Romance scam letter(s) from Veronica Sergunina to Warren (Sweden)
Letter 1

Hello Warren .
Thank you for your letter Warren . I am new in such way of getting acquainted and very happy that you decided to write me.
So, a little about myself. I live in Russia. I am 26 y.o.
My family consists of my mother,father and grandmother.
My father is a driver and my mother work as a teacher of Russian language at school.
I work as a nurse in the children hospital. I think that it is difficult but I like my work, may be because I like children. It is very interesting to communicate with them.
I hope that you are looking for serious and reliable girl.
I can tell you a lot about my qualities, but it is not in my style.
After several letters you will have your own opinion about my personality.
My today's sizes:
92 61 91
Height 169 cm
Weight 53 kg
What else? I suppose that in order to find common thing for us, I must tell you about my interests. No, not "interests", it's difficult to speak about interests, so it will be better to say "about hobbies". I like sport,
especially swimming,
gymnastics and aerobics. And may be it will seems strange to you, but I like not only to do sports, but also I like to watch sport on TV.
Sometimes, when I have free time I like to knit. Especially I like to knit sweaters.
I think that it is enough for the first letter. Now I will be waiting for your answer. A little story about your life. Stop! But why "little"? I hope that you will find time and will write me a large letter about yourself.
I'd like to make our correspondence truthful. And I want to speak not like "My name... My hobbies... I am looking for..." and so on.
Of course this information is necessary, but it doesn't open person's character, it doesn't describe his soul. I think that we can better know each other through truthful letters and letters which will be written in free form, not like templates.
P. S.
I'd like to say that the aim of my correspondence is to find my future husband who will love and respect me.
If you are not serious I do not want to loose your and my time. I know that there are a lo of men in the Internet who joke and have different aims.
I want to tell you some words about how I have found you.
I have come in a marriage bureau, and have paid them money.
After it they showed me some ads of men.
I liked your ad. The marriage Bureau has placed me in the Internet as I understand in Internet very little.
It is a new kind of dialogue for me.
Bureau gave me your address and now I personally answer you.
I used a marriage bureau only for getting your address and now I don't use their service.
Kisses you Warren
Veronica . . . . . . . . :-)
ps. at me now the new electronic address
On my old address do not write
As it at me was blocked
Letter 2

hello how are you doing.
At me the big desire to send you my air kiss has appeared.
To wish you good day and fine mood.
I send you my photo.)))) I hope to you it to like.
Wait my letter.
Your new familiar from Russia Veronica.
Letter 3

Hello Warren
Warren I liked your answer. I appreciate it, thank you. And I hope that our correspondence will be such in future A little about my life. I am fond of healthy style of life.
I have no bad habits. I can say more: I have several good habits.
For example sometimes I like to run in the morning and as usual every morning I drink fresh apple or orange juice. My favorite time in the year is summer. I like to spend time in the garden.
Many people in Russia spend their weekends working in the gardens.
Also I like simply to walk by streets and to enjoy fresh air in the country.
I think that I am very communicative person and I have many friends.
We often meet with each other, go to the guests and all holidays we celebrate together. We live according to the proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed. " I talked to people concerning people of other countries much.
In Russia such opinion, that in other countries distinct from Russia.
People communicate less and visit less. In Russia it not so. We love dialogue, we very much frequently visit to each other. We frequently meet,
and we spend together time. Russia less conservative country. People yet have not forgotten communism. As at the Soviet authority there was a statement.
The person to the person the friend, the brother and comrade.)))))
It now seems very ridiculously.
As the last presidents forced to accept many ideas.))))
People submitted to all that spoke them. Now only the rests of all it.
But people on former very amicably live. Certainly the biggest incident is war in Chechnya. But it seems more politics than war to me is.
In Chechnya it is a lot of petroleum, gasoline and oil.
On this all so has taken place. War in Irak it as a politics seems to me.
But it only my opinion. I can is not right.
Warren My best friend is my grandmother. I love her very much, I can share with her all my problems and secrets. We are like sisters.
I like animals very much. My fluffy kitten is called ketti.
It's a very beautiful cat. He has very fluffy fur.
It takes me much time to brush the fur. When I talk to him it seems that he understands me. He is a creature who knows all my secrets. And what do you prefer cats or dogs???
