Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Maksimenko to Michael (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, Michael! My name is Katya. I'm glad to meet you. So as promised I send you my photos and hope that you'll be glad to have a look at them. Hope to get to know you better. I'm really interested in you. If you wish to continue our communication so I'm waiting for your answer to me with impatience. Promise that you send me your photos:) Katya ; )
Letter 2
Hello,Michael! This is so nice that you have found a free minute to write to me and to have a communication. This is the modern way how we can stay in touch with you and I’m glad about this, this makes me so excited and so eager to get to learn more about you and your life. Cute photos) I’m serious about communication and development of relations. I wish to find the beloved man, who’ll treat me just as I’m, with all my likes in life, all my thoughts and ideas, just as I’m. When you feel lonely, this isn’t good for your life and you long for the tender and loving feelings in your heart, just you long for changes in your life.
Being in the harmony with yourself is good, but it’s more important to have honest and loving relations with your partner. And the ability of the couple to find the solutions to different life situations together is so important for true feelings. Hope that you have the same opinion about this. Relations can’t be built easily, but they can be broken in one minute. As for my life. I’m 29 years old. Just my height is approximately 169 cm and my weight is about 56 kg. I live in Dnepropetrovsk, just a nice and so interesting town. I'm the only child in my family. I think that you are much interested to know about what I do in life, just what profession I have) So now you are going to be so much surprised I’m a dance teacher :) I have been thinking about this job since my childhood and this was my great wish to teach small children in dancing and how they are getting the progress and how you are so involved in this with all your heart:) Have a good day and I'm waiting for your answer to me.
Letter 3
Hello,Michael! It's a pleasure for me to get your letter today. You know I'm getting used to communication with you and it pleases me so much. How are you doing today? How is your day and what about your mood? Hope you are having a nice day and are in high spirits. I wasn't successful in relations and I was always on the second place after work and friends.
I don't think that this is a good development of relations. Hope you agree with me in this. And I want to share with you that I have close relations in my family.
I love my mother and father much. They are such a good couple together and they are really the example of love for me. I think that you want to know a bit more about my interests. Here they are.. I like watching movies – adventures, comedies, documentaries, where the attention during all the time.As for music,I like romantic,calm music.I think that it is in my nature to be sensitive and romantic. These lyrical songs are always about the feelings and emotions. So, perhaps, that is why they appeal to me so much. In fact, I am very universal as for musical repertory. I have to admit that my greatest passion is swimming. I feel such freedom when I am in the water. Just such a cool feeling.I even don't know how to explain this with words. Sometimes I play billiards with my friends. If I had the chance to play with you, I would definitely win!!!Oh, I am very competitive girl :))) Also I like dancing. You know, somehow I imagined us sitting in the cozy cafe and you offering me to have a dance. Oh, I think it would be really great. I have an artistic nature and I even tried to paint. Maybe I wasn't good in this, but I can say that it's my hobby sometimes. I go to the park and if I see something interesting, for example the couple walking together or some places, I take a pencil and begin to draw:)
Don't laugh at me:) Maybe you also have something like this?:) I'm curious about this-:) And I adore cooking. My passion is to invent something unusual and treat my friends and relatives with my inventions. Be sure, nobody was poisoned, I swear!!! Maybe one day I'll cook for you something special... By the way, my best dish is a sandwich with cheese)) Oh, I'm joking of course)) As for my habits, I don't smoke, drink socially, I have never taken drugs.I don't understand people who feel a wish every day to use something to be happy. By the way, do you want to get to know something about my bad sides? Oh, I do not have them as I'm perfect))
I'm joking, of course. I must say that I have some features that I want to change, for example, I'm too talkative. I think that you have already noticed that, am I right? Do you want to change something in your character? I'm eager to know about this, if this isn't a secret)) Oh, you are maybe sleeping right now. Wake up)) I'm finishing my letter!!! Please, write to me when you have free time. I will impatiently wait for your response. A good day to you!
Letter 4

Hello,Michael! It's great to get a letter from you again. I mean that you think of me and you want to hear from me again.Sweet photo! Of course I would like to meet in person and hope that you say me some ideas about this. How are you? What about the weather in your country? I like sunny weather and when the sky is blue, when small clouds are flying slowly.
