Scam Letter(s) from Angela Deborah Knighton to Jeff (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Good morning Jeff

How are you doing? thanks so much for taken all your time to express yourself to me that really means so much to me, i like every single things your have said so far even in regard to you marriage life well i believe is 50/50, No one is really perfect , i like the way you express yourself on your marriage without blaming anyone that is really wise of you,everything that happen in out life happen for a reason,i must say this again you sound like someone who know what it take to make a happy home,Eric must thank God for having a father like you you both look very adorable,He look happy with you that is pretty good,

Jeff , life is so beautiful, your message has really showed me how sweet you are, and from the very deepest bottom of my heart, i appreciate your kindness and willing to give you the key to my heart, because you sounds everything i ever dream to spent the rest of my LIFE with forever more, after years of loneliness, you are so real from the content of your email, i'm just like you, my heart is so tender and till eternity, i will never do anything to hurt anyone because Life is too short. How is work today?..... Actually, I got your words and it really impressed me so much, well, I just wanted to let you know the kind of person I am, I am a woman that is in need of real and perfect love, I need a man that can take me through, that's the reason why I said that I need love....I enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures. I love to communicate because it is the best way to get to know people. In my travels I've found that people who are poor in material assets are often rich with love and happiness; I'm looking for that kind of relationship. Simple but yet quite meaningful. I appreciate and respect the commitment involved in developing and maintaining a true friendship. It's said that opposites attract, however it is those with the most in common that get the most of their relationship. I'm interested in a man that possess qualities that are a reflection of mine: honest, open minded, sense of humor, down to earth and trustworthy. Honor and respect are an intregral part of my life, along with caring and sharing. I love nature and spending time outdoors. I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything but love from someone. Having someone that loves you and supports you in your life through good and bad times and won't give up on you is what I am looking for. Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work. I prefer to watch a movie or attend the theater rather than read a novel. I also enjoy travel, experiencing different geographies and people. I do not smoke..well Concerning sexuality, I am not a promiscuous guy. My desire is to be sexually faithful to the man I marry or in a relationship with.If two people love each other and will communicate what they like and do not like about their partner's sexual behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved. I enjoy reading good quality books and I have a diverse music taste.I am physically, mentally and sexually healthy and I do not have any bad habits, nor do I have a criminal record. Moreover, i also write poems in my spare time... distance is not a problem..if i find the right man..i don't mind relocating...i dont mind doing it again as long as i find the right man..i am a very honest and truthful woman ..i hate lies and deceit..i want real love...i am getting too old to play games..i am a very busy independent.I am sorry i miss chatting with your today , i hope to chat with you later today ANgela

Letter 2

Hello Jeff
How are you doing?Thanks so much for sharing a lot with me,our chat today mean so much for me, even when we have little issue about size i love that , it dose not matter for me, what matter for me is how we make up as a friend or partner etc, and that is very important in every family,one of the thing that i value so much in relationship is trust and respect , i have never lie known and i can never lie i hate lieing.Jeff Love is a wonderful gift; trust in it, believe in it, give it, and it will be returned to you to give again and again.You can get advice from family, friends and strangers, but the best advice comes from your heart; it never lies - trust it,there may be many people that are trustworthy, but only a few are worth trusting with your heart; choose wisely.To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. For you can love many, but without trust you have nothing.The heart already knows what the mind can only dream of. Trust your heart,distance cannot, and will not hurt a bond between two people that is based on mutual respect, trust, commitment, and love.Jealousy is not a sign of true love; it's insecurities that comes in the way, 'cause love has just one important ingredient,trust..Do you trust me?Love means never doubting anything. It means trusting and being honest with each other,Someone can be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, but when he or she betrays your trust, they become the ugliest person in the world,love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrong doing,it does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres.Love takes many things: trust, hope, wishes, dreams, and everything you've got, even when you know it's not going be enough.Love is not always fireworks and shooting stars; sometimes it's a simple understanding and trust between two people my dear There are many qualities that make relationships good support, compromise, and open and honest communication is just a few of these qualities that you may desire in a relationship. Engage only in relationships where both partners can openly discuss their wants and needs, this can take practice. Remember loving relationships grow and only become better, eliminate those who do not meet your needs when they continually fail to support you, will not compromise, and will not be honest. These three qualities alone will help you nurture and develop a deeper relationship with your partner,open and honest communication is one of the more desirable qualities you want to have in a relationship. Watch to see that your partner is not secretive, nor are they willing to tell lies to avoid certain subjects. For example, if a partner is married, and fails to tell you that, you can rightfully assume if they can lie about big things, they can lie about small things. While you may not like everything your partner may say, freedom to be honest should be there in your relationship. Likewise, you need to be open and honest with your partner; a relationship based upon false truths is not likely to be successful, because both partners do not have the correct frame of reference in the relationship,when engaging in a relationship with another person there is always going to be things that you do not agree upon. You want to have the ability to compromise so both partners are getting their wishes met.

