Scam letter(s) from Inna Kurochka to Ximilien (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello dear Ximilien! Thanks for message) Glad you're also interested. I want us to become closer and to learn each other. You may always ask me questions. I am open person, frankness is my priority. And it's foundation for relationship to my mind. I live in Ukraine, though, I think you remember this)) I am 28. I am nanny in the kindergarten. And, yes, I enjoy my job because I adore children. I learn sincerity and ability to be happy every day from them. I think that it's one of the reasons why I am so open and positive girl. When you know me better, Ximilien, you'll that it is absolutely
true)) My friends envy my optimism and ask to share a bit with
them) I am 28, but I never been married officially, though I was in long- term relationship. We split up, as you may understand. So, now I am single. Though I met you, and hope that soon my loneliness will
end)) I live alone. Unfortunately I do not have any family. I rent a room. It's not big, but nice and very bright. I am tidy neat person and always take care of things good. If we are together with you, Ximilien, I will always take good care of you too)) I will be good wife, and I dream about this. I can do all :) I can be chef-cook in the kitchen, lady in the restaurant and tigress in
bedroom)) Be sure, Ximilien, you will be happy with me) Please, ask me anything, I will certainly answer, ok? I have nothing to hide, I am open and sincere woman. And I sincerely send you warm kiss! It is cold here today, but my kiss is
hot) I will wait for your letter,much tenderness from me) Inna
Letter 2
hello Ximilien. Do you remember me? It is Inna. We met about month ago, but then lost contact. I would like us to continue. I send you my photo to remind you who I am. Waiting for your answer. Inna
Letter 3
hello Ximilien. I am very glad that you remember me, thank you that you answered.
I am very serious woman and I am serious about relations. My goal is to meet good man and create family with him. That was the reason why we met on dating site. I live in Ukraine, the region of city Donetsk. My town is not large. I am nurse in kinder garden. What can be better than smile of a child?
I love kids, they are little angels. I want to meet good man and build relations with him. My heart is open for love. I hope that somebody will open the door of it and will come inside. I am very active person. I like attending gym. In spare time I go to the swimming pool. Sometimes I go to the cinema with friends, or I simply like to sit with a nice book and relax after long day at work. Do you like sport?
What are things that you dream about? I live alone. I feel lonely in empty flat. Every night when I go to bed I dream about having somebody to lay on his shoulder and to wish him good night. I am rather emotional person by my character, but I am very easygoing and light. I am open minded, kind, not aggressive and absolutely none conflict. My friends know me for many years and they never heard me shouting. It's because i have good character :) My goal is to find my beloved man. Are you this special person Ximilien? I will wait for your answer. Inna
Letter 4

hello dear Ximilien. You are not hard, but I'm glad that you are direct. I prefer honesty and to say what i think. Good that you feel the same way. I know about scams. I know about stealing photos. Actually these women worked good and did much to spoil reputation of Ukrainian girls.
So, I understand. My telephone number is +38-095-313-39-64 Skype is now blocked here due to the political situation. They can't block the whole Internet, but did cut at least some information connecting for us. I don't mind to meet you in Kiev, Ximilien, though situation is not so good and not very stable there too. There are fights in Kiev as well, and we never know what will be there tomorrow. I don't think that Ukraine is safe place for foreigners now. Crazy nationalists can be not friendly.
Anyway, if you're ready to take a risk and come here, we can try, Ximilien. I am serious woman. And hope that you are serious man. Waiting for your answer. Inna
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Ximilien You know what? You make me so much happy with every your call. If you saw my face after I put the received and while talking to you, you'd see smiling girl with a face like Cheshire cat)) Ximilien, I send you some photos. The boy on the photos is my godson Sasha.
I told you that I met with my friend and her son. This is him, he is
3 years old,so cute boy. And the other picture is of me making breakfast. Hope that I'll make pancakes for you. Do you like them in the morning? You know, we've been talking for only couple of days, but it seems to me that I've been knowing you for months already. We have so much in common. You think the same way as I do. Sometimes it is difficult for me to express my thoughts quickly. I must think about how to say this or that in English. But I hear what you say and think "Oh, he's telling right what I thought". Yes, Ximilien, I am not joking. I do not have much practice speaking English here in Ukraine, besides, kids at my work are not polyglots)) I work in the kindergarten, i think I told you. Ximilien, I understand that for you I am only a woman from the letter and from photo, and you can't be 100 per cent sure in a girl from the other side of the screen and telephone, so of course my words "Don't worry, I am honest" won't change the situation much. Nevertheless I want to say that i am not going to use your kindness for bad purposes. I am also very kind, Ximilien, and I can also say that at times I am too kind. My friends say that I should become less trustful and more suspicious. But I don't want this. It's against my nature. I don't want to lose faith in people, in good, as you said, I do not want to become cynical. I saw such people, and I don't like this.. Ximilien, you're lucky to have big family. It's my dream to be part of family. I told you that my parents separated when I was 5. My mother left me and Dad for another man. He was against any kids not from him, so my mother left me with my father and crossed out us of her life.
