will make the barbeque because I should treat my guests. I will invite two girls as well besides my family who are my friends.
Yes, you are right, I should think more about the security if I marry abroad. So you are very wise dear Dilip! Of course this is not about your financial security but this is good that you think about it. A man is traditionally a provider and supporter in the family so it is good you care about that!
I am glad that you share my views on relationship. What you add to this is true too. I hope we will be able to build a strong relationship with you.
You know what happens in the east now is very disappointing. I dona€'t even want to watch the news not to spoil my spring mood. Of course this is not wise but we all tired already of bad news.
Keep smiling too!
I will wait for your reply.
Hugs and kisses, your fluffy Juliya

Letter 24

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you liked my photos and you are pleased how the dress fitted me I hope my letter finds you in a good mood. You know to be honest I am not in a very good mood and I recollect how you said you knew that our prices will go higher. We are going to celebrate Mothera€'s day soon, it will be on Sunday, May 11th. My mom is a very special person for me and I would like to please her with her favourite perfume Her favourite odours are from Chanel, this is indeed the perfume for all ages and all times! I would like to make it a good tradition. I presented her last year and see that is finished already but she liked it a lot. Unfortunately what I saved is not enough because of the new high prices, so I cannot afford ita€¦ This is such a pity because I know how she likes it and I want to please her a lot. I know that the father prepares quite a different surprise for her He has bought her a golden chain My mom will be happy with that but I would like she would be happy with my surprise too. I love to please my dearest people with pleasant surprises a lot. You know my mom have noticed the nice odour which I wear since you presented me with a nice perfume and I told her that it is from you She was very pleased with your gesture, and told that you are a nice and gallant man. She likes you a lot I even told her that you are going to keep a separate room for my family when they come to visit me. I think she will be touched if we greet her together as a couple this time Then her heart will melt for sure
Oh as for the size of jeans, I cannot tell you exactly but I believe that 30 will be too big. My hips are 92 cm so it maybe 27 or 28. It depends upon the model but just have my hips in mind.
As for my English studies, I am just in the middle of the last set of lessons. I guess I will finish by the end of May. Yes, it will be nice if you put a print of the list of spices as I have not done it yet.
Lol I call my cat Basia in Russian. She is doing great and enjoyed to be in the nature where she could run a lot but now she is back to her sleeping self.
As for our territorial division we have 24 regions and Kherson is the administrative centre of the Kherson region. To tell the truth I dona€'t know who is the head of the region now as he is new. We will have elections soon too. Before the deputy mayor was Zoya Berezhnaya. And there was a leader of local administration appointed by the government. Mayors are elected by people.
Yes, I begin to recollect my knowledge of history now. Yes, the name of the lady was Indira Gandhi but I am surprised she was not an original Gandhi and was from the opposite dynasty. But can other people be elected besides these two dynasties?
I am glad to know you take care of yourself and drink enough to stay cool. I wish you a nice day and will take care of myself too!
I will wait for your next letter.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 25

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter and for your desire to help me! Of course I am not sad any more. I am touched to know that you are sad when I am sad and you want to help me so that I wona€'t be sad. I am so touched that you have ordered the perfume for my dearest mom for the Mothera€'s day and of course I will greet her on our behalf! Yes, I am not sad any more.
I am glad that you dona€'t mind that I have told my mom about you and I also hope that she will like you when she meets you because she already likes you.
Lol yes you are right you will have 5 more pictures of me in such a way
I know so many positive sides about you that I hope I will like your finally so dona€'ta€' worry about that
You say I am young and hot blooded, but did you tell me that you are a GNOM? so you should not worry if you are able to satisfy me or not and I remember you even invented your way of the Spiderman kiss so I am sure you are in a great form
Yes, of course it will be nice if my family will live with us when they come and then it will be convenient to take them sightseeing, far and not far!
Ok I will leave the choice of jeans to you Dona€'t worry there is no rush. So take your time I want to tell you that I feel very special already with the present for my mom.
Ok I will give your request to the agency as for the card
Yes, I am smiling now and wish you to keep smiling too! You make me very happy dear Dilip and I am so grateful to you!!!
Miss you! Have a nice week end!
With lots of tender hugs and kisses, Juliy

