Scam letter(s) from Julia to Ximilien (Norway)

Letter 1
Hi Johnny , how are you today? I am very happy to get your letter!
Before to chat I wish to know you better and see some of your photos too, please. You know, I think that in letter it is possible to tell more than in words sometimes. This is like you are writing a book and sharing your thoughts with everyone, but in our case we will be sharing these thoughts only with each other! Now it is very hard to find that person you can trust so it is more complicated to find real love. But I think everything is possible if to work ******* relations and value every moment that you are together with your beloved. So, a few words about me...I am 29 years old, brunette with blue eyes and charming smile. My height is 168 cm and weight is 53 kg. I am from a small town on the east of Ukraine, it is called Torez. I lived with my parents at my parent's place. But because of my town is in the combat area, I had to leave my town till the war will stop there. It was a very hard decision for me, but I had to move to another city where is the situation is rather calm. So, I am in a small town now, called Dneprodzerzhinsk and live in a rented accommodation here. I graduated the university with management degree. Before the war started in my region, I worked as a manager in a small trade company of healthy food. I like sports very much and I am staying active. I am jogging, go to aerobics and like to play beach volley ball in summer.
Also I like skating, skiing and swimming a lot. Letters are a good way to start communication but I would like to have a continuation of them in reality. What do you think? I wanted to tell you at once that my knowledge of English is poor, I know only some simple words that I can remember from the school program. I hope with time I learn this language and will be able to communicate in it freely. I hope that you are not tired from my letter about my life and found it interesting a little bit. Please, tell me about that special moments from your life that you still remember! Waiting for your reply impatiently. Take care and have a nice day today!! Best wishes, Juliya.
Letter 2
Hi Johnny, I am so sorry, but I do not understand what you talk to me about and what you wanted to tell me! Which Romania?
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