Scam Letter(s) from Marta Pokis to Michael (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Michael. I am very glad that you responded to my interest. Our communication has started and I'm happy.
I have no friends outside of my country and I am very interested to learn you closer. I hope that we can find common language, despite the fact that we live in different countries. I know English, I taught English in school and in college. But I do not know it perfectly.
Sometimes I have to use a translator, but I do not see a problem with this. I think people can understand each other without words, if they have a great desire. At a meeting I can explain something to you through gestures and facial expressions. And I am sure you can easily understand me.
I want to tell you more about my life and for you to better understand me. I was born and grew up in Moscow city and live now in Moscow.
I'm 169 cm, 53 kg, my birthday 9 February 1986. My childhood was very lively and happy. I confess that I was not a quiet child.
I graduated from high school and college. I have a secondary technical education of mechanical engineering. I completed courses hairdresser and masseuse, a hairdresser working in a local beauty salon. I am not the owner of salon, so my salary is not big. But I'm not complaining about life, I have enough to eat and sometimes go to the cinema with friends. I do not have a driver's license and have no car.
But I dream to learn to drive a car and plane. Michael, you know how to drive a car? How do you feel about technology? Do you love pets? What pets do you have?
I love horse riding. As a child I sometimes went to the racetrack. My friends were doing it professionally and I was very interested to observe the animals.
My mother's four cats, three girls and one boy. Mama jokes and calls it a feline harem. In my college there was a group of students who sewed costumes and learned to dance. I have great pleasure involved in amateur. Teachers College is well encouraged our efforts and some exams I passed with no problems.
We danced at various festivals and I'm very fond of my dance team. But the study ended. Now I have very little free time, my schedule is very tight.
I work 6 days a week. Sunday Closed. Usually, my day off I was doing cleaning my humble dwelling. I do not have home internet, because my house is very old.
Internet-based company declined to connect the house to escape the Internet. I rent an apartment on the edge of my town. It's not expensive and very quiet area.
But even in this very quiet area are sleepless restless nights. My mother lives far from the city, she was tired of city life, and when I graduated from college, we moved to live in a village about 200 km from the city. I did not find a decent job, and already 3 years I lived without a mother. I very rarely go to it.
Much time is necessary for the journey and I have no spare money to travel frequently to the village. But we often write letters to each other.
I love my mom and I sometimes feel sad without her. She works as a kindergarten teacher. I often spend time with my mother in kindergarten. I love little kids.
I do what I can not write about my father because I do not know him. He threw my mom when she was pregnant. This is a very bad thing.
I think that having a baby is a very responsible action, and future parents need to carefully prepare for this important step.
Michael, how do you feel about this?
I finish my letter and sent you some photos. Frankly, the first time in several years, my heart is sincere smiles. It smiles at you, Michael.
I look forward to your new letters and photos.
With best wishes and with a passionate kiss from Russia, your new friend Marta

Letter 2

Hello my dear Michael. I am very glad to receive your new letter. Frankly, I fell asleep with great difficulty, because the upset.
I was worried after the first letter to you. And now I got your letter and very glad you wrote me. I've thought and dreamed.
And my dreams will come true someday. I really want to be a happy woman, caring mother and loving wife. I graduated from college and began to think about family life, but I have no luck with partners. At first I thought that my requirements are very high, but now I realize that I ask from life is very small. I need a big warm pure heart of the beloved, who will look after me who will love me and respect my interests. I love to repeat a very beautiful phrase, my husband will have the best wife. I'll try to get my man was the happiest.
And for me, will not be difficult to do so.
I'm not lonely girl, I have many friends, but they can not fill my life with bright happy colors. It can make only a real man, my man.
And I very much hope that our dialogue will lead us to the real happy meeting face to face. This is my dream, it is my desire.
I think everyone on this planet should be happy. And full of happiness must be very small, bright eyes, sweet smile every day, warm hugs, gentle kisses, care and respect.
In Russia, many men think that love can buy. I do not agree with that. Real feelings are not sold and not bought.
I do when not engaged in searching for a partner. I always thought that fate will bring two people in love. But now I realize that I could wait all my life and stay alone. And I decided to take this important step in my life. I wrote a letter to you. And I really want to know every nook and cranny of your soul, every thought, every desire. What do you think of me? As you know love? What are your dreams?
Today was an easy day. There was a lot of work, but I'm not too tired. I encourage bright thoughts about the meeting with you.
My dreams and wishes to help me in life. They help me get up and go to sleep at night. Communicate with you gives me hope for the future.
I dream of building a strong united family, the children, the country house with beautiful garden and a swing. These are my dreams.
I often see dreams about it. And I'm not crazy, I'm a normal single woman. Now I do not feel lonely.
I think about you and I am very pleased that you think of me. I read your letter, and sincerely rejoiced at our communion.
Dear Michael, I finish my letter and look forward to your new message.
With greetings from Russia. Your new friend Marta

