Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Horosha to Michael (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hi Michael! Nothing could be easier and more enjoyable than the beginning of dating! We have interest and it is a pleasure :) I am very happy to talk with you and I hope we will find a "common" language. Argue that it distinguishes humans from animals but in my opinion it is not so.
Communication, a thorough understanding of the nature and the soul of another person, love to the extent that it belongs only to the people and have our features. Communication takes place without the aid of animal speech, their primary goal - to find their own food and attract sexual partners for breeding using tokens or force. What distinguishes them from the possibility of a man using speech only to drag a woman into bed to satisfy their needs minute? What distinguishes a woman has signs of attention using their beauty and charm to get more money from the rich but stupid men? Between animals and people like that there is no difference :) And so, not just speech and its capabilities, and communication and that mutual understanding is what sets us apart. I dream to meet a man who understands what I want from life, my heart and soul, I will answer him the same. This is happiness! The concept of "two halves" exists for a reason. I want to find integrity, to reunite with someone whom I still have not met. I am tired of the emptiness of loneliness, I began to feel it still married to my ex husband. He just picked up and separated himself from me, leaving a gash .. More on this later if you want to know. And what about you?
What is missing in your life? Why did you come so far to find a girl?
I think enough for the first letter, and so I wrote too much and made you afraid of boring :) I hope soon to see your answer! Nataliya

Letter 2

Hi Michael! Thank you for your letter! I am very pleased that you tried to get to the core of my writing. Men do not always taken seriously thrilling to thoughts of women, including their twaddle. Thanks for answering my questions, it allowed me to better understand why you're here. Sorry that the first letter I describe themselves and their views on life in such rough shape. But I want to prioritize immediately introduce you to the fact that I'm looking for and certainly know what you need. I am very open character when we first met so it may seem that I do not like this world and the people around me, but it is not. Actually I sociable and cheerful person. I just have too "straight" character and notice it all around. I say only what I think and do not like it they say in Russia, "beating around the bush." The purpose of our dating one and we both know what it is, so I cut in expressions. The main thing now is to find out whether our characters. My first husband at the beginning of our life together suited me in every way, we loved each other and understood throughout. But then I do not know why and what it has become too stay at work, often returning home with the smell of alcohol, and sometimes they did not sleep at home. Perhaps blame his young age or something else, but I never had a bad wife to him and this is very disappointing. Family for me - this is the main value of life, because my parents taught me. Shock for me when a man is struggling to escape from the house to have fun without my wife and children. And the main thing in life for you? How do you see your future family? What does it mean for your wife? This servant kitchen and bathroom, or is the closest person in the world and a reliable friend? These questions may seem trivial to you may be offensive, but Russian reality makes me ask them. And the last question you are able to be faithful? Is sacred to you? September 17 35 year anniversary of my parents' marriage. How much I can remember they have never had any problems of this kind and I kindly envy them. Michael I have to go now.
Until tomorrow. Nataliya

Letter 3

Hi Michael! thanks for the photos you look great
Thank you for your letter and candor! Honesty in relationships is a fundamental factor, any lie sooner or later becomes apparent and I am absolutely sure of it. So I ask you to reply to my letters tell the truth. I do not have a lot of experience in dealing with men in '21 I got married. Before marriage, I was a virgin .. Accordingly, lies and deceit that I have known in my life came from one man, the harder it was for me to go through our separation was initiated by me and the pain she left. You know how much I'm afraid if it again? I never slept with other men, I was not even thoughts. He trusted me and almost did not control my behavior, and I trusted him, and this was my main mistake. Michael I want to say thank you for the open-ended responses to my questions. I am pleased to know that I met a man who not only treats women as equal to itself, treating it with due respect, but also feels a sense of duty and devotion to being in love. Feminism as developed in America and Europe, have not let their roots in Russia, and I'm on my own experience and the experience of communion with girlfriends can say with certainty that the man is really strong and powerful floor. I will be frank with you, for our brief chat I realized that you're a man who has his head and is able to think, a man who has goals and is ready to go to them. I like these men I am glad that we started communicating. Now I have to go. Waiting for your answer.

