Romance scam letter(s) from Olga to Willem (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Willem.
I am very glad that you responded to my letter. It's really nice to know that our goals in life are similar, and we already have little in common. Forgive me for not writing to you at the weekend. But I can not write to you at the weekend, because my internet cafe is closed on weekends. I already told you that I do not have my computer and I have to depend on an internet cafe. After reading your letter, it seemed to me that you are an interesting person. But you need more open, not afraid of anything. When I write you a letter, then open my soul. I never cheat. I write only what is really happening in my life. I do not want to hide anything, and try to please you "force". I want to remain itself, and try to build your future with a man who will respect and appreciate me. Talk about love yet. I believe that the word "love" - a very valuable word. And I say the word "love you" only when I am completely confident in the man, and when you really will be real feelings! And now I have a few questions for you, I want to hear the answer (honest answer). I hope you will not be hard to give me answers.
1. On how serious your intentions to build a relationship with me?
2. Can you come to Russia to meet with me? I would be very interested to hear the answers to these questions. I do not think people should be absolutely similar to each other and with the same interests. I believe that everyone should complement each other. Such a relationship, I think - ideal. Since these relationships are interesting and durable. Namely, such a relationship, and I want to build!
A little about yourself:
I think you will be interested to know some stuff. My name is Olga. I was born on August 20, 1983. I have no brothers and sisters. I am alone in the family. I was born in his hometown Pavlovo. It's a small town, but I love it. I'll tell you about the city in the next letter.
Until now, I live in the city. My height is 168 cm and weight 52 kg. I have hazel eye color. According to the sign I . I have many hobbies. I love to play sports. My hobby is photography. Only at the moment my photo camera is broken and I can not do his favorite thing.
I love listening to music and watching movies. I am a versatile person and I like many kind of music, but most of all I love the "pop". My favorite movie and "Twilight." I think he appeals to many.
What do you love? As I said I do not have my computer and to write you a letter, I have to go to an internet cafe. I'd like to talk to you by phone or via Skype. But, unfortunately, it is impossible for me at the moment. I have no phone. I stole it at work. As you know I work in a kindergarten. Per day to my job comes a lot of different people. It is unfortunate that not all people are decent. And since I'm writing to you from an internet cafe, I can not speak to you via Skype. I can not install their software on someone else's computer. I hope you understand me. Currently writing letters, this is the only way to communicate.
Now I want to tell you how my day goes. My day begins with the fact that I get up at 0600 hours on the morning jog. I am running in a circle of our park, which is located not far from my house. I believe that it is very important for health. And health - this is very important because I'm a girl, and I will need to have a baby. I want my child to be healthy and the most beautiful baby in the world. I think this dream every girl that is going to give birth! And for that, I do sports, to maintain health. After a morning jog I take a shower, eat breakfast, going to work! My working day begins at 07.00 hours and ends at 17.00. I love my job. Every day I go to work in a heartbeat.
After work, I go home, take a shower, eat dinner. The rest of the time I do helpful stay. Tuesday and Friday - the days in which I go to the gym (I do gymnastics). My day off Saturday and Sunday. On this day, I usually meet with my friends and we go to the theater or the movies, or just walk along our wonderful park of culture and recreation. You probably think that I have a wonderful life that already has everything? But it is not so! All my friends already have the second half, which they love, and I do not. But now I have a friend who is very far from me - it's YOU! And I want each letter more and learn more about you! I am very energetic girl with a good sense of humor.
But inside, I am filled with tenderness I'll ever be able to give your loved one. I want to love and be loved! I create a happy family and have children. My relationship to you are very serious and I am ready to do anything for you if you'll meet me in return. Write me more about myself, I really want to know you better. Ask me questions that you want to know. I am happy to answer them. If all of a sudden I did not answer your questions, then I beg you not to think bad about me.
Perhaps I did not quite understand what you mean because of the language. At this point I will finish my letter, and I will look forward to a response! I ask you not to lose me, if I can not write to you every day. I now have just a lot of work.
Olga ...
Letter 2
Hello my favorite Willem.
How are you doing? I hope all is well. As always, I apologize for the delay of my letter. Today I will write a short letter, because I am writing to you in a lunch break from my work. I have 45 minutes, I want to tell you only the good news. First, I love you, I feel it, I can not explain it, I do not even met you. But it's true. I LOVE YOU ALL MY HEART! You will soon see for yourself. Secondly, I wish to inform you that my passport is ready, it will remain at the agency until I make visa. The agency told me that left very little time before I got a "working" visa. This news greatly pleased me. Since becoming less time before we'll be together. Once I make a visa, will I be told about it. I will need to go to Moscow to get to the interview, which will decide the issue - to give me a visa or not. The agency told me not to worry. I will be given a visa without any problems. I thought about it and offer you the following - after obtaining a visa, I will not go back home. I want to stay in Moscow, concert tickets, and the earliest flight to fly to you! What do you think about this???? I hope you are as happy as I am???? Today cold weather. On the street the sun is shining, but the wind north and on the street for a long time can not be in light clothing, but to me it does not matter, because soon I'll be in your warm embrace. We will enjoy with you every moment of our lives. We will walk together, hold each other's hands. I'll cook for you dinner on the table will stand candles. After dinner, we will do not forget the night. I can dream about it for a long time, but I got to go to work. I love you and hope you are not offended that I sometimes do not have time to answer all your questions. Soon I arrive to you and we will have much more time to get to know each other. I think it's better to meet once than to write many letters for a long time. The only way we can know exactly about their feelings. I'm waiting for a letter from you. I send you a million most tender kisses!