Letter 3

Hello my dear Michael. Again, I am glad your letter as a child happy gifts. Your letter to me a real gift. Your letter to me as a ray of sunshine in the rain, like a drop of water in the desert. I am very pleased and interested to communicate with you. We are lonely persons and our communion will not pass without a trace. A new acquaintance and new communication always leaves a trace in the soul. I am very good opinion of you, you are a great companion and I am sure that when the real meeting face to face we will be happy to see each other. I think that you can make me happy. You write good letters.
It seems to me that your heart is good. Your eyes are good, you look very neat and courageously.
Today I got into trouble. I was shocked for a long time incident. All the way home I walked and felt the feet of intense fear.
Someone else does not attach much significance to this, but I'm very sensitive girl and can not feel otherwise. I went to work.
Had a nice warm evening and the street was filled with people. I stopped at a traffic light and waited for the green light. Nearby stood a girl with a dog.
Dog was a little restless and fidget. She kept running around us. It was pretty funny pet. Suddenly the little dog jumped into the road and hit by a car.
On my eyes machine crushed dog. I was shocked, I'm still in shock. Girl mistress dog very much suffered the death of beloved animal. I tried to calm her down.
I could not pass. I felt it my moral duty to help this girl. We had a long talk with her. She said that this dog was the most loyal friend in the past few years.
She experienced all the problems and troubles and now because of the ridiculous accident she died and left her mistress in a creepy hysterical alone.
I am writing this letter, and really can not hold back my tears. It's very sad and I'm very scared. I do not see where the pet's death so close. I'm shocked.
And I still think about this girl and that she was sitting beside the road and weeping bitterly. It is very sad. I'm not when I did not lose loved ones and I do not want that.
Maybe I should not have written you this sad story, but it's my life, my heartache and I hope you understand me. I want you to understand my sadness.
I want you to support me. Because I consider you my friend. And if you were with me today, I would be quieter than today. And now I am writing to you and look forward to your understanding and support.
My dear friend Michael, I will finish my letter and with impatience shall wait your new letter. I need to communicate with you, because I feel calmer and safer when I know what you think of me. I want to know what you think, what you feel.
How was your day? How's your mood? How is your health? I would hope that you are well and write again.
I would be very nice to read your letter tomorrow. Until tomorrow I'll have internet access.
And the first thing I check my mail, I will be looking to hear from you. Good day to you my friend.
With a hot kiss from Russia, your friend Marta

