Letter(s) from Svetlana Ivannova Okuneva to Fraser (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love Fraser once again, I have read your letter attentively, I understand all that you speak to me, darling I already some times to you repeated that I have last time exchanged my tickets, you asked to exchange me tickets for August, 20th, and I cannot postpone my tickets not per day not for two later, you understand? Darling to me in general from you now here to hear it not pleasantly. You promised to help, you so long promised to me and what here again all again begins? To me it is sick from your words and I hope that on Monday you can help with money as promised, certainly if at me money I can will pass customs, understand? I very much worry.
You ask me a photo, favourite I will try to send to you a photo, I hope that will be pleasant to you. You very lovely man. I want to be with you, my departure to you on Wednesday and I hope that you will help as promised, now I began to worry even more, after all understand already our destiny dares and all depends on you.
I need to go to the girlfriend. I very much love you! Know it Fraser!
Your love Svetlana.