Letter 26

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I have got your present for my mom already and I am very happy with it! Thank you very much! It was delivered just in time so I will have it for tomorrow. You are right, it is meant for tomorrow that is why I am happy to get it in advance I have got the card as well so I will write there that it is from you and me too it is such a lovely gesture of you and my mom will be very happy to get it! Yes, I have told my parents about you already and I told Dasha too because you are right, I am closer to her than to my parents.
I am so happy to know that to have my back makes you happy too and yes, I think you will get the photos of me by Monday, and you will like them too You are right we seem to go well together! It is wonderful that giving makes you even happier than receiving and I am so glad to know that this makes you so happy! I love to please my dearest people too!
I think you dona€'t need to feel negative sometimes. Of course we will find he ways of pleasing each other in this way, and I am glad to know that you dona€'t do anything bad. You are right, animals are more straight but they dona€'t have gays or lesbians. We have told about this once, and I shared my opinion with you, of course nature does not have any gays or lesbians because the purpose of everything is to continue generations.
Thank you for wishing me a nice day and of course for your wishes for my mom on your behalf. I am happy with that and I am sure that she will be very happy with such a wonderful surprise I am sure she will be very happy.
Keep smiling too and have a nice week end!
I will be waiting for your reply.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 27

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Yes, I am fine and in a good mood and I am glad that you noticed that from my photos and you got them already! Of course I am happy to receive the perfume for my mom so of course you could not but notice that on the photos! You made me and my mom so happy! Thank you once again, dear Dilip! So I am glad that you enjoy my photos where you can see my face glowing with happiness. I like giving even more than receiving too so maybe I was even happier comparing to the moments when I receive gifts for myself I am glad that you are the same, but you are right, dear Dilip we wish to make our close people happy and if I could I would give them gifts every day but of course this is all money and we are not rich for that. Anyway at least our gifts for special occasions and small surprises for everyday will be ok
As for Dasha she likes Chanel Mademoiselle most of all So it seems to be that our family are all about Chanel but some perfumes like D and G are nice too
I am glad that you liked my idea to write you one more letter so you could read on the week end Yes, my Sunday went well and we had a nice celebration. Of course we cooked with Dasha, not mom because that was the holiday for her and we wanted her to have some rest. Our father also helped us a little. We managed to make a very special day for my mom and she was very happy with that event and I am happy that we managed to make her very happy
I am glad that you also like to watch programs about animals. Oh I am surprised that one monkey male was masturbating. I did not think that it could be found among animals, even the commentator said it was not common as you say. So you teach me some new things about nature. but our nature is wonderful and has so many mysteries which are very interesting to disclose
Lol monkey really make sex quite often but I think no species could be compared with hares and rabbits. They even can conceive again being pregnant. So this is something difficult to imagine!
My week begins busy and Mondays are a bit difficult after the week end. I hope you are doing well too and your work is going well.
Have a nice day!
With love and kisses, Juliya

Letter 28

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Yes, I congratulate you with happy meeting on the net too and I am glad that things seem to go so well for us now, even though there were some issues, I am glad that we can get along well Soon we will be able to celebrate our one year anniversary and it will be a great day and a great occasion! I believe it will be a very special day. I am sure we will meet once the situation improves in Ukraine. I am glad that you love the poem which I sent to you. Dear Dilip, this was not me who composed it, I just found it and believed it was wonderful. So I am glad that you appreciated it too
I am glad to know that you are fine and in a good mood. Of course there is much work after the week end and it is not easy to start it after a long week end but we have to do it anyway and get it done before the week ends, not to take work at home.
It is getting hot here, and we have more than 20C and it often rains.
Lol yes, I know what mademoiselle means and I think that this perfume really fits her well she likes Miss Dior too by the way I like them too as Mademoiselle fits me too
As for my father, I usually give him something from accessories to clothes. Like a tie, or a shirt. But you know it is not easy to guess what he would like because he is a man. With women it is easier for me as I am a woman myself
Yes, we know each other well enough but we dona€'t know each other 100% and I am sure there will be always something to know
I am glad that I also told you something you did not know about animals
I wish you a good day too and will wait for your reply.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 29

