Scam letter(s) from Lucia Nkaje to Brown (South Africa)

Letter 1
Darling nice to hear from you,
i am much happy that you have been able to get the needed money may the name of God be praise, darling deep inside my heart i love you as Christ love his church and i can never do any thing contrarily to the will of God please i will not like you to have any doubtful heart because i am sure God will never allow us to be put into shame he have been with us and he will always be with us for ever, darling you don't need to visit any embassy for any reason they might demand for percentage from the money and it will be another long process all together please allow God to do his work at this final stage, we have gone beyond embassy intervention for the fact that the bank accepted you as my foreign partner there is nothing to worry about and we also have a lawyer who is behind us we dont have any thing to do with any embassy,
Yours for ever in love blessing.
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