P.S. I love you Willem! In this letter I want to give you my home address because I want to be more open to you. I was told that it is better not to give information on the Internet. But I trust you and I have nothing to hide from you. I would love to give you their phone number, but as I said I do not have. I thought to buy myself a new phone, but it is very expensive for me. Now I have to come, a lot of expenses, so that I could come to you. I hope you understand me.
Your Olga ... Country: Russia
City: Pavlovo
Street: Transportnaya
House: 2
Apartment: 11
Code: 606103
Letter 3
Hello my favorite Willem.
I'm so happy that finally I can write you a letter. Each of your letter to me, like a breath of fresh air. People can not live without air just like I can not live without you! I'm all right. How is your mood? I hope that you looked forward to the moment when our hearts are connected. I think about that day when we'll be together every minute.
It adds energy to me, and I wanted to do everything as quickly as possible! I love you with all my heart!! I badly want to start a new life with you. In which will be only love, understanding and respect.
I'm really looking forward to the moment when I can see you. I very much love you Willem! And I feel, and I know that there was not enough time before I will be in your warm embrace. This will be the most beautiful in my life. I thought and dreamed all happen. I have many dreams, when we spend time together, and it would be perfect!
Today I went to the agency and learned about my documents. Agency managers said already a few days later, I got to go to Moscow to receive the visa. When I heard the news, I was very pleased. I began to go from tears of happiness. Every minute of the day when we can be together approaches, and it is very much like me. I was told that in Moscow I have to pass an interview at the embassy, which determine possible or impossible to give me a visa. I can get a visa from 3 months to 1 year. I do not know what kind of visa I can get. I am very much worried about this. But I think that all will be well. And the manager of the agency said that it is only a formality. I will ask some questions that I must answer. In the end they will check questionnaire, and if all is well, then I will be given a visa. And it means that we are one step closer to each other! After I approve the visa, I will buy the tickets to you. All this - is close. It was a few days before we will be together. I am very happy. I did not think that the documents would go so fast. The agency explained to me that it works in a straight line from the embassy in Moscow. And all the documents are very fast. I myself also paid extra money to make my documents become faster. This - very good for us and you as I would very much like to see each other as soon as possible! When I arrive to you, I will be the happiest woman in the world, the fact that I have to be close to her beloved Willem, I am very much in love with you!!! You're in another country, but I feel that you, my other half and I have to be close to you until the end of our lives. I felt it as soon as we met. At me as if something turned over. Even then I thought you were my other half. But first impressions can be tricked. But in your case it turns out not to be true. You really have been that man, whom I have great pleasure I give all my love and affection! I'm really glad I found you. As soon as I get off the plane and see you, I'll throw myself to you at the meeting and will hug and kiss you. I'm sure it will be very passionate kiss and he will remain in our memory forever, because it will be our first kiss. Then we'll go to your house so I could relax a bit from the road. And after dinner, we will be able to make love to you. I'll kiss your body. I'll give you all my affection, which so long kept in me. I can dream for a long time about our first meeting, but it was time to go. I will finish my letter. I love you! I'll wait for your letter! I always think of you!
100000000000000000 kisses.
With love, Olga ...
Letter 4

Hello my favorite Willem.
I am extremely pleased to read your letter. With each passing day, I'm thinking more and more about our meeting, about the moment when we become amorous couple in reality. All these emails - it is certainly good, they really brought us closer together, we very well know each other. But they would not be without a real meeting, which will connect our hearts are filled with our love for each other. I love you very much, I am ready to repeat it every second. Every day I live with the thought of you, dreams of our first meeting, and our future life.