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I hope my letter finds you well and in a good mood. It is good to know that your weather cooled down and I am sure this is better for you. As for our weather it changed from rain to sun constantly so I had a headache yesterday because of such quick changes I guess, and even a slight headache today but I guess tomorrow I will be completely ok.
Well, to tell the truth I dona€'t understand what is the reason of that referendum and voting. They say they want an independent Dotesk republic. Yet, from whom they are going to be independent, I suppose they still want to be in the territory of Ukraine but maybe Russia. To tell the truth I cannot understand what was the reason of that republic. It is said that it is illegal.
I dona€'t think that this can make any difficulties to meet later. Donesk is far from Kherson and I hope that wona€'t come to Kherson.
I hope the news about your election will be good and you will have a better and brighter life, as Indians hope. I think all people hope for better life when they have elections and vote but it appears that it is hardly can be so.
Lol yes, it seems that both me and sister have good taste about good perfumes perhaps you are right, it is good to try out something new. Who knows maybe I will like something else As for gifts to a man, we dona€'t present them with a handkerchief too. I dona€'t know why.
Yes, you are right, we will know each other 100% when we live as a couple and maybe even then we will have to disclose some enigmas about each other. Ok I wona€'t remind you of your mistake, and I understand that you did not want to hurt me and you regret about that.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 30

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Yes, I am fine and in a good mood. Wow it is s so hot here today! We have almost 30C and it is so wet after the rain! It is not easy to breathe! It rained heavily early in the morning. I am glad that you sleep with air condition so you did not feel the hot temperature. With evaporations after the rain it is not easy to be outside as this is not pleasant when we have to breathe wet and hot air.
Oh I am sorry to hear that there is a very unpleasant thing which happens in India now. I can imagine that with hot weather food spoils very quickly so if people eat something which is kept without fridge they can get sick. I remember that in summer if I leave something on the oven it can get spoilt after some hours even though it is still warm! This is not an easy time for cooking in summer.
Yes, I eat pickles of course. We make tomatoes and cucumbers pickles, and cabbage too, and mushrooms. They are delicious. But I did not know that mango can be pickled too! I get used it is sweet and fresh but how do you like it more, fresh or pickled? Here they are quite expensive so people dona€'t pickle them. I believe you have a lot of them in India
We dona€'t have our own gas production and not only Ukraine but all Europe is dependent upon the gas from Russia.
As for people who vote for freedom they dona€'t really know what they want, I guess. However what is done is not legitimate according to the Constitution of Ukraine as it is said. So I dona€'t know if it is done what results will be.
I hope you take care of yourself and eat only good food and drink a lot of water.
You know my mom is so happy with the perfume My sister also made her a gift with a bouquet, and our father congratulated her with a chain because she gave him two daughters We have the tradition to celebrate Mothera€'s day not so long ago. Usually we had only March 8th as international womena€'s day and thata€'s all. However the tradition to celebrate mothera€'s day on the second Sunday of May was borrowed a couple of year ago and became very popular with each year. For sure this is a great holiday and we will never be able to show to the fullest our gratitude to our mothers for giving us life a€“ the best thing we have in this world! So one more occasion is very welcome!
Keep safe!
I wish you a nice week end!
With love, hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 31

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter and for your wonderful wishes! I got your wonderful surprise already and it is so lovely! I like it a lot! This is so sweet of you and it will remind me about you tenderly. Yes, I will cherish it a lot! Yes, you will get the pictures from the agency and will see yourself
I have got your cards as well and sent you my congratulations too, I hope you liked that and received them already.
I am fine but had a busy day today so I can write to you only now. I am glad that your temperature went down. By the way I saw the article report which you sent to me. it is really hot as I can see from the figures. Of course 42C is very hot too but I think that it is better than 50C! We had only 25C in the morning so the wind was quite chilly. Then it was hot in the day again. I think we will have rains soon too because there are clouds which the wind blows here.
Yes, I know you are a dreamer, dear Dilip! And you have a nice dream! Of course it would be nice to have a flat here as you are right, my parents flat will be too small for everyone . So I am glad that you think about the comfort of my parents, Dasha, and ours too. I dona€'t mind your dreams at all as you are right, if you dona€'t dream you wona€'t be successful either. This is a good saying!
Yes, I know of course you wona€'t give me this wonderful gift of our one year communication if you have doubts in me but I am glad that you trust me because I trust you too and the gift of you is very lovely and very symbolic! I really like your choice!!! Thank you very much!!!
I am thinking of you today all day and yes, I think it is a good idea to give Dasha and my parents too and ice cream treat for this occasion thank you for your idea
I miss you too and hope you sleep well!
Have sweet dreams tonight too!
Miss you and will wait for your reply.
Once again I wish you a very happy anniversary!!!
With love, hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 32