Dad died when I was 14. My mother didn't accept me,so I spent two years in the orphan's home. At 16 I graduated from it, and since that time I lived my own life. I don't complain, no. All those events from the past made me be a person I am now, and I consider myself to be a good person. I am not lazy because I used to work and earn my life. I am not aggressive because somehow my father could protect me from growing negative feeling inside my heart. I am not even offended at my mother, I let her live as she wants. This is her life and her choice. I am absolutely positive and open person. I liked how you described your place, Ximilien. I would like to live there. I come from the country side, from a little village. I had to leave it because there are only old people left, no work, nothing to do and even the last school closed this year because there were not children. But I dream to live in such calm place far from the smog and chaos of big city. I have small dream.. I dream to learn how to ride a horse. Is it possible to do somewhere in Norway? ) I read what you said about the place you live in and about how safe it is. You know, it seems to me that you live not in the country, but in some parallel reality or in paradise. There is nothing like this here. If you leave the car unlocked for at least five minutes while you drop to the supermarket to buy water, you won't find radio recorder and everything that is possible to steal in the car. And if you leave the car with the keys in the ignition or let the engine running, you won't find your car when you return. If you don't lock the door of the house here at night, they will steal everything from your house, including the dog or maybe even you ))) So, yes, it seems to me that you live in a paradise, Ximilien ))) Ximilien, I was in the travel agency and found out some information. Due to the current political situation the conditions of making visa changed a little bit. Good thing is that now it became easier to get visa to Europe, so it won't be a problem to get Schengen visa for Spain. The best, safest and fastest way is to buy a travel tour. In such case I won't have to go to Kiev and bring my documents to the Embassy which economizes money and time.
It's good because Kiev is not so welcoming for people from east now.
Besides, the travel agency gives the guarantee that visa will be open.
If there are any problems with the visa, they return money for the tour. By the way, the visa will be valid for six months. The whole tour cost 1540 euros, it is with hotel booking. And without hotel the whole tour costs 714 euros. I have 250 euros of my savings. I will pay 170 tomorrow for the passport. So, I will have 70 euros left yet. Ximilien, I will send you this letter now and go to sleep. My eyes are closing already, and tomorrow is the whole day with kids who have none-stop energy inside. Sometimes I think that parents connect their kids to the power outlet, so they are charging during the night and then can run and jump all day without stopping )) My working day ends at 5 p.m. Kiev time. I won't be able to talk on the phone during the working hours. Kids demand to keep an eye on them every minute.
I am not allowed to use private phone when I'm with them. Kisses for you. Meet you in my dreams))
Letter 6
Hello my dearest Ximilien Good morning:) Your letters always make my day brighter. After our talk last night I fell asleep with a smile on my face :)) It's early morning here, the streets are empty yet because people only start waking up. I always get up so early and go jogging. Then I have a cup of tea or coffee, breakfast and go to work. I wanted to write you this short mail and say that i am thinking about you all the time. I must prepare for work now, but as soon, as I am back, i will write you a letter. I do not forget about you even for a moment, Ximilien. You are with me every day since we have met. You became special man for me. I wish you nice morning and bright sunny day, Ximilien. Kisses.
Letter 7
Hello my dearest XimilienX, How are you? It's always so happy to hear your voice. I go to bed with a wide smile on my face. I think that one day I won't come through the doorway because of my smile ))) You know, Ximilien, I am also not so much social person. I have certain circle of friends. We are not big loud company. Most of my friends have their families and children already. We meet from time to time for a cup of tea or coffee, to discuss our days or go to the cinema. For the last month our lives changed a lot due to all the events here on the east. We see each other very seldom. We live in different parts of the town, actually on suburbs, and we try not to go anywhere to the center and not to leave our parts of the town. Everything has changed here during the last months. Those things that we important before because senseless now.