Waiting to hear back from you
Hugs and Kisses

Letter 3

Hello How are you doing Jeff thanks so much for your email, how is your weekend, i just hope you and Eric is having a good time, to answer one of your question i am in Hyderabad,Jeff if you are all what you have said so far about yourself believe me,You are such a gentleman, I also miss having a man in my life, I can say that I truly miss having time to cuddle and caress, kissing, just being with that special man. I like to stay home sometimes because I don't get to do that much. I am very loyal to all who know me, I have never betrayed anyone's confidence, it is a part of who I am. I am think I am intelligent, I am an honor lady.I take committments very seriously, if you want good things from life you have to have goals. My main goal has been to find a loyal, caring, affectionate soulmate. I want to find a soulmate that is caring, kind-hearted, passionate, loving, wonderful, intelligent, passionate about what they do in life as well as their relationship,You are so amazing, I never thought I would find a man who truely is the genuine, kind, loving, loyal, and caring,respect is so important, if you can find all that once in your life you are so very fortunate,I think you are all that and much more, you are truely amazing. You are one of a kind. I would like to get to know more of you, I really like what I know, you are one of a kind. I have not experienced such wonderful conversations with anyone like this. It truely tells a lot about you.

I am so full of love and affection that I have been waiting for such a special man, I have never let my standards down even when I was told they were too high, I just prayed that someday I would find all the wonderful things that I wanted. I don't let people into my life easily, nor do I let them out of it, I am true and loyal.
To be honest I m looking for a partner in life. There is no physical criteria except I must be attracted to them. i realize attraction is more than skin deep though. I m not looking for someone to take care of me but someone to share me with,I am looking for my partner for life. Someone to care for someone to love and share with my hopes my dreams my sorrows. Someone who knows a relationship is a work of art something that you strive together in building and molding it into place. I miss the touch of a man, and sharing affection with a man. you might laugh but I miss every aspect that comes with being that significant other for another I miss talking kissing and laughing with someone. My perception of an ideal , I would like to see near me clever, intelligent, and reliable man. Which would require my emotional heat, capable to like and respect the man.
Would you embrace my heart and soul as you would your own. I don't let people in often, only when I feel that are of character and would not hurt me. I so want someone who would cherish me for all that I am and want to be in life. Everything I give in life is real and from the heart. Your heart would be safe with my heart. I hope to create a happy, cosy, secure marriage with a nice man, I would love to have a loving family in a nice house where everyone feels good to come home to.
I have fully decided to be a role model to my child and my partner kids if he has, loving and caring wife to my husband,I doesn’t want to mess myself with the wrong man.Basically I decided to settle with a nice, good loving and caring man in the State. If I allow you into my heart which is a very special place, can I trust you to hold it or will you throw it back in my face? Will you give it alot of love,kindness and affection, or will you lie and mislead it in all different directions? Would you take care of it as it would take care of you,or would you rip it out and step on it with your shoe?

If I allow you in my heart which is capable of generating warm feellings of love your way, would you hold it tenderly and caress it each and everyday?A heart as bright as the sunshine rays lighting the very corners of you soul, holding you taking your breath away. If I allow you in my heart,through all it's up and downs will you be there holding it to the end, understanding it's emotions not allowing your love to bend? If I allow you in my heart to feel the warmth of your hand will you embrace it with your love,your passions,your plans? If I allow you in my heart will I know your love for it is real,will you cherish it and show it how a real woman feels? If I allow you in my heart will you fill it with all of your womanhood your pasion your fire, the very essense of you...your desire?
To get in my heart it will except no imitation, if you promise to love, cherish,and take care of it, my heart extends to you..I will be waiting to hear from you and let me know what you think about this email honey and am falling for you baby.