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Yes, I am fine and in a nice mood but I am a bit busy in the end of the week end. I know you are busy too arranging your trip, so let me wish you a successful trip for this occasion!
I am so happy that you loved the ecards which I chose for you for our wonderful occasion! Yes, I am happy to get your gift and it is so great that you are happy for this reason too. I am happy that we managed to please each other on our special day. Yes, I think you will get the photos soon and you will see it
Dear Dilip, yes, now I know what you meant, about something lasting. Of course flowers are wonderful and I like them a lot but you are right, they cannot last as long as the golden pendant. So you made a wonderful choice and I am very happy to receive it.
Oh by the way, I forgot to answer your question about the video chat from your previous letter. We need to ask to arrange it in advance so that they could connect us. I think you should write to the site for this and then we will be able to see each other and talk and also have the help of the translator. Time and date should be arranged in advance. I think you may write to them and ask about the details how to arrange it and how it is going to be.
I am glad that your weather is tolerable so far. It will be nice if the weather is tolerable when you travel too. So then you will not be tired and exhausted in your trip.
You are right, of course if you marry a girl you should keep a close connection with her family too. We are very family oriented here and family relations are important to us, but I think you understood that already from my letters.
Yes, of course I bought Dasha and my parents ice cream, and told them the reason. They were very happy and I also showed the pendent to them and they liked it very much too.
I miss you too and will wait for your reply.
With love, hugs, and kisses, Juliya

Letter 33

Hello dear Dilip!
I wonder in what mood I should be after such a sad letter from you and I wonder if I deserve this??? How could you blame me of anything??? And I dona€'t understand what contrast you can see from that site and this??? And dona€'t you know that I like reading? Or diving? Also I dona€'t know why it makes you angry? I told you at the beginning that I am an engineer-zoologist by profession and I work as a manager in the research centre. And I dona€'t hide at all that I am registered on several sites of the agency because this is according to the rules of the agency. If you ask me about that, I wona€'t denya€¦ Yet the photos which you saw there are older and thus a bit different from this site because I put new ones here after I made them. There are similar photos here and there too and I even sent a photo in red to you as you remember I think. As for the age, I put it long ago and then I understood that it does not matter at all and decided to put up to 65 here and did not make any recent changes in my profile there.
You cannot blame me that I have no time for everyone and you cana€'t blame me that you cana€'t come to see me and this is not because I am not ready, and I trusted you but then out of a sudden you decided to break up with me and told that you were going to marry other person after all your words of lovea€¦ . You agreed with me that it is not me to blame about the political situation and you also said that you would mind if we meet and decide that we are a couple then we will have to break communication with other people.
I dona€'t know why you make such conclusions which are very hurtful for me. You say dirty things for me and then you ask me to forgive. You know sometimes I think that you really test my patience as you promised to try to be a more balanced persona€¦.
You know for now I have no desire or mood to check the kissing card because the mood is spoilt and also to congratulate you with our anniversary which is today.
I am not making fool of anyone or cheating anyone and I really want to find my love and I think that your heart will curse me for nothing as I am not doing anything wrong and there is nothing to get caught as I am not doing anything wrong.
Sincerely, Juliya

Letter 34

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter and for your concern. I am fine and I have returned home already after my trip. Actually I returned yesterday late in the evening. Dona€'t worry my trip was safe, and it was successful so far so my job is going well.
Yes, I have accepted your gift since you insisted on that so much and thank you. I am glad that you received the photos already and you like them
I am glad that you have found the photos in red already and you recollected some others too. I agree with you that the other photos are bad taste and I dona€'t like them myself and that is why I asked the agency to delete it already and if you say yourself that they are bad taste then why you asked why I had not sent it to you? But I told you already that I chose only those which I liked myself and those which I had. Also I would not say this was not your business to delete because I have done that already because I dona€'t like them.
You know I dona€'t understand why it is so important for you to know the names of the sites, and if this makes any difference and what it is going to change!
Of course in our meeting we may understand that something is not like we expected so either of us can say no. So of course it is better to wait it will be better time, and not because of bitter circumstances but because I think about your safety. You seem to agree with that many times and yet you make me to blame again. This makes me sad.
This makes me feel bad and I dislike conflicts and I am very upset that you even doubted if I am real or not. This is very unpleasant to me that you still think what to think about me.
I try to understand your anger but I dona€'t understand why you make problem out of it maybe this is really because we have different mentalities and it is not easy to understand each other as we are from different cultures.
As for traveling from Odessa to Kherson in the present situation everybody doubts safety and there is some risk but usually there is no risk for that. Also there is a bus and a train too but still taxi is the safest and the most convenient way.
Take care of yourself too and sleep well.
I miss you too but I am very upset with your hurtful questions and doubts.
I wish we could trust each other and be able to build a successful relationship in the future.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 35