This brings me a nice feeling inside, I become calm. Thank you for taking time and sharing your life with me. Just I hope that you'll be so pleased to look at us with my mother and you can have a view on my family. I send you the photo where we are together, I hope that you are so curious about this)) Hope you are in a good spirit to read my letter and to tell me what you have in your life and how the things are going. My day was a bit difficult as I had many classes. But I always like to spend my days in the class and how I learn the new kinds of dancing and my pupils have the talent for this. I'm really so happy and touched with this. I was thinking about us and that I found bravery to write you first and to start the correspondence. And you from your side made the second step and now we have communication with each other and we don't feel alone in life. I even couldn't imagine that people can be so shy when it's a matter of their life and of their relations. Every person is a builder of his own happiness and if to loose a chance of meeting your beloved one, you'll be sorry about this the whole life and you'll be always alone.But maybe you have the other point of view on this matter.I'm interested in your thoughts on what I've told you. Oh, just have almost forgotten to ask you:)Do you have some special dream which is in your heart and despite all what is going in your life, you think about this and try to make everything possible to realize it? As for me, I have the one. This dream is about strong and happy relations with a person with whom I can share all my life, my sorrows and happy moments and just come home after work, put my head on his shoulder and feel that I'm not alone.Just to be with him, simple, just as I'm.Even when I was alone,I never gave up and always was thinking about this.I'm not the person who, facing some life situation, will sit still and accept everything as it is.And what about you? It seems to me that you are also not such a person, am I right? So, I think that it's time to finish my letter, as I don't want to get you bored with my letter. I have to go now. But I hope to read your wonderful letter soon. Take care of yourself! Wish you a good day!
Letter 5
Hello,Michael! How has your day passed? How are you doing? You can’t imagine my joy when I saw your letter in my box. But don’t smile, I was simply so excited to read how your things are going. My phone number +380985869341. I have something to tell you))I had such an interesting day)I had a free day, so I called my friends. My dear girls were so glad to hear me, because we hadn’t met for a long time, I was very busy at my work.
It was wonderful. At first we went to the toy shop, because my friend’s sister had born a daughter, and we bought her a really big teddy-bear. I didn't expect from myself, but I thought about my own children. And I can’t describe you the feeling that appeared in my soul. It was unforgettable.It was some magic feeling. Were there times when you felt something like this? And in the evening there was a party at grandparent's house.They had the anniversary of their wedding. It was so nice there. I saw a pair dancing in the middle of the hall, they were kissing and hugging each other so tenderly. I imagined myself on their place. I understand now that you are the one who understands me and I feel native soul in you. Later we went home through the park, and the mood was so-so, because the day was over. And the hard working days are coming. But there is one thing that keeps my mood high – your letters, and you:)) So, I’ve spend my day. And what can you tell me? What interesting has happened in your life?
I’m interested in everything. Waiting for your answer. Wish you a great day. Take care! And hope that you'll have the time to answer me. I want to tell you about one more thing. I do hope that my not knowing of English language will not prevent you from continuation of our relations and staying in touch with each other. I do hope for this.
I'm open and honest with you. Hope that you realize this and how I treat you.
Letter 6
Hello,Michael! I just hope that your days are going all right and you are doing good.
How are you today? And what about your mood? Hope that you are in a nice spirit. I'm glad that you have the time to share with me your thoughts. This is so important for me. Hope you have good visiting of your daughter. I don't know English at all. Sorry! And at the moment the phone system is working bad due to war. My number +380985869341. Just I want to share with you that our communication is of great importance and hope that for you also. I'm open to you and just how we are developing together. I think that we can be the good match in life. And we are getting closer with you when we tell about our lives and just some views on relations. I have a good feeling about you and trust. I think that this is really the most important. I had a bit busy day at work and feel tired. Just I had to practise the new kind of material. You know that I devote myself to work and how this is so important for me. Just I'm so sorry, but at the moment I can't afford the translation cost. You know that I use the services of the translation agency and there I pay 5$ per a letter to you. I don't want to loose our communication and just now when I have found you, I don't want to be alone again. I'll be grateful if you can help me with this matter.
This is so serious for us and just I rely on you in this. Our communication is the part of my life and hope that it's the same for you. My heart is completely open for you and just you always brighten my days when I get the note from you, so that I feel you so close to me and to my heart! You are like the ray of sun for my days and hope that you imagine how I feel at the moment. I think that I have hardly on my account for the next letter to you. This is making such pain for me. Take care and be all right. I'm caring a lot about you. I know that I sound so sad and just I do hope for you in this matter. Waiting for your letter and hope that you have just a minute to think about me.
Letter 7
Dear Sir, We are entitled to inform you that our client Katya have not the opportunity to use the services of our agency because of her empty account. That's why we can't fulfill the translate services any more.
We were sorry to disappoint her, but our services are equal for any client. Miss Katya will be able to have your letter translated and write her reply to you as soon as her account is positive. We hope that you can help Miss Katya with the translation account and then she'll be able to continue the correspondence with you. Sir, your Lady Katya is waiting for the answer to her.
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