With Respect,

Letter 4

Jeff Honestly, there is so much I want to tell you and so many things I want to ask you, I don't know where to start. I am new at this online dating so please understand if I am a little awkward at it. I am writing this message to you not for the fun of it, but because I want you to take some time for yourself and read carefully.Let me start by saying that I thank God since I met you. As you may have known, the fountain of any friendship must spring up in the mind. It is very important for me to express to you how much i respect the way you express yourself to me. I wish I could tell you this in person but since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this.To me, you are first friend and then...... something more greater in the near future..... God willing. To be honest with you, I am really short of words here after chatting with you cos i don't believe you are single, but one thing I do know is that I have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about through chat, mail and I have a heart; a heart that is aching to see that man that was created for me,I would like to use this opportunity to say...I am delighted to have met you.But please don't forget to be what ever you said you are when we meet in person..

To tell you more about me, I am an honest, kindhearted, hardworking woman who does need the support of a loving man. Ideally, l am someone who is confident in what she want and who she is. We all face tough situations in our lives and we sometimes tend to be mislead by it. A lot of times we often tend to give up. In this life, I have chosen to give up numerous times but I am proud to say that I have also chosen to stay strong and be patient all these years..... which has now led to my finding someone who is expressing her heart to me. He who seek happiness; they say, by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts and multiply the grief which he purposes to remove. Your living is determined not so much by what life brings you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. This is the reason I have decided to move on in life in spite of my incalculable loss.

Yes! Distance doesn't permit the action to be seen, rather, words convey the feelings when distance hinders. No matter the distance that separates 2 people that are connected the lord will make a way, so i would like to take my time to know you much better
now, I can assure you that this gap will be bridged as we really get to know each other. As the saying goes: "True Love and Friendship knows no boundaries and no distance; miles and obstacles mean absolutely nothing in the face of friendship" Though miles may lie between us right now, we'll never be apart forever,for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart.

Now that dishonesty and disbelieve seems to be taking over our souls these days, to know there are people like you makes all the problems look smaller. It’s great to be your friend and to be able to look into the future and see a mix of serenity and hope. This fairly recent friendship is something I consider to be sacred already. It makes me have faith again in some simple but fundamental human values which sometimes; for the lack of practice, we swipeunder the carpets of our memories and of our hearts. For me, this new friendship is precious and that’s why I intend to keep it till the end of my days.I believe we can achieve that, because I have faith in you and I have more and more faith in life and in the future. Those who have a friend like you fear nothing. Always bear in mind that my affection and true friendship will be yours forever.I have never express myself to anyone the way i have done to you, please don't take advantage of it i am just an open minded woman with clear mind, don't forget to be what ever you said you are..

Take good care of yourself and do have a lovely day.

Hug and sweet kisses.

Letter 5

Hello it was nice when ever i come across your well written emails, i love the way you always express yourself to me,Your son must be very lucky to have a father who know what it take to make him happy must father don't care,Jeff remember i am pretty new to all this and you are the first person i am ex -changing with and i am scared just cause i don't want to get hurt, as i told you i am looking for a loving caring honest someone, to spend the rest of my life with, someone that know the value of true love, a man with family vision and again i am not in any rush, Cause i am looking for that man that was create for me..

I'm a straight and easy going person with a kind and gentle heart full of love..I love to travel and would love a partner to travel with me. I have been a workaholic in that past but last year I had a change of attitude and decided to live life now. I might live to be a 100 years old or my time could end tomorrow. Rather than wait and miss life I want to take advantage while I have the opportunity in front of me.......My son will tell you that I am a shy person. I can be picky but I really believe that love is out of our control. I cannot create a spark or stop a spark. There is either a connection or not. and they seem great but when we meet there is no chemistry or connection. It is not all about looks especially as we get older but none-the-less there has to be a physical attraction.. A personality can make someone cuter or uglier as you get to know them.. Profiles help but lack personal interaction and feedback that can only come through emails if people are honest and the the true test comes at eventual Trusting each other....