This complements me. Since I can not live without you! My parents pass on to you a huge hello. They are also happy for me that I found the man of her life, and her dreams. I've been talking to them about you, they are happy as I am, I'm in love. I talked to my friends about you, and they are also very happy even a little jealous of me. But it's not a bad envy! They are really happy for me a pure heart. I talked to my parents that maybe I'll go forever, and we may not see each other for a very long time. They understand and bless me! I will miss them, but we can communicate through e-mail. It pleases me. And someday, through many years, you and I will be traveling to Russia, to enable you to meet my parents, and I will introduce my friends to you. What do you think about this??? It's summer. Warm outside and the hot sun is shining. I love summer. I love when the sun shines. I love when it's warm, I love the easy things - skirts, dresses, blouses and light lots of other things. I do aerobics and I realized that I have more to do sports, to always be slim for you. Today I went to the agency. Agency managers said that a few days ago, I would have to go to Moscow for an interview to get a visa. So the day came when we are separated only a little time. I am very pleased that our meeting will be very soon! I have dreams every night, as we are busy having sex. We're on the big bed, and you kiss me throughout my body. This is very exciting and brings me great pleasure. Then I start to make you a massage with aromatic oil. Our petting smoothly into the sexual games. Massage slowly turns into caressing language, I start to lick your neck, chest, and then I go below and start to kiss your belly. But this is only the development of our pleasures. Then I start going down and caress you mouth. I caress you up until you reach the treat. Then you take me to your strong hands and begin to caress me as long as your power is not restored, then you fulfill your wildest erotic fantasies, and do with me whatever you want as long as you do not again get to the fun. I love you, with you I can bring all my erotic fantasies, you can do all the things you only dreamed of. This morning I woke up and began to eat with their parents. I thought of you as soon as awake.
When I wake up and think of you, I have lifted the mood. Every day I feel better. At the table we were talking about you, I can not talk about anything else except how you. You are in my head 24 hours a day.
My parents were happy to see me on my smile and a happy face. My parents are grateful to you for what you make me happy even just for the Internet. At work, I told all the staff that I was very soon going to another country to the beloved. All the staff were happy for me.
Today I remembered that I need to buy a computer for parents tomorrow.
Just have to go to the Internet company and write a statement to set the phone and internet home. When the Internet will install at home, my parents will be able to write me anytime. It will be very good. So I'll keep in touch with parents. Darling, I have to go. Tomorrow I have a hard day, I have to go to work, buy a computer, write a statement. As soon as I'm released tomorrow, I'll write you immediately. Good? I will miss your emails. I will end on this until my letter, and I will wait for your kind words and your precious letter! I love you. Soon we'll be together.
Olga ...
Letter 5
Hello my favorite Willem.
I very much miss on you. It is so nice to read your letters, I feel your heart and your soul in the letters. I do not know how to explain, but such feelings in me!! I could not believe that I leave work, friends, family and for your sake and our future. Today I went with my parents in a computer company and bought a computer. I do not understand the characteristics of the computer, but when we arrived the store came up to us and the store manager went on to explain all about computers. I bought my parents a computer for your money. The company told me that tomorrow will bring to our home computer and install home. I am so pleased that he is now at home parents will the computer. After the store, I went to write a letter to telephone company to our home telephone was installed, as well as Internet. My application was accepted and said that within a month will be set dedicated internet and phone as well. I asked why wait so long? I was told that now a lot of applications, and the person who does this job is busy. As soon as the opportunity, for a month in my parents' house is internet and telephone. But I hope that we will hold online before.
My parents were very happy that I care about them. It will be very nice for me, I can write and call anytime you from my parents. My parents will also - very happy. I am the happiest woman in the world!
Likewise, I have more good news for you. I went to the agency that is helping me to obtain a visa and they told me that tomorrow I have to travel to Moscow. I'm a little afraid. I heard that the city of Moscow - is not friendly city, and there is a lot of crime. All this - very scary. But you know that you are very important to me, and I am ready to do anything for you, and the future of our future! When I arrive in Moscow, I will immediately search the internet cafe and let you know.
Then I'll go to the embassy for an interview. I'm so excited!!
Although I was told the agency that it is only a formality and did not get scared and worried, I still suffer very much and I'm afraid. If all goes well, I will be very happy! Once I get the visa I'm not going to go back home. I will immediately buy tickets to you in your country! It's so beautiful. I did not think that everything will go so fast. But once the visa process will probably take a long time. When I arrive in your country, you will find me? I am so happy that I can not sleep tonight. I have a lot of emotion. I can not believe that I would be leaving his beloved job, your family and friends. It's all just for you my favorite, I'm ready for anything. I'll go to you, so we were happy with you, all of our lives. My mom gives me a gift for you when I arrive to you, then you will be surprised by this gift. She wants to save us from all obstacles that may happen to us in our lives. In me a strange feeling inside. Tomorrow for me a new life begins. In which you came, my favorite and very dear to my heart man. Now I will live for you. I'll meet you from your work, I will cook delicious food, I'll take care of the comfort of our homes. I will love you. I will live for you. When I arrive to you, you know how much my feeling for you. Darling, I gotta go get ready for my trip to Moscow. I'll take the train and move to Moscow. I do not have time to write you a letter tomorrow, because my train leaves at 8:00 am, and an internet cafe is not open yet. Now I'm going to say goodbye to her friends and collect my bag. I love you and I send you a kiss. I beg you not to worry if I can not write you. My train ride to Moscow will be about 21 hours. I will write you as soon arrive. Hopefully, I will find your letter in my mailbox.
Your Olga ...
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