Letter(s) from Julia to Ximilien (Norway)

Letter 1

My Dearest Ximilien,

good day to you. I'm really so excited about our acquaintance and thank you so much for giving your e-mail address on the dating site. I'm so happy to have a chance to write this mail to you. Dear,I'm interested in you a lot and so much want to get to know you better. We are both looking for a special person here and there is a hope in my heart that you are this person but only time will tell,of course.
And as I want you to relax while reading this mail,I have something to share with you...I heartily hope that you love chocolate...as for me,I just adore it and when I eat it,the smile appears on my face immediately and I feel happy and do you know why...it's cause chocolate can produce & bring happiness on the chemical level in a body...also my mood becomes great and...I'd love so much to share a piece of chocolate with you so that you become happy as well :)My Dear,would you love to try a small piece of chocolate which is full of smiles & happiness?! :)If yes,then follow me to the "Candy Shop" as I'm eagerly waiting for you!!! :)

I'm wishing you a bright & colourful day!!!Lots of kisses!!!

Your little blackberry Nastia

Letter 2

My Dearest Ximilien,

How are You? yesterday I wrote You a letter, did You receive it?
Reply me please, because I am interested in You, and hope that You in me too)) I wish You a good day and waiting for Your soonest letter to me.

Nastiaaaaaa with kiss))