People think about how to survive, no one thinks about clothes or repair, or anything like this. Only how to survive. Many people don't receive salaries for months already. I was getting my salary regularly, but last month the government hasn't allocated the money for our area. They consider the east to be a sliced loaf already. Tomorrow we'll have, so called, referendum here. These are strange elections because they are not controlled by anyone. Nobody even knows how many voting papers were printed. People are afraid of provocations. Ok, enough about this. This is me who's living in all this. Perhaps it's not interesting for you. You know, Ximilien, more and more often I am thinking about how it will be for us when we meet for the first time. You became so close to me. I do feel that we've been knowing each other for many months. Often when we talk on the telephone I imagine what you're doing at this moment..
whether you are sitting on the sofa or in the armchair, maybe you are in front of your computer.. well, I think yet, if you call me through skype.
Or maybe you are drinking tea. When I talk to you I make tea for me sometimes. I imagine that we went out somewhere for a cup of tea and talk)) What tea do you drink, by the way? I like green tea with milk and no any sugar. Did I tell you that I do not eat sugar? Never. I never liked it.
When I was little baby and was drinking milk from the bottle, when Dad added sugar there, I refused to drink it. Really, I never drank tea or coffee with sugar. I eat chocolate rarely. I don't like bananas because they are too sweet. But I adore meat )) And, yes, Ximilien, I also do not like pork. But I like beat and chicken. Beat is better of course, but chicken is cheaper. About our meeting in Spain. Yes, we can think about different options.
But I was thinking about Spain because in such case I'll have the visa for 6 months, and I can go to you with this visa as well. Besides, if I have already one visa and use it in a right way, later it will be a big plus for me when getting visa for permanent stay. You know that our women are not very expected in European Union. Many of them stay illegally. The guarantee of my return here for European government is flat here in Ukraine, good well-paid job, children, old parents, husband, a car or big deposit in the bank. I have nothing of this. So, I won't cope without help of travel agency. They are the guarantee of my return back when they sell me a tour. In such case the visa will not be rejected. But if something goes wrong with the visa, they will return the money which is also good. Well, this is just my though and my idea. I'm running home now)) You already called me, Ximilien. I was very slow to write you. But hope that I did not forget to say anything I wanted.
Anyway, if I did, I'll tell you on the telephone )) Many kisses for you, my dear) Can't wait to give all of them to you in person.
Oh, and yeah, I'm often thinking about you and me in the same room of a hotel..... ))) Your Inna
Letter 8
Hello my dearest charming Ximilien, What i want to say at the beginning of my letter that I was smiling all the time while reading it. And since I've met you, I do it much more often. And guess who became the reason of me becoming a bit happier? Actually, not little, but much happier ))) You also bring me to the sky, Ximilien, and I like calling you dearest because during this time you became really very very dear to me. And I like this feeling. At first I was not sure that I could have relationship with a man from another country. But my friend convinced me to try. I was afraid about cultural difference, but the more we talked to you, the more I realized that there was no this gap. I told you about that. If to be honest, I was a bit surprised that we have so similar views on many things. But you explained me :=) You are not typical Norwegian. And this is good for me, this is my big luck )) I like what you describe me about your life there and like what you describe about your house. Ximilien, this is what I really wanted. It was my dream to live in a countryside far from big city chaos. To have house, to make it comfortable. It is something special when we need to make fireplace and heat the house. I will try to help you in everything, Ximilien. I am not lazy and I am not afraid of any conditions of life. It will be good to make everything together. This what means family. Yes, you are right, it's funny and strange, and maybe even a little bit weird that we speak about family and future together even before we saw each other in reality. But for me it's something natural. It's something that is coming from my heart, i feel this way. Ximilien, this is my personal information:
My birthday is May, 11, 1985
My full name is Inna Kurochka
My address is: Ukraine, Gorlovka, Dubinina street, 11/14, 84607 I was at my friend's place the day before yesterday, she had birthday and we celebrated it a bit. Nothing special, just small girlish party, there were five of us. We all stayed at her place because there is a curfew here, and we're not allowed to be outdoors after 10 p.m. No buses or cars, no even taxi. So, we all stayed at her place and in the morning everyone hurried to work) That was nice evening. I don't know when we gathered together for the last time. We could relax a bit after all these worries every day, and we didn't say a word about politics during the whole evening. That was taboo )) I told my friends about you and that we're going to meet. They said that they won't try to acquaint me with anybody any more )) But seriously speaking, they are very happy for us. At last I've met good man. You know, I often think about our future. In my mind I even have a picture of your house. I know, it's silly, but I can't help dreaming about how it will be. I imagine our first meeting at the airport. I am sure that we will like each other in real meeting even more than on the telephone. I am very easygoing person and i take things easier with sense of humor often. Life is too short to take everything too serious and too hard. I wish you good morning, dearest Ximilien. I hope my letter will make your day a bit brighter.
Kisses for you.
Your Ukrainian girlfriend Inna
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