Scam Letter(s) from Elena Krylova to Keijo (Finland)

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Letter 1

Hi! How is your day?
It is me, Olga, again! Are you in a good mood? I was waiting for your letter all day! I was confident, that you will write to me. Last night I wanted to check a letter from you, but my laptop at home broke! It is very old and cannot be repaired. I plan to buy the new laptop when I will receive the salary on my work. Now I am at work, it is convenient to write letters from work. I work every day, except Sunday.
Now I will not be able to read your letters on Sundays. I start work in 8:30 in the morning, and I stop working in 18:30 in the evening.
I work in the state company which is specializing in exploitation and rent of municipal buildings. I work as a specialist.
I like my work a lot! I work with papers and behind the computer as well. Sometimes I have business meetings too. What is your occupation? Who do you work as?
I have a higher education. I graduated from the faculty of economics in university. I live in the city of Samara.
By the way you can find my city in the Internet! The capital of Russia is the city of Moscow. Distance to the city of Moscow from my home is about 1000 kilometers. Have you ever been to Russia? When I have decided to get acquainted with a man in the agency of acquaintances, I have considered many profiles of men. But I have written the letter only to you. It is difficult to explain my choice. Possibly, my heart has told me, that I should write the letter to you.
I have got used to trust my heart. It never lies to me! I am not frightened by an age difference or things like that, for me the most important is that the man was kind, understanding and that he was able to treat a woman right. I wish to ask you to be sincere with me! I really wish our communication will be based on trust and sincerity! Now we know each other a little more. I hope, that we will be able to develop trust between us more with time. In future I can give you my mobile phone, but now I wish to learn you better. I will tell you a little about myself. I am very tidy and I like cleanliness. It is also very important for me to look nice and be in good shape always. Though because of my work I sometimes have not enough time for sports. It is very interesting to me to learn about you and your life more.
Please, do not forget to answer my questions. What do you like to do at your free time? Do you like sports? Do you like to cook? Today I send you the photos and I will be glad to see your photos in the new letter.
If you have skype, please write me the details of it. Soon I plan to get a new laptop and make skype on it. I never used this program but I know that many people use it and it is very convenient to communicate with each other and see each other in real time! Do you like this idea? I should continue to work now.
I hope, that my letter was not boring for you. I wish you a beautiful day!

Letter 2

Hi Keijo!!!
I write you from Moscow! I rented a room in an apartment. The owner of apartment is a very nice woman. I will write you the address where I stay: Myachkovski boulevard, 8 korpus 3, Moscow, Russia,109341 Keijo, today I visited the embassy and the airport. In the embassy I have filled out all the papers necessary for getting a visa. I like that in the visa center there are a lot of very nice people working and I even saw the council, he went by in a corridor and seemed very nice but very serious person. I got help absolutely with everything. I have handed in all the necessary documents and also made photos for my visa. Now I am waiting for my visa to be given to me.
I have met a girl and asked her how much time it takes to get a visa. She said that now they make it very quickly, as there are a large quantity of people applying and the embassy is working very quickly.
In the embassy they told me that I shall have 2 airplane tickets. Tickets are necessary for getting a visa. As I was explained,the employees of the embassy have to be sure in the exact dates of my arrival and departure from your country.
I thought that I could get the tickets from the internet,but in the embassy they told me that now it is very strict rules about tickets and I have to possess original tickets with me so they can be approved by the embassy.
It is one of the main conditions for obtaining a visa. I was very surprised with these rules but they said it is very important for me to get a visa quickly. I was also explained that there are a lot of people that are being dishonest with this, for example showing tickets from internet that are not valid or even do not exist. Because of these cases now the embassy made it more complicated to avoid such cases. Today I visited airport "Sheremetyevo-2" and looked at the prices of airplane tickets to you!The tickets variety is very large! Darling, I think we need to hurry up with getting the tickets, because the embassy is waiting for me now and they have to approve my dates of travel to you!
The main criteria for choosing the tickets was the price. I had to find the cheaper tickets. The employee of the airport helped me with the choice. I looked at the prices for this month.
The cost of one way ticket is 270 euro. I have to have 540 euro dollars so I can purchase these tickets both ways.
Keijo! As I wrote you before I didn't want to ask you for any financial help! Though, I purchased a laptop and came to Moscow by plane from Samara, also I have a lot of expenses here, in Moscow. Now I have not enough money to get the tickets.
I paid all the fees for the visa in the embassy and also for the medical insurance. I also paid for rent of a room in advance. Now I have very little left and it is necessary for me to live in Moscow until I get my visa. Are you able to help me to get the tickets? As I already told you that I have to get them in Russia. Today I visited a bank to find out how I can receive your help quickly, because I need to buy tickets and go to the embassy to get the tickets approved. Not too far from where I rented a room there is a bank "Sberbank" and there I found out about a system for transfers called "Money gram".
The employee of the bank told me that it is safe and secure to receive your help by money gram. Now I will tell you all the information that you need to send me your help:
full name: "Olga Shardakova"
address of the bank: "Sberbank" Russia, Moscow, Proezd Lugovoy, dom 12, 109652
After you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will give you confidential number mtcn, as I was explained in the bank. You should write me this number mtcn so I could receive your help. I hope that you have understood everything. When I can receive your help?
Also in the bank they told me that there are many systems for transfers like "money gramm". I wrote it all down just in case to my notebook, because I couldn't remember this any way.
But Money gram is closer to where I stay in Moscow, so I asked as much more about it to write you the details! Not every person can receive the visa to your country.
My visa is already in the process of registration. I am glad, that I managed to begin the process of registration of the visa. In the visa center they told me that the sooner I come back with the tickets, the sooner they give me my visa!
It can be done quickly if I make all in time. I hope, that we very soon we will be together!!! Now I imagine our first romantic dinner together!!! There will be candles on the table, I will prepare a delicious dinner for us, you will open wine, oh how I dream of it!!!!!!
I am very very tired today, as I had a very difficult day in Moscow. It is a huge city. Please don't leave me without your letters, as I am alone here and I need your support every day! I think of you always!
Unfortunately I wasn't able to put skipe on my laptop, I didn't know that I have to put it myself to the laptop. I am not too good with electronic devices, especially when there is nobody to help with it.
I hope you are going to teach me how to use it when we meet, ok? Today I have seen a beautiful place in Moscow, called "Red Square"! I have made you a photo and video, to show you how it is like in Moscow now! I hope you like it!!!
I am waiting for your letter with great impatience!!! Now I will take a bath and I am going to relax after a long and very intense day and after my trip to Moscow!!!
I am so exhausted but at the same moment I am so happy that soon we are going to be together!!!
I kiss you my darling!!! I very much hope for your support!!!!!
Your Olga



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