Scam Letter(s) from Yana to Filippos (Greece)

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Letter 1

Hi, Filippos!

I would love to come to you, but what can I do? I am just a simple girl, I can not afford such a trip;(

When I went to work today I saw the advertisment there that there are blood donors necessary and they pay money for it, so I gave my blood today and get some more money.
I send you the photo of me after it.
So, I can have a dinner for this week, but am not sure that will be able to write you any more, as you know, I am struggling for money. The flat rent is so high, I don;t know where I will live.

Trying to stay positive, but it is very hard, as I dream of continuing our correspondence and relationship, but it seems so unreal, I wish I could leave this half-broken house, I wish I could affor renting a decent flat, I wish I was able to continue paying for the Internet cafe to write you letters.. But all these things are just impossible..

How will I live without your letters?

I am very upset..


Letter 2

Hi, Filippos!

Well, you know, what we need to do is to make the international passport for me as it is the first step and the most important.
The problem is that I can not afford making it on my own, as it costs too much for me..
The passport can be done fast depending on how much we are ready to pay for it.
Two months (the cheapest way to make it) - $195, one month - $250, $300 for two weeks, $380 - for one week and the shortest - one day - $450.

I will appreciate if you are ready to help me with it... So, can I start collecting all the necessary papers for it and wait for your help as soon as possible?

I lost the hut and have no funds to write you all the time as the Internet cafe is too costly but this si the only way for me to be in touch with you.
I thought we share trust and closeness and believe we are for ever united with you.
I wish you could help me at least with $100..
I gave you my heart and hope you will not break it, Yana.



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