Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Andrew (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Andy! Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I will tell you the truth I was waiting your e-mail, because I so much like to get them and I want to know you more and more all the time and reveal my secrets as well.Now my life is not as usual an i miss my friends, my work, all as it was before. You know we have war in my country hard to imagine, but many people as my family leave their homes, lost works and even houses... hard and terrible time. But i try to be optimist and belive in good days soon. I don't understand in politic and in this situation, so i can't tell you a lot but you can imagine how it - to live with relatives and even didn't know what happened with our home - maybe it destroy, what will be with work and so on... but stop about me: How are you today? ) I play piano and sing a little) and so you liek food of Turkey - from my country many people go there, who can of course. As for me i will be happy to cook for you our food) it's not light, but tasty. thank you for your invitation, i will be happy to meet you in reality, but now i can't accept it, i don't have money to travel to you.sorrry. But please don't leave me cause of it, i like you so much now. Hope that war will end soon. maybe in 2 months... by the way i also don't smoke)
You know that you caught my attention and it is so interesting to communicate wit you. I am not long here but I should say that here there is not many nice people. You know that sometimes you need to have a talk with someone but there is not anyone you can speak with.. But I think that relations develop from communication. Sometimes yes it happens that there is love from the first sight but mostly it is through communication and friendship. You know that it is very important to be able to share all the thoughts with each other then you understand what to do and how to help your partner. Communication and understanding are very important in the relations, don't you think so? By the way do you believe in love from the first sight?
You know that I want you to know why I decided to find the man here.. yes there are men in my country as well, but mostly they can be friends but not husbands, the problem is they are not ready to loose their freedom and want just live without any problems and responsibilities. You know that I am very very serious woman and I know what I wont, I have my goal, I want to be a loving wife, to care of my family and make us happy. This is important for me...
You know that I am wide-open minded person and I have lots of hobbies. I promised you to tell more about them in my next letter so I like dancing very much, gymnastics, swimming, biking (can you imagine : )). I try to look nice and keep fit.
I like to be with my friends. We all the time enjoy being together. I have lots of friends. I am very friendly and easy make friends, so I like to help people if they need my help and think that it is important not just to live for yourself but to help people as well if when they need your help. Then this will return to you and one day when you will need help some one will help you as well.
My favorite films are Titanic and Sweet November. I like comedies, romantic movies, detectives as well. I like to listen to the music: romantic, jazz, pop, sometimes even loud music... according to my mood, like the programs where it is needed to use brains or about nature and animals.. you se lots of hobbies. It is even hard to count everything I like to do... but I so am so romantic and want to spend time with my beloved man, have romantic dinners with candles.. i miss it so much. I fell me not complete being alone without the person who loved you. Of course I am not alone: I have parents, relatives and friends who love me, but it is different...
So I don't want to bother you with my thoughts and long letter, so usually I am very joyful and funny so I don't have bad mood or even when I am unwell I try to do everything in order to have fun and don't think about any problem. I am an optimist and think everyone should be like this, because in fact life is nice and we need try to make it more bright for ourselves. Do you agree?
By the way what films do you like? What do you usually do when you have free time and what is your main dream? Can you share it with me?
I tell you but for now and wish to have a nice day and of course hope you will not forget me and send me the reply: )
Take care
Letter 2
Good morning Andy! Today it is such a lovely day! It is sun shining and your letter also shines in my mail box. Thanks a lot. You continue our correspondence and I am pleasant to see that our friendship become stronger and you want to reply me. No, i wasn't upset - i had a little headache) thank you for your letter they not bored me, i can't write you so much, but i'm very interesting to learn your thoughts)) i agree with you in many point and pity that woman in our modern world - try to be like a man...Thank you that you want to protect me, will eb nice to be with you. Of course i will miss my family, but from other side we need to create our own life and it's normal.
You know I am quite busy all the time..but I try to write you any time I can. You know that all the day I work as babysitter and I work till 20-21 o'clock all the time, sometimes i work longer, depend on the situation. As you understand i help to sit with children, more time i spend with 5 yeard old girl, but also wit small boy -9 months. their mother need free time to go to saloon, or spent time with friend and on kitchen. She cook very well.
My dear I think you understand that i don't have computer at home so i write you from my work as usual. I asked to use computer for 30-40 minutes, when children sleep.
Today it is such a lovely weather. You know that I like my family. I am a child from the normal family where every one appreciate each other and respect. So as you see not too small family and also not too big. I have two grandmothers and a grandfather, also cousins, so it is like this.. We like to spend time together and always have much fun. We can talk about everything, you know that each person in my family has a good sense of humor so we like to make jokes and laugh. Maybe one day you will get acquaintance with them, I don't know ....
So my dear my break is over unfortunately, so I will return to work... don't want cause so nice to write to you but must..
Have a nice day
p.s. send you photo with my sister in her kitchen, also with my small nephew, and of me of course)Hope that you will like.
Letter 3
Good day to you my honey as usual))) how was your day today Andy?? I'm fine. Plan to play in the yard with children, also their parents bought new swimming pool - such which you can make out till next summer. They put water there and it warm by sun) so they plan to live in it. I will be twice careful, water is not very safe place for children. But in common all as usual. We will study letters with older girl. So many things.
I miss you, you become very dear to me. I can't imagine my life without you now)) So nice, easy talk with you. I imagine our day sometimes..and you? What we will do? how all will be? And you, do you think often about me? Hope that so!!
Yes, my dear i can give you the name of travel agency. I hear about different, but i went to normal and my boss use them for travels. Or you think they work normal few years and on me decide to have problem with police??? I thought about your words, i thought to work with agency will be much easier, but if you with your friend not trust any travel agency - i can go to embassy by myself and do all alone. It will be not cheaper, cause i will travel for 400 km from this place. I get to know about papers, to translate them, and to have medical insurance plus to pay for visa i need 243$ tickets to Kiev there and back about 50$, i will need to go there twice so in common 100$, also you see in the end i need 343$ it's a little cheaper, but when we will start? or you prefer throught the agency. As for me i think Yana right better to do all by myself)so tell me cause i will need to buy tickets and prepare papers. and you can send em your help direktly.
oh, soon i can kiss you, hug you!!! It make very happy. So i need to end. hugs, your Oksana Kisses also!!!
Letter 4

Hello Andy ((((( Hello hello my dearest!! I miss you so much..I hoped to get even small letter from you!!
What happened? Are you fine? Maybe you are sick? or something happened with your box!! please tell me - i wait!!!!!!!!! You know that you are dear to me and I'm sad that i can't see your letter. I'ts not good to leave me alone with sad through.
Letter 5
If you think so - it's your problem and i son't understand about IP... it's not my computer i write you from private home where i sit with children.
and i think you play with my feeling - you are liar and other need to know about it. I wrote you letter with all info from travel agent!!even with phones!!but you not see it???
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