More about me: I’m an outgoing RN,Currently in west India for my 3 months surgical training in other to become the best NP, have been there for 10 weeks still have 6 more weeks to spend dedicated to enjoying son , I think of me as responsible, intelligent, passionate, social and fun, not necessarily in that order. Dinner with friends, movies, dancing, walking, cooking out, listening to diverse music, reading, traveling and sailing are some activities I really enjoy. My ambitions of life at insecure is challenging and rewarding but seeing my son having fun, accomplishing a goal or enjoying dad-time gives me ultimate happiness.

I am honest, dependable, loving, gentle, affectionate and have good friendship. I feel that a MAN like you is God's undeserved gift to WOMAN and she is supposed to be loved, reverenced, protected, respected, and cherished..I like camping,fishing,cycling,biking,movies,golf,all kinds of the indoors too but I'm mostly an outdoorsy, i also like the city life.I take a walk out when the weather's mild,but go to the pool or mostly the beach when it's sunny... I enjoy the outdoors, especially the beach. Walking on the beach at night,waves crashing restlessly, a million stars in the sky, perfect for me. I also like dining out, plays, movies, art......I'm pretty flexible as far as activities. I was very sleepy when you are trying to chat with me on line that is why i did not respond in time, i am sorry u hope to connect with you soon, Have a sweet dreams Angela

Letter 6

Hello Thanks so much or your email, I am very sorry for not responding to your email for days, I have a very busy day for the past 2 days, and I have been unable to check my email, but I will make it up to you I promise you, I love the way you express yourself to me, that means a lot to me, can I tell you I have more than 70 questions for you but I want to chat with you via yahoo messenger so I would be able to ask you instant and get the instant respond I am sweet, thoughtful, kind, and have a great sense of humor. I am very easy going and laid back. I a m a very open woman who know what he want and know how to get it,I’m searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for you, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE!! I am one who strongly believes in respect and that without respect, you can’t experience true love and generate a healthy relationship... I believe in a smaller “wow” when it is first a friendship and then a larger “Wow” later as it evolves into a Beautiful Loving committed relationship... I believe it’s not just what you are like on the outside, but more about what you are like on the inside. I’m seeking friendship first, (no game playing please) with someone who appreciates some of the same temperaments and interests I enjoy. That special someone is a man with integrity, he's compatible with me, having similar beliefs -New Age and is responsible, intelligent, has a sense of humor, positive, is clean and neat in habit and appearance, romantic, passionate about living and loving. I would prefer that someone to show interest and be supportive of my work. I like an adventurous person who likes travel, nature and enjoys being home. He is a man who is at peace with himself. I am hoping to connect with people of like minds to form friendship first and then leave the rest to the Universe...I'm a gentle soul, quiet and certainly not what most people would assume - a social butterfly. Instead I'm the quiet watchful, listener who will provide u with a listening ear after a tough day, and not judge, or assume or tell u what to do. I love nature, and water and feel an especial kinship to just being near water and having water right near my home. I feel the peace of the world in the breeze across the water, the lapping of the waves on the shore, the unassuming nature of water and nature. I am one with nature, and could spend hours just sitting by the beach, river, lake, ocean and stitch, read, listen to music and feel at the end of a day that I've had an incredible day...I don't ask too much of a person, I like somebody who is honest, reliable, tender, likes to show his emotions, likes to communicate in the good or bad times, funny and romantic. I like to have a relation based on love, communication, care for each other and respect each other space, likes, dislikes... I want someone close to me.......I don't like lies, no matter if the situation is bad I prefer to know the truth, I think that when people communicates in a mature way things can be solved...I will send you more picture next time I email you, I would like to chat with you via yahoo messenger if you don't mind, I hope you have a great time Angela

