Letter(s) from Ludmila to Gorjan (Netherlands)

Letter 1

I'm glad that I can respond to you.
Thanks for the photo look great
I want to tell you about myself and about the place where I live. As you already know, I live in Russia, name of my town Zvenigova. My city is located 90 km away from Kazani. The town is small population of about 12 000 people, but I like my city was beautiful and wonderful nature here.
My birthday is 27. 10 .1983. I'm 30 years old. This year is '31. As you can imagine I'm a grown woman. I was her husband, but in the end we got divorced two years ago. I learned that he had another family. Easier said he cheated on me. (
I have no children. Do you have children ???
It was hard to start a new relationship but in the end I decided to look for relationships on the Internet. I studied English
and do not know much Italian and German, has decided to get acquainted with a man from another country.
I hope you all understand what I am writing to you ???? language I studied at university. Although I think that I need more practice.
By profession I am a sales manager. The company sells building materials.
My job is to accept the goods, sell goods, to make a contract for the construction materials.

I am sending you pictures hope to please.
I live alone, I rented an apartment.
I want to get married and raise children. I want to love and be loved.
I want to come home from work, and that I met a loved one.
Go for a walk around the city hand in hand with your loved one.
Goes to bed with a loved one. This is happiness.
For this I am ready to try.
Each be faithful and understanding. If you are really serious about the relationship,
I'll be glad to continue our conversation.
Wait for an answer from you. Liudmila