Letter 4

Hello my dear Michael. I can not find words to explain my joy and delight when I got a letter from you. In my soul spring, when I check my mail and find your letter. I always think that if we meet with you in real life. What will be our real meeting? I constantly think about it.
I guess I really want to see you in real life.
I think that our feelings are very similar and we can continue our communication closer and deeper. I have a very good example.
I have friends of a young couple. They recently got married and I am very happy for them. They are really happy. They are different people, they have different interests and different views on certain things, but not when they are not misused and do not quarrel with each other because their feelings are very similar. They find a compromise, they give each other and live happily and carefree.
It is very important to listen to a loved one, it is important to seek a way out of difficult situations. Scandals will not solve the problem and not keep the family and relationships. My former relationship with a man stopped, because he wanted me to do everything he says.
He wanted me to be his slave. I had to do against my will and against my principles. I am not a such person. I have my pride and conviction.
I am willing to do anything to save the family fortune, but I'm not ready to be a servant or a slave my whole adult life.
When I said I did not want relations with him, he started to threaten me and beat me several times. After that he asked for forgiveness.
I felt sorry for him. But after the third attack, I did not regret it. My patience is over and I turned to my friends who are professional athletes.
They are very frightened him. Now he does not bother me. He left me alone. I think he's gone from my city or very well hidden. He is not a man, he is rag.
He raised his hand to a woman who was willing to do anything to save the relationship. But he wanted a lot without my opinion.
And I could not ask for help from the police, because my ex-boyfriend, was police officer. His officer's rank, and I could not help.
So I turned to friends. I think I am right thing. I could no longer tolerate the humiliation of this monster. Now I'm calm in my life.
I could say more, I'm happy because I met you and my life was filled with new bright colors. And I hope that our dialogue will continue and will grow exponentially. I am a single woman and I need a man who will understand me and respect.
My Dear Michael, I finish my letter and I wait with great impatience, your new message.
I want you to know that my thoughts are only about us and about our meeting.
I can not express in words how happy I am to meet you and our conversations.
Hope to see you soon with you and hope you want it too!
With great respect and with a passionate kiss, your Marta

Letter 5

Hello my dear Michael. Thank you for this wonderful letter. It made me smile and cry a little. Tears of happiness streamed down my face and I can not express in words how much I'm drawn to you. I could never think that the Internet can bind two people together.
I always thought that without the actual meeting is not possible to know a person well enough. But now I realize that this is real.
One girl named Kate from my beauty salon met a foreigner on the Internet. Last year she got leave and went to a new friend in the U.S.
Two weeks later they returned to Russia and married. Now they live in the US. Kate phoned us. She is very happy. And we are all very happy for her.
It is great that not scared and decided to take this important step. And I'm not afraid. I am also ready to build my life with you, my dear.
I'm ready to go to the edge of the world for a bright and happy future with my lovely man.
My dear Michael, we should meet as soon as possible. I can not endure for long, it is the nature of my body and my soul. I do not want solitude, this is very difficult, it is very sad and very painful. It hurts in my chest when I see the happy newlyweds, when I see young children on the playground, and their happy parents. We can meet very soon. We have a very good opportunity for our hot meeting. After half a month to begin my long awaited vacation and I dream to spend it with you. This is a real possibility and I do not want to miss a chance to meet with you, I do not want to miss this opportunity to be a happy woman. I dream I'm out of the aircraft in an unfamiliar country for me. Around new people, new home, new life, and in a crowd I see a very beautiful bouquet of flowers. That you're holding a bouquet and your eyes looking for me.
I can imagine it and my body trembling covers. Oh how much I dream about it. I never will travel outside my country and this trip will be very important to me and very interesting. This trip changed my life and I'm sure that will change in the good side, because you are very remarkable man. I'm probably a crazy girl, because I decided on this, but my madness explained my feelings and emotions.
I am full of confidence and passion. I'm ready to move mountains to see you face to face. You dwell in my soul new bright and happy emotions.
I am very grateful to you for it. I am thankful for our friendship.
My dear Michael, tomorrow I will update the date of my holiday. I hope to rest 30 days. This is a really good opportunity for our meeting.
I'm constantly working on, I have no free time. All year I will work and if I do not arrange my life, my happiness in this holiday.
I do not know what will stimulate and replenish my body vitality. I do not want to spend another year alone. We must meet.
I feel that every cell of my body, every hair, every happy tear, which is now flowing down my face.
I finish my letter and look forward your new mail. I dream about us and about our meeting.
With great respect and Kisses, Your Marta

