Letter(s) from Audrey Thomas to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

It's Audrey from the dating site, just checking if I got the right email...

Letter 2

How are you doing? Thanks for the message. I hope you are really having a nice time.. I'm new at this online dating cuz I was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person am meeting online..I think I'd take this chance to tell you a little about myself. I am Audrey Thomas, 5ft 8" tall, hazel eyes blah blah blah. I am single with no kids and currently seeking a relationship, but not rushing myself. I quite have a diverse background, My dad is Australian and mom is American. I'm presently working with UNICEF, that's a bit for now. I will tell u more when i get your reply. Tell me more about you too. What do you want from a woman? Hope to hear from you soon


Letter 3

Good to read back from you, how are you? Nice learning so much about you and knowing what you want. You seem like a simple and decent guy, I look forward to meeting you. Where do you live? Well presently I'm with the UNICEF team on a mission to countries in west africa and we are returning next week. I hope this is a enough time for us to know each other better and see if we can work. I will be taking my time to talk with you over here. Things are going well for us out here and I hope we can meet up then when i get back. I enjoy going to pool, watching sports (football often), movies, dancing mostly salsa, playing video games, reading magazine and novel. I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and wouldn't allow the past to ruin me again, I believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience I had.

I believe inside looks would determine if couples are compatible, though attraction is part of it but the most important thing that does it all is personality traits. I am seeking a man that is caring, understanding, faithful, honest, trustworthy, patient, supportive, calm, responsible and intelligent. I don't know what you still like to know but I'd be glad if you ask.... Your turn? TTYS..Take care of yourself and be safe.


Letter 4

work as a caregiver with Unicef. Writing back to you makes me miss home even though I am enjoying myself here, the people here are so lovely. It feels bad to know that they need so much help. At the moment, you are the only person I am writing to back home. I have just one friend I tell things about me but she has a lot of friends. Her friends are not my friends, of course we hang out but we don't talk much afterwards. My dad is dead and mum left me me after dad's death and got married to another man in Mexico which I don't get to see her again. I was raised by my aunt who is now caught up in drugs and alcohol, i really love her and it pains me that she chose to live that way. I see this charity work as a way of relaxing and doing to others what I was supposed to do with my Aunt when I was more younger. I just had to tell you about my personal life because i will like to know what you have been through in life too. I believe human beings are what they have experienced, the past presents the future. But anyway I'll not and I'll never allow that to pull me down or back in life. I just have to be strong and move on in my life..I pray the Lord guides and protect me and lead me through the right path.
This is my first time ever in Africa. I was introduced to online dating and this site by a friend out here in the camp. You seem to be a very nice person and I hope you will not hurt me. I want to be your best friend and I also need your advice in life and your support as well to achieve my goals and I don't want to be hurt any more.

I care,