Hello dear Dilip!
You know of course there is nothing bad if you know the names of the sites I just cannot understand why this is so important to you. I dona€'t give any significance to that . Yet if you insist you can know them of course and I will tell you the names on my private mail. I dona€'t hide anything bad there and there is nothing wrong. You may know that if you like just I still dona€'t understand why this is so important to you because this is not important to me.
As for Anastasia site why do you think I am surprised? No, I am not. This is not difficult at all and if you like you may search. As I told you it does not matter for me but if this is important for you then you may do as you like.
Yes, the accident with the plane is terrible. This proves you that the situation may be risky so of course it is better to wait to visit Ukraine. Even the news proves that. Unfortunately there are more and more bad news. Yet I always hope for the better.
I think that there is nothing to do with your age and I dona€'t think that you are an old timer. I just think that all people are different and have different views and it is not easy to adjust to each other especially when people are from different cultures and from different mentalities.
Dear Dilip, I have explained you already why I did not send you other pictures which you saw. I either dona€'t like them or dona€'t have them. So I dona€'t understand why you ask that again. I thought I made that clear already.
Unfortunately I feel tired and stressed because your suspects and also a rainy weather which turns from sunny in the morning into rains in the afternoon. I dona€'t feel well because of both reasons. Such weather stresses me, and I think that you feel the same about your rains.
Well, I dona€'t know what more to add as I have explained enough. I hope it is clear already for you and I will send you the names of the sites to your email. For me this is not important at all.
Have a nice day and take care!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 36

Hello dear Dilip!
Actually I am not in a good mood too when you are finding all kinds of faults and me and I am quite upset with this too.
I could tell you the names of the sites earlier but I told you that this was not important for me so I did not understand why it is so important for me but now you know them. Yet if you reacted in some other way maybe I would tell you earlier as I did not hide anything wrong there and I am upset when you try to find something bad about me as I did not do anything bad.
Well, there are many men on the sites which are interested in me but it does not mean that I answer them all. I choose thoroughly the men with whom I would like to communicate and to know you better and I am quite cautious to open my heart. In our communication I felt some closer connection and I thought to meet with you and to see where our relationship goes.
I had a relationship with one man and he came to meet with me and promised me a lot but then he disappeared without explaining anything. He just broke my heart. Then I found out that he was married and it was only fun for him and he never had serious intentions. After that I felt bad and did not continue my search for a long time and that is why I am on the sites for a long time. I hoped that when you come to meet with me my search would be over and I could be happy at last. But after all your finding fault with me and not trusting me I doubt too if this is possible to build any relationship with you. I wonder if I come to India and some men will be looking at me when I go in the street you will be jealous too and there will be problems again. So I doubt if you dona€'t trust me now would you trust me then.
I spend in the agency several hours a day and quite often several times a day. My letters are translated by translators and even if I read them but it does not mean that I answer them all. As I said I choose my man quite thoroughly and reply only when I am interested. Till now you told me that even if I communicate with others this is not your business a€“ these are your own words, and you would mind only when you come and we decide our future. Also I can come to the agency and take my letters, they may print them for me and then I write answers at work and then bring them or dictate them by the phone if I cana€'t come. When I am busy sometimes I dona€'t come at all though this does not happen often. Usually I told you when I were busy.
As for situation in my country and your thoughts about that and doubts when you can meet me and till then we are going to write to each other because of this I cannot know when the situation improves so I cannot answer this. I dona€'t know what plans the politicians have. I hope you understand that.
As for the pictures, I know you dona€'t like them because you told me they are bad taste. I could not know if you liked them or not before of course. Yet I told you already that I either did not have them or did not like. What is wrong there is that I dona€'t like my face but nothing bad. I did entrust you the photo in the leopard bikini because I like my face there.
I wish you all the best too!
Take care!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 37