PS: I have a girlfriend, Nina. She is a professional photographer. I'm glad you like my photos. I am sending some photos

Letter 6

Hello my dear Michael. Thank you for this wonderful letter. This is really happiest moments of my life when I read new letter from you.
I enjoy our fellowship and meeting face to face will be memorable for me. This meeting will be like in a movie about love, like a sweet dream.
Every moment of my life I got more and more I think about it. I think how wonderful it is when the long-awaited meeting of two happy people.
This is a very romantic place at the airport. I imagine our meeting, I dream and fantasize, I can not think about other things.
I guess it is very important to me and I am very serious about this. My heart began to beat faster, and thoughts in my head was a thousand times more.
This is an unforgettable sensation. My Dear Michael, I would like now to take your hand and talk and walk with you in some romantic place.
This may be a park or beach. This may be a simple street. I guess it does not really matter. For me, one thing is important, that you were beside me.
Colleagues at work say that I was happy and cheerful. And this should not stop, it should continue as long as possible.
I think this development is something very big and clean. I do not want to stop half way. I want to continue our dialogue in a more intimate way.
I really want to be with you, it will help us determine future plans, it will help us to understand each other better.
Today I was talking to my friends who are very much traveling. They asked me for a long time about you and about our relationship.
I told them of our acquaintance, our pleasant conversation. Friends are happy for me and they advised me to go to a travel agency.
This is a really affordable way for me, because I do not have an international passport. And I do not have much free time to arrange my own travel documents.
I agreed to work on that tomorrow, I need a few hours of free time. I want to visit a travel agency and learn all about the journey to you.
My friends told me it was my only opportunity to execute documents for the flight because my vacation will begin very soon.
Travel Agency collaborates with the embassies around the world and can easily arrange a tourist visa. Just my friends told me that the design of an international passport takes a very long time, about 3 months. It is not available to me.
I must abide by the rules of employment contract and I can not change the date of my holiday. I'm afraid just to think that our meeting can not be.
I chase these sad thoughts away from my head and from my heart. I believe the best. I do not want to be sad and sorrowful. I'm going to enjoy our acquaintance.
I like it and it brings a lot of bright colors in my life. And I see by your letters, your life will also become brighter and happier.
And it is even more get me started.
My Dear Michael, today after work, I arranged to meet my friends again. I will consult with them. I want them to have prompted me to do.
I trust them one hundred percent. They advise me to a travel agency that will help us to meet. I feel all over our closeness and our understanding.
And I want that our meeting took place as soon as possible. This happy band of my life. This is something unbelievable, I could not hope that these feelings will visit me again. But it happened, and I thank fate for these wonderful moments in my life.
With best wishes, happy smile, happy eyes shine and hot kisses
from Russia, your Marta