Letter 7

Hello How are you doing Jeff thank you so much for your email, well i always love the way you express yourself to me, that really means s o much to me,Cause you sound like one who know everything he want and know how to get it, you and your son look adorable on that pictures, to answers, the reason why i move to No since past few weeks for my Np Training is cause is cheaper in India,i close down my profile cos i receive a lot of email that gut me scared that was the reason why i other them to close it down for me, right now you are the only person i am talking to I am sweet, thoughtful, kind, and have a great sense of humor. I am very easy going and laid back. I am often told that I am very easy to talk with. I am not an angry person, and I am not interested in someone that is. Having past events shape your life is one thing, carrying the past as a burden that sits heavily upon your shoulders is not the way I view life. I am happy with myself, and my life, and I like to think it shows. I have a wonderful son and you have a adorable son . i think she really look like you.I would do best with someone that isn't extremely uptight, unless of course you are willing to learn to let things go! I love to try new things, and can laugh at myself when I fail miserably. I don't give up easily, and have so many things I've yet to try. Please love to laugh and have fun, what is better than laughing so hard your stomach hurts?!I love traveling, going on unknown adventures, and trying something I thought I never would. I'll try anything once, well, but fun none the less! I take pride in my appearance, but am not high maintenance. I love a nice dinner out, but staying home, having chines food after a day spent working together on a completely dirty, yet fulfilling project, can be so much fun with the right person.

Being honest and open is very important to me and I expect my match to feel the same way. I am not a game player, and I don't have any interest in dating one. I do however, make exceptions for board game lovers.

I am very creative and artistic. I love working on my house and digging in my gardens, I have no problem getting dirt under my nails. I believe in a best friend to spend my life with, and if it takes awhile and I meet new friends along the way, that's a good thing too. Please have an adventurous silly side, although I can be very sophisticated when necessary, life isn't as much fun if you subdue your inner child all the time.Am very romantic person, passionate and emotional, kindhearted and have the fear of God in me as well, i give all i can do to make my man be happy for the rest of his life. I will be 100% honest and sincere to his and i will like him to treat me in the same way with love and respect ..I don't want to be single a.But i know one day i will find my sweetest love ever of which i believe understanding matters a lot and trust is another thing that goes along with a good relationship and friendship..If you can give me your trust, am sure we can be friends and build a beautiful relationship without hurting each other. Although relationship is just like a perfume of which certain amount may delight you but too much of it can turn you off...I want you to be there for me if am not in happy mood to carry me on, i can assure you that in return, you never regret having me in your life and i will make sure you feel loved, cherished and will be the happiest lady on earth..I guess the world is so open now that all the men aren't looking for True Love all they needed is One night Stand and i am not into that kind of game. i am looking for a Long term Relationship..looking for true love someone i will spend all the rest of my life with and you seem to be the one i believe time tell us right. am very easy going person and easy to get along with. I am a very tender earthed woman at all times and I respect the person I am with.I am looking for the elusive soul mate that we are all looking for...One of my questions is can you handle kindness?? And Kindness comes from the heart and most people treat kindness as weakness.So if you are looking for a kind person then you need not to look any further.I am looking for a commitment.No head games please.So if my prince is out there you can come to me.and i also believe Nothing good comes easy except by hard work. I will be looking forward to talk with you tomorrow and i will be waiting to read back from you as soon as you get this email .

Warms Regard

Letter 8

It was really nice to hear back from you and i would love to learn more about you and see where this will lead us too because it seem we both do have a lot in common to offer each other.i like the little way you express yourself on your page,well i know that a lot of men out there, but reading there pages must a looking for one night stand which is not what i am looking for, I have been in USA for the past 10 years,my mother is from Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States where i live now,they are child hold friends,from school, my mommy parents work in american school in Dubai, well they are not my biological parents, i have never meet my real parents

I am a person who looks beyond what may be the obvious. Character is worth more than flashiness. I am a person who appreciates honesty and a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and to enjoy the simple things in life. I would appreciate a person who has a good sense of who he is and a sense of direction about where he wants to be. I can appreciate a man who sees a woman as a friend and a partner.I know that men and women all have an inner child within and that is why I would appreciate days filled with fun and laughter. I respect and adhere to taking care of business in life--family, work, community, etc Yet, I know life involves balance. I look for the good in most situations and choose to look for the good in others. I know that life involves give and take and that what you seek--is that you must be willing to give and demonstrate yourself. I am a romantic at heart. I like to be appreciated and complimented to which I would do the same for that
special someone.