Hello dear Dilip!
I am sorry that my photos had such an effect on you but that was not intended. I guess this is where the difference in mentally comes. I dona€'t consider them half nude even erotic as you describe them. Also I am offended with your conclusion that if I could put nude pictures, I would put them. How could you think so? I think you dona€'t even realize that you hurt me with that! This does not contradicts to good upbringing because again I repeat I am not nude in them and what is bad if I pose in bikinis, because people can see me in bikinis in the beaches, so what? There is nothing bad. Some girls advertise lingerie but they are not nude so is that bad? I dona€'t think so. Also when you offered to send me bikinis and lingerie this is of course not the same and I could not accept. If a man sends this to a girl this is a bad hint but to pose in bikini is not the same like to accept it from a man with whom I have not made a commitment yet.
You know yes, you told me about your woman you were going to marry but that was when we communicated for a long time and you said your tender words to me which I saw were not really the way you felt when you told me you were going to marry. As for the man who broke my heart it was long ago and such things are too hurtful and too private to tell you at the beginning of correspondence. This is also have nothing to do with tours as I said to you I did not take part in them and yet you insist that I went to them! I have told you that I prefer a private meeting and not such tours and yet you still dona€'t believe me! I dona€'t think I was hiding anything from you. I just think that some things are too hurtful to tell and if I dona€'t tell about them I wait for better time and it does not mean that I have something bad to hide. You was hiding the fact you were going to marry however till the last day when you decided to part with me at last! And then what? You decided to return but I felt like you used me and I did not want to feel like a toy which can be left and then picked up againa€¦.
I also told you many times about other photos already. If I have them all not damaged on my CD I would send them. I sent those which I have. I chose the best I liked and which I had of course and sent them to you but it seems it wona€'t be enough for you. Also if you say some are bad taste then why you copy them and keep them? that is not clear for me.
It looks like you like to invent your own story about believe in it. I explained to you about my agency visits as you asked and thata€'s why I explained in details and yet you still tend to think your own version that I sit there all day long but I do not!!!!
It is hard to believe that if men look at me when I go outside it will be ok for you because you wona€'t be with me all the time when I go out as you maybe at work but I have noticed that Indian women are not so beautiful as Ukrainian so naturally men will look at me.
Have a nice day!

Letter 38

Dear Dilip!
I think you should understand that when you write me long letters and I write you long replies it takes time to translate and answer so this is not because I did not have time to write to you. Sometimes translations can be delayed too. So it does not mean that I did not have the time to send you an email. Also when I dona€'t answer it does not mean I dona€'t have time. It means that I am not in the mood because I was really upset with your letters.
As for your question of course these all dresses are mine except several ones which I borrowed from my friend to make pictures. The same about shoes. Not by studios of course.
It is up to you to communicate with others and to meet with them. Actually when you said you wanted to meet me in September last year I said it was ok for me but if you remember you told me that a couple of days is not enough for you as you were going to stay here for one month or so. I consider that a couple of days is enough for the first meeting. But it was not ok for you. Now you say that I was not ready to meet with you. I said that I could not spend a long time with you as I did not have any vacations and you said it was better to wait. Then the political situation got worse and we had to wait too. You are afraid to come to Ukraine and yet you blame me but I said you might come.
I have explained you already about my time in the agency and you disappoint me a lot when you dona€'t trust me or dona€'t believe me . When your letters disappoint me I dona€'t want to reply them at once too.
I dona€'t like your tone in your letters and this is really upsetting to me. I dona€'t think that your jealousy scenes are ok for me and I would ever get used to it.
I have received your long letter already but I will reply it later as I wait for translation. I replied to you as soon as could as I really believed that we could have future together but now after your disappointing letters and blaming me of things which I have nothing to do with and finding faults with me I have doubts about this.
Take care and have a good night too!
With best wishes to you, Juliya

Letter 39

Dear Dilip!
I would like to wish you a good night and I hope you will sleep well tonight I have had my supper already, it was fried fish which my mom cooked today can you imagine we were just talking about fish and my mom just read my thoughts It is really helpful that we can cook three women in turns so we can please each other and have some rest from cooking in turns too
I see you have a busy day as you have not read my letter yet.
Are you ready for another lesson? I reread your letter and noticed some more questions which you were asking me. I know it is very important for you so I want to reply.
Tea is chai, coffee is cofi - just like in English. No sugar is bez sahara so you can put new notes in your note book
Take care and sleep tight!
I will wait for your reply.
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 40

