Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Michael (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello,Michael! I'm Oksana. I live in Ukraine. I'm open for communication and more development step by step. I'm interested in you! Hope to see more of your photos and get to know you better. Have a nice day and such bright mood) I'm already so waiting for your answer:) Oksana
Letter 2
Hello,Michael! I was glad to get your letter and to see that you have attention to me. It is so unusual to me to write what I have in my mind and do not have a chance to communicate face to face. Though, it is rather exotic. You gave me mail on dating site. I'm interested in you! Just I'm here not for games, it's serious for me and hope for you too.I expect open communication from you. I am here to find my partner, my soul-mate, the person who will become endlessly dear to me. The feeling of loneliness does not give the chance to relax. It is so important to me to feel needed and loved. Of course I'm sure that you want to know something more about me. I’m from Dnepropetrovsk. Now I’m renting a flat, just living apart from my parents. I have a younger sister, now she is still studying at school, she is just 15 years. You can see us together on the photo)) She is so dear to me and we have great understanding, despite we have age difference. As for me, I’m 29 years old, my height is 167 sm and I weight 55kg. I work as a teacher.May be you are surprised with such a choice of my profession, but this is a family tradition. I can surprise you even more, my mother also has been working in school for many years:) I have become the elementary classroom teacher, I’m teaching the small children:) You have to be ready if I begin to be a strict teacher))
This is the small joking from me:) Just hope that you aren’t tired of my a bit long letter to you :)))
Waiting for your answer the soonest:)Have a bright day! Oksana
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