Letter 7

Hello, my dearest Michael. Oh, God! So many positive emotions bring me your letter. If you could see me now, probably laughing at me.
I am happy as a schoolgirl to get your letter. I want to jump and shout for joy. You're such a nice man, I am very happy that I met you.
And the world will not find such wonderful words to express all my feelings and emotions. This is such a big attraction is the sea of passion and boundless interest in this new communication and travel. For me it is unforgettable happy moments of my crazy life. I imagine our first meeting, and my legs were trembling. I really want this with all my heart and soul, and if fate has helped us to find each other, it will help us to meet you.
I'm writing a letter and can not believe that this is happening to me. My head is full of new thoughts and ideas.
I'm ready to share them when we meet face to face. I think that at the meeting, we will not let even a second hand one another.
I am confident that we have a lot of feelings for each other and I look forward with great impatience that happy moment when I see you at the airport.
Those happy moments of my life, I have not changed no matter what the world's wealth. It's priceless. And my words are not enough to convey my thoughts to you.
You must feel it every cell of your body. You should feel this way I can feel it.
My Dear Michael, I was talking to my friends who travel a lot. They advised me very good travel agency. Today after work I was visiting a travel agency.
Manager told me that I can travel. I should have an international passport and visa cards. Self-processing of documents is very time consuming, I'm not ready to spend my vacation on the design of an international passport. The manager said that the travel agency working with many of the embassies of the world and they can easily get a visa. The same agency will issue an international passport to me for two weeks. It is very convenient, because my vacation will start in twenty days. I have enough time to prepare for the trip. I talked to my mom. She is very happy for me and for us.
But she unfortunately can not help me with this. The amount of travel is very big for our modest family. I have to pay for rent, so after a trip I could go on living in this apartment. I also asked the help of my friends, but no one can help me. Now my friends also go on trips.
So I ask you for help, my dear Michael. My sweet, if you're really ready to be with me, please write a letter to a travel agency and ask them about me and my trip to you. Manager gave me his website and their support:
website and personal mail to manager
I think you need my personal information to send manager of travel agency. My full name Marta Pokis.
City Moscow, Khimki, Klinskaya street 16, apartment 14. In addition, the manager told me that you need to give them airport code or name of your city.
I am really ashamed to ask you for money, because it is the internet and you may think that I am a liar. But I'm not asking you to send money to me.
I want you to communicate with experts in the field of tourism. I am willing to spend all the money, but I'm sure I will not suffice. What can I say in response?
I am ashamed that I did not make a fortune state in my years. I have not what is actually in possession. I have no property, but an old dilapidated house in the countryside with my mom. I have no savings, because with my salary can not be accumulated.
I'm ashamed to admit it, because it gives rise to poverty alleviation scoff at. I hate it.
And I help the homeless and sometimes I go to a shelter and gather things for the children in the orphanage. I do not think it is a charity or a handout.
It's just a cry from the heart. So there! I settled on the fact that I will not have enough money for the trip and I look forward to this gentleman's action on your part.
My Dear Michael, I very much hope that we will meet in the near future. I will not have another chance until next year and I am afraid such a long separation.
I was lonely for a long time and I would be very hurt if we do not meet. I look forward to your understanding and generosity.
I really need your support and your letters. Please contact me as soon as you learn about my journey.
I look forward to your new message. With great respect and warm kisses.
Your Princess Marta

Letter 8

Hello my dear Michael
you can ignite a fire in my chest. I'm very lot of time is not have a sensation of such wonderful feelings.
you're the only one man who can do so, and I want to say thank you for this feeling. this feeling called love.
at that moment i full of this beautiful and magical feeling. every night I can not sleep quietly, because the thought of you troubled by my head and heart.
when I see my friends and they are happy in marriage. they receive so much love and affection to each other, but i want to feel it, too.
Unfortunately, I still can not get this love, because you are far away from me, but I know that we will soon be together.
I can enjoy your love in real life. we can sit near to each other, drink coffee and talk.
I want you to put your head upon my laps and I can rub the hair on your head. We can laughing and play games together.
I will be happy to even just sit and watch you doing what any business.
I look forward to the moment when I can touch your cheek and kiss you.
I am very happy that you want our meeting in real time. I imagine our meeting and my body shaking, my palms sweat, my eyes are burning.
But I want our first meeting was in your country. I'm afraid to go out with you in Russia. I'm afraid of bad thoughts from my friends and acquaintances.
I understand that you want to visit Russia, but I'm asking you to arrange an appointment for me in your country. It's important to me.
I'm afraid of rumors and gossip about us. Many of my friends have started to envy me that I met you. I'm disgusted that this is happening.
I want to meet with you and it will make me happy. I want our meeting was in peaceful surroundings. If we meet in Russia, I would be worried.
It's true, I am surrounded by a very jealous people and I am afraid of them. Their thoughts will materialize and can not interfere with our happiness.
I hope you understand me, my dear. It is very important to me. And I want it to be important to you.
I have a vacation once a year. And I really want to escape from Russia. And the meeting with you is a new world for me. And new sensations.
If you do not want to break my dreams, then help me to meet you in Germany.
At the end of my holiday we can go together in Russia. I'll spend with you every waking moment of my life. I'll show you everything I know.
I'll introduce you to my friends and family.
But please do not break off my dream.
I hope for your understanding
and waiting for your news and news from the travel agency
with hot kisses
your angel Marta

