Romance scam letter(s) from Bianca McDowell to Kevin (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello there how are you .. this is me the one you contacted from the site .. my name is Bianca BTW .. message me when you get this message so we can able to talk more and send pics to each other ok .. i will wait for you .. :) Love -- Bianca
Letter 2
Nice to hear from you..I'm Bianca but you can call me " BIAN " im 26 years old and still single. I love meeting new people... I may seem a bit young but i know i am ready to try new things .. mybe we can meet sometimes .. if you are interested to talk more first .. reply back with your name and age ok ..please send some pics for me so i can see what you look like ok .. :)
Letter 3
i am looking for some good friends and have some fun while im here .. NSA fun or maybe more .. if you want we can meet at Tsui King Lau Restaurant .i am just near at that area .. its easy for me to meet you there first .. so let me know if that place is ok with you and hope you know that place ..
Letter 4

i just want you to know that i am very sexual .. i love oral and anal.i love to suck and im good at it,do you love to be sucked?how big is your cock honey ? my favorite positions are doggy and missionary. How about you ..
Letter 5
By the way please! Don't forget to bring protection when we meet because i'm only here for fun i'm not looking for serious for now but we can talk about that when we meet .. so if you don't mind much better if you can provide protection . :* I'm sure that we will make it memorable and you will not forget that day when we meet :)
Letter 6
i hope that you really serious to meet me cause i am really serious to meet you baby and Im getting interested with you but i need to feel comfortable..I'm very baby .. can i ask you a lil request before we meet and have some fun to each other .. its not that hard so i hope you can able to do it .. :)
Letter 7
This is a simple favor To be honest i need a vote coz I am pursuing a career to become a new model and The one who receives the most votes will be featured on the front page of one of the best magazines in the United States .. hope you can able to help me baby.. after this i will be able to stay here in your place for another month. if that's happened i'd love to spend the time having fun with you. so can you help me ??
Letter 8
are you willing to vote and help me ?? then after this we will meet for real..
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