And now I'd like to ask you something. Please tell me more about your work.
How much time does your job take. When do you celebrate your birthday and how do you usually spend it? So, I want to know all about you;)
I am very happy to get letters from you and to answer them with great pleasure. After your second letter I have my own opinion about you. I think that you rather developed man, who likes to enjoy life.
And it is something strange, but I feel warm, decency and sincerity going from your letters.
And excuse me for my next question, but I really want know your answer. Why are you looking for love in the Internet? And what do you like in Russian ladies? I think that there are many beautiful and interesting women near you.
At first I want to hear your answer and my reasons you will hear in my next answer.
Warren I am waiting for your letter.
P. S.
Sometimes I can have a delay in the letter to you.
Some time back I have moved in other apartment. And while it is not completed.
And now I shall use some time Internet cafe.
I have a computer of a house. But now is not present what connection from my house.
Warren In 1-2 weeks I shall have the phone of a house and I shall be glad if you call me.
It is sure that soon it to be solved.
We have a lot of repair.))
!!!!!!! Warren With this letter to you I send my video the image.
It is sure that it very much to like you. I do not know what format you Can look. Warren I did maximum small size as very much It is expensive to send the big size.
Warren it is sure, that you can look it and all very much to like you.
Warren at me to you the big request. Inform me you could look mine Video to you whether or not. If there is no that I shall try to change it.
Warren it will be very good if you will insert into your answer in a bottom mine The letter to you. Warren so I shall know that you read my words to you.
Lina kiss you Warren . :-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
If you will have desire to send me the letter.
You can send me your letter in an envelope. It will make me very happy.
You can send me the letter and I then shall send you the answer.
You should specify the address of my box of letters.
It is used that you all mail had no losses.
The country: Russia
Region: Mariy El
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Index: 424038
Letter box A/YA: 77 xx xx
xx xx xx xx
xx xx xx xx
x xxx x
x kiss you x
x Warren !!!!! x
x x
x x
x x
x x
x x
x x
x x
Letter 4

hello Warren Writes to you Lina
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I do not remember if I spoke you that I am very inquisitive person.!?!
If no that I speak it now. I like reading very much.
Many speak, that it is boring, but I like to spend time behind reading of books.
Now I read detectives of the Russian writers of modern Russia.
They are not known widely, but very interesting. This quality is pleasant for me in people very much. Well, did you hear about this book?
From Russian music I like to listen - Dima Bilan -he has taken the second place on evrovidenie. It very young and talented person.
I very much like his songs.
As it VALERIA, Smash, Tatu and many others also.
From foreign music I love SKORPIONS Ballads, Eglesias. and many others.
I very much like Latin musik.)))) likely it very much erotic in dance.
Sometimes I prefer very quiet music. I love music which weakens the person.
I want to tell you, that my favourite color is green. It is quiet color for me also.
My preference is quiet conditions, quiet people.
My friend, I like to dance very much. I am sure, that you love it and sometime,
probable in the future, we will be able to dance together, really?
From sports I like to ski to skate, in the winter.
It is so useful for health to be on fresh air.
You agree with me?
Getting acquaintance through Internet is unusual and I decided to try it. And I think that it is not wasting time.
As to my city.
Now it Yoshkar-ola. as some time I lived in other city.
But I was born and I live in Yoshkar-ola. republic Mariy El.
It is one of green cities in Russia. It is very small but very fine city.
It on so much small that time from one edge of city about other 40 minutes.
The population of 250-300 thousand person.
To like me my city as this quiet place. We have a lot of lake.
More than 50 around.))) it is valid much and when you have desire to bathe,
That is not present a problem of a choice.) always it is possible to find lake.
As we have a lot of wood. This very green place.
That I still can tell I love my city!!!)))
I am sure that you like city in which you live too.
It is very interesting for me to hear the story about your city.
In what part of the city do you like to spend time.???
I have request to you Warren .
I ask you to give the detailed description of your character.
I want to know your opinion on you.
It is very difficult to write it about itself.
But it is very interesting for me how you describe yourself.
(very detailed: your qualities, feelings, the purposes, the attitude to home life)
Dear Warren . I don't know to what our correspondence will lead. May be you or I will even have a desire to meet. And I'd like to speak about it now, in advance.