Letter 9

Hello my dear Michael
I understand your concern.
I have a letter of guarantee from the manager of the agency.
I hope that you understand it
I asked the manager to respond to you

Hello dear Mr Michael.

I understand your concern about assurance of your money funds for the travel.
But there is no matter to worry. Allow me to express more clearly.
The contract with a travel agency spelled out:

"The action of the parties in the insurance cases.
In case the client fails to trip for any reason, the travel agency is obliged to reimburse the full cost of travel, with all costs and expenses to the payer of the contract (in this case, the payer of the contract is you).
The travel agency will not reimburse costs in the case of force majeure (eg, floods, storms and other natural disasters). "

As you can see the contract is insured and you can get money refund if
Ms Marta Pokis will not come on dates signed in the contract. So the contract will be assurance and guarantee that the money which you send for the travel expenses would not be missed.

Our company is professional in the field of tourist services and will not allow this to happen. We always protect the rights of our clients and strive to make your experience with us most enjoyable.

Thus, the law and the constitution of Russia protects your rights if you are not satisfied with the quality of services rendered to you. Court will deal with it if you will not satisfied with the quality of services rendered to you or something goes wrong with traveling.

If you have any questions you may be free to ask!

Best Regards, Karp Rybko

I do not know why you think that I refuse to travel to you. This is my dream. I look like a fool?
Why do you think ill of me?
if you insist on a meeting in Russia, please, I'm waiting for you. come.
But I can confidently tell you that I feel I'm not comfortable.
I do not want to meet with you for the first time in Russia. Envy my friends to kill me, and oppress.
If you do not understand me and my girl's heart, then I'm sorry.
I wrote to you about my dream of traveling, to meet with you in Germany. That's what I dream
If you come to me, I'll be happy. But we live separately. I do not substitute you in front of my ex-boyfriend.
He sometimes stalking me and requires communication
I despise it, and it disgusts me. But it is difficult and rude.
He is evil and bad people. I do not want and will not sleep with you if you come to Russia. It's a big risk for both of us
I hope you understand it
I will continue to work and hope for your good news
your Marta

Letter 10

Hello my dear Michael
I'm sure the agency, I'm sure the manager, I'm sure my friends, I'm sure you, I'm sure in me.
I know that the competition gives rise to envy and I'm sure that is the work of competitors.
I'm sorry that you doubt
I can not stop dreaming about traveling and I do not need the money
I need a man, brave bold and decisive
I trust you and now I know that never will be able to travel to you, because you suspect me of cheating.
Then I'll try to meet you in Russia
If you do not see me change my mind in real time
I like you and your letters told me a lot
tell me honestly, what do you think about me and my desires
waiting for an answer
your Marta

Letter 11

Hello dear Mr Michael.

My name is Karp Rybko. I'm manager of travel agency Air-Cloud Tours.
I had talking with Ms Marta Pokis. She needs international passport, visa and flights tickets. I had made a price list for you. You can see all cost of travel there.
We are preparing all needs documents in short time.
Ms Marta Pokis will conclude a contract between her and travel agency.
It will be guarantees a safety of her travel.
If you are agree with price then I will send you the invoice.
Please, dear Mr Michael Klinge, inform me about your decision.

For the production of documents for your trip to Moscow:
We can easily prepare documents for Russian citizens.
But it will be difficult for us to prepare the documents for the citizens of the European countries.
It will be easier for you to contact the agency or embassy in your city.
If Ms Marta wants to issue the invitation, we will gladly help her in this.

Best Regards, Karp Rybko



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