Letter 4

In his letters, I have several times mentioned her ex-husband and I want to clarify something. As I said I was a virgin (sorry for such private details, but I want to be frank with you from start to finish) so all my relationships boil down to one man - my ex-husband. That's why I always cite it as an example because I had no other men. I explain this to you did not think that I still have any feelings for him. On the contrary, I'm happy that fate divorced me with this terrible man! I do not have any feelings for him, nor any warm feelings of hatred. I want you to know that Michael. But being married I received a lot of proposals from men who use all sorts of tricks to get me into bed. But I was impregnable, because marriage is sacred to me. You will not believe, but such claims come from his own friends!
Can you imagine how depraved and soulless mostly Russian men???
Complete lack of debt to friends, wives! Michael during communication with you, I saw your character with the best hand, I like the way that you treat women. But I do not understand one thing. And I want you to try to explain it to me. In Russia (do not know artificially or is it really so) created the image of Europe and America as a country where there is no place for love between man and woman. Where countries are free to have sex, that is, the concept of marriage includes the convenience of living in the union of man and woman, but not a spiritual union of two hearts. Reading your letters Michael, I see what you are looking for something more than just sex, it's really true?
I'm sorry that I ask, I know we have spoken many times about this, but there are significant differences between the global concept of Aliens and specifically what you are looking for. I want you to know that I always look forward to your letters, I wonder what answer you that you write, I have no such when it was not, I like a little girl waiting for your answer))) it is only your letters, what will happen when I meet you? is a big question. But I want to know the answer to it, because in my head now increasingly appears the idea that one day I want to meet you. I stop now and wait for the news! Nataliya

Letter 5

Michael your answers to my questions sound like a fairy tale! There are no notes of sarcasm. In fact, each time reading the mail I get from you as if in another world, where people have spiritual values, appreciate the friendship and love. It is not usual for me living material of people. We are not familiar to me but you open your heart and soul, you frankly about everything, describe in detail his views on women and life in general. Today I thought a lot about what you answer to my letter about what you say next. More precisely, I chose the most important of countless talking points and thoughts that swarm in my head for you. As I wrote in previous letters, I feel comfortable and at ease talking with you and I always have a thousand topics of conversation. And every time I write to you I choose the most important thing. Today, reading to the end of your letter, I tried to disengage from itself, I have not allowed myself to attack you again with a bunch of questions, knowing that your answers will make me even a little bit happier. Michael honestly say, I'm afraid it's just a letter, nothing more. I'm afraid to be one of those who spend days and nights sitting out on the computer. I want to live a real life, to be able to feel a loved one, feel the warmth of his touch, his tender caresses, knock it close to my heart. Do you understand me Michael? What do you think about how to turn the dream into reality? Is that possible?
after 4 weeks I will leave, I'll be free from work for a month and it's a great opportunity for us to know each other personally. What do you think about this??? Thank you for your attention. Waiting for your answer. Nataliya

