Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Vaganov Igudia to Frank (Australia)

Letter 1
Yes I try to load the skpe but it say system not supported i am new with computer and my friend said it is becase the computer is very old soviet computer i send you foto of me and mama
Letter 2
Yes I spoke with the manager of the travel company my friend from university work there and the lady told me things I need to do
She said I need to get health insurance with immigration report that I am free to leave the country and my tax papers
She said that the visa can be ready in 5 working days as soon as i am ready but the cost is very expensive for me but if we can do it together becase she said it is a package
I send fotos i took 2 weeks ago
Letter 3
You are so romantic and i like that very much
I love to be touched every where and i so much love kissing very much
I like to dress well but if you look at my fotos you will see i like simple dress becase i believe simplicity is a style for me
Let me show you my legs in this foto
Letter 4

I very much like your smile in the suit you are very handsome
I like to play and laugh a lot too
I send you me playing
Letter 5
No no i dont have problem with it if you want to pay them directly but they say they only take cash money
I have been looking for this fotos
I took them last month
Sorry for delay in reply
Letter 6
this is visa i have to go home now to eat and sleep becase i will be in train long time tomorow
Letter 7
Thanks for all your efforts it will never go in vain i promise you that
Bye bye
Letter 8
I spoke with them and pleaded with them and they promised if i am fast with it they will help me do it
Letter 9
I told him to speak with you but so many people with same issue here some dont have any money at all others not complete like mine and he wont listen to any of us any more he said it is law on paper I have just 2 hour befor plane now
Letter 10
They said I must have 5000 dolar
I have 3500 here with me
Letter 11
Okay honey i know you are very upset right now
I beg you in the name of god not to be anger with me
Letter 12
Honey it is natural to be upset when things are not right
I am upset but off course not with you but our system of government here and how ordinary people mean so little to people in power
Letter 13
I love you so much I go back to hostel to sleep now
As soon as you do every thing in the morning write them to me in the computer so I can go and do every thing so fast and then be ready and be in airport 2 hours befor plane
Letter 14
I love you so much too honey thank you very much for your patience with me
Letter 15
It is not any requirements to pay the customs or immigration
It is handy mone
There is russia embassy in your country call them to ask about this things and confirm my passport and identity with them may be that will clear your mind
If I want to steal from you do I have to travel all the way to moscow to do that i am not ****** woman I cant spend this money forever even if i want to steal it from you
My future my life is more important to me
Befor i went to sleep we agree on what to do but now I came to check I read another thing
I understand this is hard for you reading so many things about russia people I told you this from the first day we talk on the phone about so many crime here but I cross my heart I am true to you and real with you
Letter 16
What is going on it is 8:26pm here now and i have not heard from you
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