Dear Dilip!
It is good that you realize that you have offended me so much. It is a pity that our dreams ended like that but who could know that it could be soa€¦ I have never expected that you could react like this and that you could ever offend me so mucha€¦
I am a peaceful person and I dona€'t like argues and this all was so unpleasant to me. I received your chat messages on Anastasia and they were so hurtful for mea€¦ I did not expect that you ever could treat me like this.
We had a deep communication but I did not think that it was important for you to find me on other sites as it did not matter for me. Also if you wanted to have a video chat with cam we could have it here too as I told you before.
Well, I dona€'t even know what to say. I dona€'t want to have a heavy heart and some bad thoughts about people and bad memories too but what you have said to me is really very offensive and hurt me too much. Perhaps I will need some time to think everything overa€¦.
I also would like to wish you a happy and wonderful life and hope you will find a good partner who will be a perfect match to you.
Have a good day too!
Best wishes, Juliy

Letter 41

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. I am glad that you are in a good mood and you slept well and now you feel refreshed. Yes, to be calm and sleep well is very important.
Oh I am sorry to hear that the market is bad nowadays and the financial position is not so good too.
Yes, I think you are right, when I come to India and see everything for myself then it will be easier to understand.
Indeed, I did not know that there are many foreign women married to Indians and not from Ukraine but Europe and USA. It would be better of course if there are some Ukrainians too but well, what can we do You say there are many Russians living in Goa but I suppose it is far from your city yet I guess we will be able to go there for rest if we become a couple and live in India. Oh I even ladies have business there, like dress and jewelry designers. That is a great job, very creative
Well, as for that man I would prefer forget about that as soon as possible but since you ask I will answer even though this is hurtful to me. Please understand that this is the reason why I prefer not to speak about that, and not because I want to hide that. It was three years ago, the man was from the USA and he was 57. He stayed for several days to meet with me but I dona€'t know if he met other ladies and if he went to other cities because what he told me were lies. The mentality of that chap is to have fun traveling pretending he is serious. I am afraid he is not the only married man who pretends to be single. What happened after that is that I was very disappointed and hurt and could not even continue my search for a long time. Then I started again as time heals a little. But I have decided to be careful ever after.
Oh I see you have a lot of things to deal with around your house. This can keep you pretty busy.
As for water it is called voda in Russian, and yes, I guess there can be a person who can speak English in a hotel.
As for lunch and dinner, I will try of course but sometimes I dona€'t go to lunch and have it in the office if I am too busy with my work. But as I told you I would try to find time for you.
Have a nice beginning of the week!
Hugs and kisses, Juliya

Letter 42

Hello dear Dilip!
Thank you for your letter. Oh you had a busy day yesterday indeed. But I hope it was not too hot to go out because it would be too difficult. How is your weather actually. We have quite hot days with 35C and no rains. But I am sure it is hotter in India. And what about rains? Do you still have them? It is not easy to endure evaporations even after our rains but I think for you it is even more difficult.
Oh yes, I guess you have the art to convince your customers otherwise you cannot make them sell or buy the things But I think you not only know how to do it but you enjoy it too.
Lol no, I dona€'t think that you are online long but sometimes you can notice when I am online so it means that you are online at the same time too.
Oh I am surprised to know that you call tea and coffee the same as we do So it will be easier to remember for you in fact it would be very simple if you bear in mind that this is the same. I think that we borrowed the words to call it chai how it is called from you because Indian tea is popular and this is how it is called in the country where it is produced. However I did not know that the words are the same, so thank you for telling me Yes, it is a coincidence and a good one.
I understood already that you have dense population and there are many peoples living there, with different religions. I remember you told me about that.
It means that you have many holidays there, for people of other religions. But if there are government holidays for Muslims are those holidays for all people , I mean are they have days off even though they dona€'t celebrate it?
I have never eaten big crabs, I guess they are only in the ocean, and I have eaten small canned octopus which we have here. Do you mean that shells can be also eaten? I guess you mean what is inside? We have it frozen in supermarkets. If this is what I imagine I have not tasted them yet. Yes, octopus is rubbery and I did not like it.
I guess our choice for seafood is not very big. As for eel I dona€'t know if we have it or not.
No red meat means bez krasnogo miasa. We can say sandwich too in Russian. And fresh juice is fresh. So it is easy too.
I have just got your other letter too and yes, I can log into several sites at once because they cooperate with the agency. I also see that you can be on the two sites at once too so this is quite possible as you see, no wonder.
Have a nice day and a good sleep. Yes, time flies and our next anniversary is coming
Hugs and kisses, Juliya



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