Letter 6

My Michael I miss you every minute I'm always waiting for your answer.
You became part of my life, an important part, you took the place in my heart and now it belongs to you completely, I'm all yours and I like it. I want all these feelings have grown and evolved, and when did not stop and I will do my best to all was well. Cute you are everything to me you are my ideal, and please tell all the girls in your city and your country so that they would not even look at you because you're mine and I love you or who do not give up. Dear yesterday I had a conversation with my mother, I told her about you, I told you what I told him everything I know about you that you are an honest man, and that you can trust, mom is very happy for me, she sees that I've changed what I always now good mood she understands that the reason that you and our fellowship. Now my family knows about you Michael and they are happy that I finally met you was looking for. I never thought that I would have feelings for a man who has never seen but now I understand that it is possible, what that magic you took my heart and now it belongs to you ...... I'm glad we understand the importance and the need for us to meet, we need it. The meeting will introduce us personally, will provide answers to all questions and will allow to draw correct conclusions about us and our future. I've thought a lot about how we do it, and I understand that the best time to do my holiday. As I said in 4 weeks I will leave, and during this period I can come to you, I can not stay with you for 3 weeks, during which time we know each other and become closer to understand all that is going on in our hearts . I will not waste time and soon learn about how I can come to you and what do I need to do this. I can not imagine how we will be happy when we meet it will be incredible, and for the time that we spend together so we get used to each other it would be hard to give up when I have to leave, but I think that our meeting will be fine and we will solve it we should be together and that means that I will be leaving not for long and soon come back to you again but this time forever ... I thought about your words that you were coming to Russia, I watched with all the pros and cons and that is what has come if you come to me. I would show you my city acquainted with loved ones, but you have to make a difficult journey. Need to come to Moscow, then to transplant and move to my city. Without knowledge of the language you will not just pass the journey. because you will need to buy tickets, you will need to look for stations. You'll also need hotel because I live with my parents and we have only 2 rooms I can not leave your house, I hope you understand me. and after all this, I understand that this option is not the best place, at least for you. then I thought about how to meet you.
In this case our meeting could happen much faster as I soon will leave and I will be completely free and able to travel to you, as well plus is that I can remain with you I do not need a hotel so we can all the time spend together day and night. I have no problems while traveling because I know the language and I can ask what I need, and at the airport I meet you. After analyzing all of this I came to the conclusion that the best option for our meeting is to meet you. I miss you, and miss you all for me. Every minute you're on my mind every minute you're with me. Now I need to work but work if I only think of you ....

Letter 7

My love Michael I am very pleased to receive your letter, I was waiting for him. I did not spend the time and today was learning about how I can come to you, I went to the department to learn about international passport, I was told that you need to write an application to collect the documents and wait for about 30-40 days. I was shocked. I did not think it would be so long. I also learned about how do I get a visa for you in the country, I was told that we need to be international passport with him I will need to go to Moscow to apply to the embassy for visa preparation will take approximately 2-3 weeks. Then again, you will need to go to Moscow to get a visa, and Moscow to be away at a great distance. And when I learned all this, I was just in a terrible mood because to get all the documents I need about 2 months.
And it means that we do not have time to meet in my holiday, and move it, I can not. I am very upset, I was upset and my eyes filled with tears. at work, I shared it with colleagues, and told her about it she reassured me and advised me to contact the travel agency, she said that they can do it much faster, she said that her parents had been preparing for the trip have been doing this agency and received everything very quickly . I immediately went to a travel agency to learn it all. and that's what I was told. They can prepare it quickly.
For travel to you I need a visa, international passport, medical insurance to get all the documents I need to 10-12 days depending on the workload of the embassy. I do not have to go to Moscow twice, the application for a visa can I apply in the city through an agency. It's a good part of the news about what the agency can do it quickly and we can have time to prepare everything necessary to top the holiday, but there is a second part of the news, the less pleasant, such that my eyes were tears. Traveling to you is worth a lot of money can not find such a number, I have no such savings I can not even take it from their parents because they are paying a loan for an apartment and not be able to help me and my friends as well as I do not have a large income and can not help me. Now I am not a big savings but it is only 200 euro is the money that I kept on buying a new phone, I'm ready to spend it but I still need to find the remaining part of the funds, where to get it, I just do not have thoughts. This is big money. but I know one thing I do not want to lose you I do not want to leave you I need you, I love you. your Nataliya

Letter 8

WOW! This is the first thought in my head, it's the first thing I thought after reading your letter. Tell you the truth I did not even want you to answer, because I was hurt and offended, I understand that you do not trust me and so our meeting is not possible. I wanted to stop the communication, but in my heart so many emotions and feelings for you that they have overcome me and here I am writing to you. I analyzed everything and understand that if I do so I'm forever your loss and that I fear most. so I'm going to and I am writing you. I looked at the situation from the other side, we have not met before we know only of the letters, of course you do not just trust me and even more to help with the payment of travel. it shows your mind and your thinking. But I want you to know that I sincerely with you all that I want to be in your arms to be with you. more of me that does not care. I want you to feel comfortable that you do not have anxiety, but I do not want you to be alone, because we should be together and you understand it. I thought as we should be, and I came up with a great idea. Michael I can give you the name of the travel agency and their contacts, you can do training trip directly with them. It is convenient for you ???? so we can be together soon as planned in our dreams. Waiting for your opinion and your answers on this. miss your Nataliya