I like discovering new things about the person you meet. I am a person who looks for the possibilities versus what cannot be achieved. life is better going through with a special one instead of just any one. I like poetry I like trying new things. I respect the direct approach-that is saying what you mean and meaning what you say. I believe in smiling-even when things are not going as perfect as you had hoped. A smile can brighten someone's day-I liken smiling--it is one of my trademarks...I feel all is not fair in love and war. That is, I feel you should give someone your best and that you should exercise respect and honesty. I appreciate genuine companionship and soul inspired relationship. You the one in which you can feel the earth move beneath your feet with just one kiss. Or, one in which you spend idle moments just thinking about the other person.


I would like someone that will love and respect me for who I am, that likes to hold my hand and surprise me with a little kiss when I least expect it,or give me a wink from across the room to let me know he's thinking about me or give me a call just to let me know he's thinking about me... Because I will be doing the same..I would love someone who is fun to be around, likes to laugh, joke around, enjoy being outdoors going for long romantic walks, enjoys looking at the stars at night, and watching the sun set and rise over the ocean. I am looking for someone that enjoys the simple things in life, just as I do. I would like to meet someone special that I can grow old with, and that we can always look into each other's eyes and know that the love between us is just as wonderful and exciting as the day we met...I want to love a man for who he is, to spoil him, and love him, and let him know just how much he means to me, by the little things I do or say to make him feel special. While at the same time he treats me in the same way....with love and respect I'm really looking for Someone Honest,Caring,Romantic,Kind,Posses Great Sense of Humor,Understanding,Intelligent,Respectful and Trust Worthy.. I will be looking forward to read more from you so that we can get to know more about each other better.

Have A Nice day

Letter 9

I am really flattered you got my mail address correct and emailed me direct on my personal email address,i like the way you express yourself to me, Well i am also interested in you,.. well let me start by introducing my self to you, my name is Angela, 40 years old|I live in USA, i was born and raise up in the U.A.E, my father is an Arab America while my mother is from STATE , i am a single Mother and i have a Son who is 7 years old, i am also an independent strong woman and can stand on my own two feet but would still love to share my life with a good man but my both parents are from the state, both are late now, and i lost them in my tender age, i was 11 when i lost my both adopted parent in a car accident, i was raised up by my father's investment account ( too much explanation) loll,I like to kiss, hug and cuddle, .I'm an honest, thoughtful, caring, clean, independent, fun, humble Full of energy, I like dancing to the oldies or country music, walking on the beach bla bla bla i hope you understand.,

I am a single mother,i was married for 10 years when i lost my husband he lost his life in Spain where he went to work,he work as pipeline engineer He die by electric shock,and since then i have been a single mother for over 6 years now..It has been a difficult task to find a real man finding love and some one who can be there for you when you want them has always been a very big assignment for me, loosing your first love is not easy to cover i know things will never be the same and i strongly believe with the right man again in my life things will turn around to be good,i almost gave up in searching but a friend told me to take this last step on this site and might get some one interested and I have fate in God and i so much believe in the word that says look ahead of the past and don't let the past to affect your future so with these words i strongly believe i could find some one more interested and most live on with my kid and find that special man who is going to take us serious and not a game player, some one who knows what he want and how to get it, a man that knows family value and a very respecting man.. Right now I'm completely unattached and would be glad if i encounter a man of high caliber, good attitude, self respect and ambition. A man who knows what he wants and know how to get it. he has to be understanding and sincere that way a relationship would be smoother, well i guess i have told you i am out of the state with Jones my little kid because i am currently training to become the best NP the world which i am doing here in India , do not let the distance scared you away because i am almost done with it,i have been here for the over 9 weeks have 5 more weeks to spend and almost ready to return back to the state so don't let that distance between us get you .discouraged well if you re interested in what i wrote here and you still want to move on with me please do write back and tell me what you think.. there are one of our pictures attached to this message.. I love your adorable pic,

My English is a very poor because i was not brought up in the state, i was born and raised up in Dubai, united Arab Emirate, this was where i grow up through out my adult life so don't blame my English because it is not my first language loll, i am really searching for one man, one soul mate who would be ready to fall totally in love with me, i wanna feel love again, and please id you ain't ready to continue a relationship that might end up in a marriage do not write me back, please get back to me and lets see if the chemistry is right for us .. i hope to hear from you again . i am really sorry for the late response i had to make Jones go to bed so i could write this to you and i hope you read and understand my message i am trying to pass.....
thanks you..



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