Scam letter(s) from Olga Radkevich to Norbert (Germany)

Letter 1

Hi Norbert!
Thank you very much for your answer. I was very glad to receive it from you. I’m very happy that you are interested in me. And I hope that our correspondence will help us to know each other better. My name is Olga. I was born on the 22nd of January. I’m 29 years old. And I’m so tired to be lonely. I want to find someone very special to spend whole our life together. I like to love. I have two high educations. So I have two professions teacher and lawyer. And now I work as teacher of Russian language and literature in school. I like my profession very much. First of all because I like children, second of all I like to teach them and to see their interested eyes in the subject that I teach. It is so wonderful to help these little people to grow into the real and strong personalities. I like to read books very much, especially fantastic and fantasy. My hobby is drawing and singing. I think that drawing helps me to express my feelings on the paper. I like to spend my free time with friends. But more than that I would like to spend time with person who I will love somewhere on the seaside. I hope this person will be you! As people can say I’m very optimistic. And I always believe in better. Also I’m very romantic,
tender and calm. And I’m very sensitive. I want to find the one who will be my soul mate. I want him to protect me, take care of me and support me. And I will do the same back. I appreciate understanding,
attention and loyalty in the relationship. What are you waiting from relationship? Do you think trust is important between two loving people? What do you think about relationship between man and woman? I will be waiting for your next letter. And I really hope you will write me soon. Sincerely yours,
Letter 2

My dear Norbert!
I was very happy to receive your letter, because it means that you are really interested in me and that you are very serious person and that you have serious aims. I am also very serious person and I am very open. I want to share with you everything. I don’t want to have any secrets from you. And I hope you won’t have any secrets from me, because confidence is one of the bricks in building of healthy relationship between man and woman. Do you agree with me?
So, if you have any questions to me, you are always welcome ask them.
And I can promise you that I will answer them very honest. I’m seeking a man who will support me and take care of me. I want him to love me and need me more than anything in this world. I want our relationship to last forever. I want to have all of his wisdom and strength and power to surround and insulate me from every potential unhappiness that the world outside our Universe might threaten. Also I want to have a formidable partner to rely upon. I want us to be utterly devoted to one another – not merely “faithful” to one another. And it is a “feeling” we carry around with us wherever we go of true and total loyalty to each other and our life together. And I want to have a relationship in which we would find our fulfillment in each other,
and in our home, and in the things that we do together. I will be very sensitive, careful and loyal to you. And I will the lover like a tender little kitten. I will fill your heart with love and you life with devotion. I will be your companion in every moment of your life.
Basically, I guess I want a wife –husband relationship that is both normal and special. Normal in the sense that I want a good, healthy family lifestyle, warm home and a good family, and special in the sense that I want to create fiercely loyal feeling between me and my loving person as if we, as wife and husband, are at the center if the Universe. I hope I answered many of the questions about me that would occur to you, and even some that might not have. You should feel that you can ask me any question you want to, and to tell me anything about yourself or your aspirations for a relationship that you think would provide you the greatest fulfillment.
I live together with my parents and i'm the only child in a family. O course its better to live alone in my age, but sorry to say the apartments are very expensive here.
I’ll be waiting with impatience for your next letter. Yours, Olga
Letter 3

Hello, dear Norbert, thank you very much for your letter I was really glad to receive it. I hope we will continue our communication and who knows maybe we will understand that we were born on for another. It's a difficult question why i'm alone. From one hand it's because of men in our country. It's a pity but men of our country, of course not all,
but the most, differ from foreign men. I mean their inside world and their attitude toward woman is not the same as men, like you.
Everything what our man wants is only that his woman will be for him like a servant, which cook, clean, bring up children and plus she must work. But at the same time everything what he can offer her it 's rudeness and indifference. But woman needn't it. Of course at first he says that he loves her and will love forever but time passes and former passion disappears and a woman get only humiliation for her love and care. Unfortunately not one my friend had a bad experience in their domestic life, but by the other side some of them found real happiness with a men from other country. Because foreign men, as said one of my friends Katya, give a woman respect, protection and of course love, but not for some time, but forever. And if such man loves he loves with all his heart. And he can make a woman really happy.
From the other hand it's because i was hurt too many times. That story was about two years ago. I was with a nice man, I thought that he was so at first. he was very tender and loving, but all this was illusion.
I loved him with all my heart and we thought about marriage. I couldn't believe, it was too nice to be true! Once I had to leave for another city for three days, it was a business trip. I told him that I will return in three days, but i made all the things earlier and returned after two days. I rushed to him, cause i was missing him greatly. I had a key of his flat and I though that he isn't at home yet and i will make a romantic diner for us, have a little rest and will be waiting for him. But when i entered the flat, I couldn't say any word, when i saw what was happening. He was lieing ***** on our bad and a girl, whom I consider my best friend was walking in my dressing-gown and was making a coffee for him and her. I can't remember how I left the flat, how he was running after me trying to stop...It was very hard, i though i won't be able to overcome this. It was too much for me to lose two the dearest people, my beloved and my best friend. It's a very hackneyed situation and i though this will never happen to me, but it happen. You understand why honesty and trust are so important for me, i don't want to be betrayed again. I think I won't be able to overcome it again.
Surely when i fall in love with a man, i will leave my native country without any hesitations and will follow him even to the north Pole,
cause being happy without being in love is impossible.
I adore children and i thin that life is senseless without them and i would like to have them in future. i think two will be perfect and what do you think about this?
Of course i liked your photos very much and your Dora is also wonderful!
I don't think that age difference is a problem when two people love and understand each other, i think in this case they simply don't take notice to such little things as age difference.
Sorry to say i don't have a computer at home, i need to go to the internet cafe to communicate.
I think when we will come closer to the talk about meeting we will decide where it will happen. I think it's not very important where to meet, the main thing is to meet in reality.
Well, dear Norbert, i think it will be all for today. i wish you a nice day and will be waiting for your letter impatiently.
Yours Olga
Letter 4