Letter 9

My darling Michael I am glad to see your answer when I read your words and realize that you did not want to hurt me it gave me a good feeling because I'm really afraid of losing you. when I read yesterday about your fears I was very sad and it is not pleasant, the whole night I thought only about that. I had a horrible mood, I was very nervous and was very angry, to be honest I thought I'd miss you, and the thought makes me sad. evening I talked with my parents and talked about what had happened, I thought how can I find the money, but because their parents are paying the loan for an apartment, they can not help me now, I know that she can not pay for the trip and very upset because of this. And now reading your letter again ignited in me hope because I see that we can save our meeting we can be together, I do not miss you, we'll be together we will meet. Michael I thought about your words that you were coming to Russia, I watched with all the pros and cons and that is what has come if you come to me. I would show you my city acquainted with loved ones, but you have to make a difficult journey. Need to come to Moscow, then to transplant and move to my city. Without knowledge of the language you will not just pass the journey. because you will need to buy tickets, you will need to look for stations. You will also need hotel because I live with my parents and we had only 2 rooms I can not leave your house, I hope you understand me. and after all this, I understand that this option is not the best place, at least for you. Then I thought about how to meet you. In this case our meeting could happen much faster, since I soon will leave and I will be completely free and able to travel to you, the same advantage is that I can remain with you I do not need a hotel, and so we can all the time spend together day and night. I did not have any problems during the trip because I know the language and be able to ask what I need, and in the airport I meet you. After analyzing all of this I came to the conclusion that the best option for our meeting is to meet you. Michael Your letter today changed my day, your letter has changed my mood. Now I'm crying again, but now it's tears of joy. because soon we will be together in our dreams. I found a business card of where learning about travel and that their data

travel agency called air-cloud /
manager who gave me comments Kapustin Igor
you will need my data is
Nataliya Horosha
Russia, 680003 Khabarovsk Chkalov Street 12
My birthday is September 7
date of the meeting from 28 August to 25 September.

I am glad that my birthday I'll spend with you. I can not stop dreaming about our meeting and on beautiful days that we spend together. it will forever remain in our memory, and many years later we tell this to our children and grandchildren. I want to realize a dream, I want to be yours forever. I love. your Nataliya

Letter 10

I absolutely do not understand you and what is going on in your head your heart, what you're talking ??? your first letter was one character's second letter was contrary to the first .... you said that got in touch with the agency as well as doing research company and you were not surprised .... You can talk to the end, why did you start to talk and stay . what happened ??? what happened ???? you said he was not surprised that I found on my site, I do not understand you. please comment it I want to know. you said that I was pretending to get your money, do you really think so ???? I thought that our relationship is trust have feelings but it seems that I was wrong, because you are now greatly offended me. Do you think I want your money ???? If I wanted to get the money I easily got it in Russia many men take care of me, there are wealthy people who are willing to pay for me and make expensive gifts but I refuse them because for me, feelings are important, and if I wanted money, I would easily got it in Russia. Understand money is only paper for which you can not buy love and relationships. Do you really think that I would love to have traded some money ??? this is stupid, you can not buy real feelings on for any money. you laughed at Nataliya I do, I see that you conquer fear you doubt everything, but I'll prove that I'm real, I'll prove that I'm real I sincerely with you. I do it all for you to know that I sincerely and all my words pravda.a what will happen with our communication to me it does not matter, I just want you to know that I really

Letter 11

just to let you know I'm real, but you lost me

Letter 12

Good afternoon Mr Michael glad you chose our company to prepare puteshesvtiya, we know his work. on travel to Hamburg, Germany, for Nataliya Horosha. we can prepare the documents as international passport visa health insurance and of course tickets in less than 2 weeks to talk about the cost I need to know the date of the trip. with respect Kapustin Igor

Letter 13

Thanks for the quick reply Mr Michael, I was looking for tickets for travel and pick the best deal ticket price was 570 euro total travel cost 1125 euro, more details about tickets and our prices, see the PRICE. If you have any questions I can answer them. with respect Kpaustin Igor



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