I think that it is not good idea to meet with unknown men after several letters.
It is a big risk for me and for you too. In order to trust each other we first of all must know each other and only after it we can plan our meeting. Besides, if even our relations will come to the situation when we want to meet, it can occur only a bit later.
Because I have a job and I can't take a vocation immediatly.
During our correspondence we can know each other better (through letters).
And I am sure that in this case when we will meet we have sincere senses to each other.
I don't know what do you think about it and I'd like to know your opinion.
Do you agree with me?
If you have no desire to continue our correspondence for that what better to learn each other.
Then to me it is very sad.
But I shall not speak about love after two letters.
I at all do not know you. Time also would be required for that that we could find understanding.
I really look at life. I as am sure that after 2 and even 5 letters are not present what love.
It is impossible to waste a word love.
If you really sincerely search for your wife. And the woman which will be with you always.
woman which will meet you from your work preparing for supper.
woman which will be given you with the plenty of love and caress in a pastel.
woman which will care of you always.
woman which it is capable to find understanding in any situation.
woman which it is adjusted very seriously.
woman which will be the best for you.
Then let's learn each other. Let's communicate.
Let's write e-mail. let's write letters in an envelope to the post address.
Let's speak by the phone.
And then we shall be really ready in the present feelings and a real meeting.
Then we really shall understand our relation to each other.
And only time will enable us to solve with you all this.
But if you disagree with it then excuse me that I have spent your time.
If you have no desire really to create real relations. Then do not write to me.
I have no time for entertainment. And I am adjusted very seriously.
With the most good wishes and Russian greetings to you.
I have to know more about you that's why I want to ask you some questions.
What are in your oppinion ideal relations? What do you know about Russia ,
and what's your attitude to it. I'd like to know very much about your family.
How often do you gather together and what's your favourite family holiday?
I'm looking forward to receiving your letter and frank answers to my questions.
Letter 5

hello boy
I all time think of you
And always I want to make to you pleasant
That at you it would be cheered up and that you have wonderfully carried out day
Also that you always would send me remarkable photos
As it will be very pleasant for me what you have sent me to a photo with my name
Both very much it I shall love and always of you to think
I wait your fine letters
I again one of these days shall be in internete
Also I shall answer your letter
kiss you
Your best girlfriend Veronica
Letter 6

xxxx xxxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
xxxxxxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxx
xxxxxxx Warren !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xxxxx xxxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xx xxxxx xx xxxxx
xxxx xxxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxx xxxx Warren !!! xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Hello Warren .!!!
I'm thankful that you answered me and I'm thankful that you found treated my words with understanding. I'm glad that our correspondence didn't stop at first letters and we like each other, don't we? Warren :)
Thank you that you found time to answer questions. It is very pleasant that you are sincere in your letters and I'll try to do the same. My family is not large. Mine mum and daddy were very happy. Were because now I do not have mum.
Warren My family consists from:
Daddy, brother, grandmother. It is all not much.(((
It is not enough close relatives. There are far relatives.
The sister of mine mum and all her family which lives in the other city. Sisters and brothers of mine daddy.
So not many relatives have turned out that. Usually in Russia very big families.
Most of all to me to have to communicate with my grandmother.
She always near to me.
She has much made for me in my life.
she wishs good luck me good luck, love most .
she hopes that I meet my loved.
she hopes that I meet my loved.
her name Nadya.
This name is meant with "hope". Such my grandmother.
My brother Dima. she works as the manager in shop of home appliances.
he very much loves electronics. he has found itself.
he very much frequently visits big cities. Moscow, N Novgorod, Kazan.
From Moscow it 800km. N Novgorod 400km. Kazan 160km.
His business trips I occupy a lot of time and he happens at home a little.
As to daddy. (I shall speak about him later.) In the following letters I in detail shall tell about mine to family and I shall send their photo.
I do not have secrets from you. Simply sometimes there is no desire to talk on sad themes. Let's speak about cheerful.
My favorite holiday.)))) my birthday. I celebrate it July, 25.
I was born July, 25, 1980. On a horoscope I am Lion.))) but I not a usual lion. Warren Your attitude to horoscopes.???
Every year I celebrate it differently but every time it is filled with happiness,
joy and laughter. Most of all I like pop music.
