Letter(s) from Comfort Owiredu to John (Australia)

Letter 1

Honey...I was In the House today when i had a call from the Ghana Tel com...Told me to come Over to the Office....So i went there and What They told me was all about My Internet Bill...But Very Curious....But what they told me was That i have a Payment for 3Months Internet Bill and My Bill come within Every 3Months..But what they told me was if am not able to Pay it with the next2 Business days...I will be Disconnected...Honey...Scared and i don't know what to do Now...and it will Pain and feel so bad and Terrible That I will be Disconnected...Honey...As at Now i don't work Now and Just schooling and i use the Internet too for school research...i will Lose you and Lose something Big..That is what i feel In you In you...Honey...so what do you Think about This, My Dear, please I wish you will be able to help me so i can make this payment so i will have the access of the internet to be with you, chat, laugh , play, make fun and a lot with you,, don't want to loose you when am disconnected if i don't pay,, please is not my intention to ask, but what i feel in you and want to be with you all the time... I will be so happy , and appreciate you very much if you help me, so we will be able to connect here always and all the time..