Always it on miscellaneous. But it is always very pleasant to receive warm words and gifts this day. I very much love gifts))))))).
And what present do you remember most of all?
Warren I want to ask you in what countries you have been and which of them you liked most of all? In my last letter I touched the topic of ideal relations and now I want to tell you how I see them.
That's why I want to quote the words of one famous man,
who said that people who know for sure what kind of relations ideal relations are, they can't be happy in their family life.
But at the same time when people simply love each other, live a happy life and they can't explain how it is. But notwithstanding this fact I can say what I'm waiting from the relationship with a beloved man.
First of all man and woman must be best friends as on friendship other relations are built: love and mutual understanding. I think that a man and a woman must be one whole inseparable unite. They must pass hand in hand sadness and happiness, kindness and evil and in spite of everything they must remain faithful and honest to each other. In this I see love and ideal relations. But very seldom we can find a person with whom we can have ideal relations.
I had an experience of how ideal relations can become terrible.
I try to be frank with you that's why I want to tell you a story from my personal life. Several years ago I met a man who seemed to be the embodiment of all my ideals and I thought that with him I'll have ideal relations. And it was so.
We trusted each other, our feelings grew more and more and I can say for sure that we loved each other. So passed two years and I gradually began to notice that my beloved began to change.
At first I didn't understand what the matter was but then it turned out that he was a drug addict. And so our relationships turned into Hell. It was very difficult and I had to leave him as I couldn't risk with my future. Some time later I leaned that he committed a crime and he was put to prison.
Now 2 years passed since we parted. I spent these two years in loneliness.
My heart was aching very much. Not long ago I made a decision.
I want to meet my love very much.
I want to have a happy life and a beloved man very much. I think that you believe in the sincerity of my words.
If your search of love is not serious I ask you not to hurt my heart.
If you are frank then I'll be glad to keep our relationship.
Before beginning search of the friend from other country.
I talked in a bureau of acquaintances much.
They speak that many people to not concern to this seriously.
It and men and women.
I heard the whole lecture concerning actions in Internet. it was very cognitive.
On this I want to tell you.
: If you it is simple so be amused in Internet and you have no that serious in general simply wish good luck me good luck.
Warren I have received a lot of pain and troubles in my life.
Warren And on this simply I ask you to be in earnest to my words.!!!
Warren I think that you any more time were convinced of my reality.
Warren I am very serious under the attitude in letters, and I ask from you reciprocity.
Warren thank you for a photo which you did only for me.
It is very pleasant also you Warren did me very happy.
Big russian thank.
Warren I wait for your answer very much.
Kiss you gently in a cheek Warren ))))))))
Lina kiss you :-XXXXXXXX) xxxx xxxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
xxxxxxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxx
xxxxxxx Warren !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xxxxx xxxxx
xxxx xxx Warren !!! xx xxxxx xx xxxxx
xxxx xxxx Warren !!! xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxx xxxx Warren !!! xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Letter 7

Hi dear Warren . Thank for your answer to me.
It is sure that you have lost me.))) that has not taken place, I had It is a lot of work. There were on duty days I and worked all day long.
Very much to like me your letters for me.
I am very glad that you went on fishing
Also that you are simply remarkable have spent time
As I am very glad to see what you have fished
I when did not catch such greater fish
When I was small I went with the daddy on fishing
I certainly fished but not such greater
I so think that in the future you me will learn to catch such greater fish
I and cannot understand you would want that we lived in Sweden
But I so think that I know English language enough
Or that it is better to me to descend on rates
That I could talk freely
I did some photo on my work is sure, that it to like you.
It that especial, simply I want that you saw me in my working conditions.
). More recently I had work as the trainer of aerobics. But it prevented my work. And now I only am engaged in medicine. Now I am engaged in scanning of an organism. Some equipment. I have told you that I the medical sister. I want to give concept of it at once. Likely at you and at us this concept variously. I am almost the doctor
Only I have no the scientific Degree.
My schedule of work very much frequently varies.
But each day I rise at 6-00.
I accept a bath. Also I am engaged in preparation food. I do some cleaning in the house. Because in the house there should be a cleanliness.
I very much love cleanliness. Then I gather on my work and all day I on work.
I see off a lot of time on work as I have nothing to do more.
I do not have close person beside (for which I can waste time.) and on this I am engaged in work. (
To like me my work. As in first I spend a lot of time with children on my work.
In second it very much to like me. To me to like to help children,
to be engaged Small in charity. At that level on which I can.
(sometimes I allocate some toys to children children's homes. Sometimes I can give some of my blood to the requiring child.)
I very much love people, I like to do good affairs. I do not want that you thought that I sacred, simply I tell to you that as it happens.
I believe in the god I is sure that people should to help each other. As to mine religions. I Christian. It is sure that all people trust in the god,
only at all the god refers to on miscellaneous. I visit church,
and I have some reading the bible. Also I do not see in it that bad.
As the bible very clever book. My kindness is received by all my family my friends.
My friends very much frequently come to me on a visit.
All of them wish me a lot of love.
More recently we gathered with my friends. We did the big conversation.
Certainly I have told him about you Warren . Everyone were very much surprised.)
("well I again pleased all") and all have started to ask me concerning you.
I have told one.
"Friends mine, Warren very good person. But I at all do not know him.
And time will show. Time the best judge." But me very much to like Warren .)))
After that my friends spoke much and patience, good luck have wished me and you.
Certainly we joked much, and had fun. But then I all evening thought concerning you.
Do not think that bad.)
Simply you see I the girl and I simply laid and dreamed.) About my dreams I shall inform another time.) " :-XXX)" --is designates kiss to you Warren I wish you fine day.
Lina :-XXX).......................... _
_ + + + +
_ + + + + + +
+ + +---+ + +
+ + + +
+ + + +
+ kiss you +
+ + my dear + +
+ + Warren !!!!! + +
+ +
+ +
+ +
++ ++
+ +
+ +
+ +
+ +
_ _
_ -
- _-
- _ for you!. ))))))))))))))
Letter 8

hello my DEAR Warren .!!!
I am very glad to write to you.
I so frequently about you thought and have made for myself your photo
I so think that we can communicate with you more often
Also that now you will not have problems with internetom
As I very much prepare for the day to birth
As it at me July, 25
I so think that you can congratulate me
As I very much wait from you your card
As I give the address where you could send you her
And I so think that if you as frequently of me think
That you can send me her
And I so think that it will be the most remarkable gift from you
Your attention and your respect for me
I have lead all last days in our garden. In Russia many people have a garden.
It is a small site of the ground near to city, our garden 7 km from city.
People go to have a rest and put different vegetables in a garden.
In our garden we have 3 trees apples, tomatoes, a vegetable marrow,
cucumbers, cabbage, fennel, Parsley, onions, garden radish, beans,
string bean, cherry, potato. In the spring we put all this. And all summer we do fertilizer of our kitchen garden. We water we look after what to receive good result and a crop. It is pleasant. We have a small holiday apartment there. Do not think that it is the house behind city,
it only a place what to change clothes and drink tea. Yesterday and today and I was there. Fresh air weather does miracles, only, is not so good.
But I had some sunburn.
))) I like when my body has sunburn. Then I am even more beautiful.
Today a field of arrival I visited shops.) did some purchase. Also has bought to itself very beautiful suit. Look a photo it is sure, that it to like you.
I do not give a lot of time to cloths. It is not so interesting to me.
But when to me to correct the clothes that I buy it. The most important that it is very convenient. Now in this suit I shall go on streets.
How you think men can restrain???
Tonight my friends and I go in club. It will be very cheerful party.
We shall mark day birth of mine of 2 girlfriends. And I have bought him gifts.
Probably after club we shall have trip to bathe. Water very warm it is pleasant.
Daddy of my girlfriend has miniven auto. And he can carry all of us at once.
It will be cheerful trip. And I shall tell to you about it.
Tomorrow I shall make the big dinner for all my big family))))
To us tomorrow there will arrive visitors.
She is the aunt both her family and the farthest relatives. There is a small occasion.
Family tradition. It is sure that my dinner to turn out and to like all certainly.
On the first dish I shall do Solyanka it is soup. Some kinds of meat, almost language.
Some kinds of sausage and olive.
It is very tasty. I shall do still meat under sauce. This I is better a dish.
+ It is a lot of salads. And certainly a dessert.
Yam yam.))))
I wish you pleasant day.
Also I shall be glad to look your new photos.
Warren I send you my big Russian kisses.
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