My darling Norbert,
I can assure you that my life has change after your appearance in it.
My mood is good and fine, because I'm waiting for your next respond and I know that I'll receive it. Now I began to love and to value life more because I realized that there are so much wonderful things and remarkable people in it. I read your letters and I feel your energy in my heart, inside me. Dear, as I know you can value a woman, you are looking for warmth, passion and caress, you can love and want to be loved that`s why our meeting will become a gift of Fate for both of us. And I am very happy to know you are romantic person. If you look for a woman who would make your blood run faster and your heart beat stronger then you might have found what you searched for. I'll be glad to share with you my warmth and saved passion and tendered. I can be an embodiment of your hidden desires. My romantics and tender raised by your love and desire may turn into intoxicating magic cocktail with the taste of happiness. You'll become an owner and tactful keeper of secret nectar of love. I'll of romantic and woman secret. We'll present a new world to each other full of bright colors on the shining lights. We'll rise to the top of love on the wings of passion. Do you want there with me?
My dearest Norbert, i really have very tender and very sincere feelings towards you and i wish to meet with you as soon as possible. Sorry to say i don't have international passport, but i hope it won't be a problem to make it.
Miss you and always wait for your letters impatiently.
Yours Olga
Letter 5

Hello, my dearest Norbert!
Your wonderful letter and the words, written there really touched my heart deeply! It's so pleasant to realize that someone, very far from you is thinking of your! My darling, I wish to meet with you with all my heart! Every time when i close my eyes i see you and me, we are together and nothing and nobody exist in the world that time! Just you and me, our love and passion! I wish to touch your hand, feel your warm breathing on my cheek, feel your sweet kisses on my lips! I wish to be with you and never apart even for a minute! Life was senseless for me before, but then i met you and I began to see the things in the other color! I'm so happy about it and I'm obliged to you for this happiness! I wish it lasts forever and i'm sure it will be so!
I will be very very happy to meet with you and i hope we will be able to make this dream come true!
I will be able to get a tourist visa without any problems, because i think we need to meet first and stay together for some time. Then when we settle all the problems with marriage and other things i will need to return home, cause my dear i wish my parents to be present there.
hope you won't mind?
Miss you and always wait for your letters impatiently.
Yours Olga
Letter 6

Hello, my darling Norbert!
Thank you very much for your nice and sincere letter. I was very glad when I read it. How are you today, my dear?
What is your mood? It’s so nice to come after a hard day and see your letter! I can relax and escape from all my problems and difficulties and be completely yours. I enjoy that we have so much in common, we praise similar things, we believe in similar values. I really appreciate such things as devotion and candor, honesty and trust. It’s so difficult to find a serious man here, in our country, a man that can share all the views. I really want to feel happy and make my beloved man the happiest. I believe that I will be a good wife and good mother, cause girls in our country from the childhood taught to be good hostess and good wives. As I’ve told you I cook well and I think that every wife has to be the friend, the mistress, the mother – simply everything for her husband. But I do think that family relations must be based upon the whole heartedness and they mustn’t be like “play in one gates”. Two loving people must support each other and take care about each other. I really like to make surprises for my beloved man, I want him to feel special and needed. I think that family living mustn’t be boring and married couple must enjoy every day, every minute, spent together. By the way, do you like to “spoil” your beloved girl and how do you like to do it? Do you like to give her flowers and what are your favorite ones? As for me I think that every flower is marvelous and I don’t have any beloved ones. Every flower is special and beautiful in it’s own way.
My dearest Norbert, i have just returned from the travel agency and was told that making the documents is not a problem, the problem is that the cost of them is very expensive for me. They told me that to make the international passport will be about $240 and will be ready in a month. To get the visa will cost about $87 and it will be also ready in a month. I was shocked, cause this is really enormous money for me, i earn too little for this. My Love, I'm in despair, cause since we met here I can think only about you, dream only being with you now and forever! I do need you in my life and still hope that one day our dream will become a reality!
Yours forever, Olga
Letter 7

Hello, Norbert, you know I was really offended by your letter and the words written there were cruel. You know that i can't write to you on Sundays, cause the Internet cafes are closed. As for the questions, I always tried to answer all of them and if i have missed one, it might happen because my interpreter has not translated them to me. You tell me about love, about endless love to me, and in the other letter you tell me absolutely different words, I think love can't disappear at once when you saw that i haven't answered some of your questions. I'm really sorry for this. All the words that were written in my letter are true, cause i always tell what I think.
Of course i will help you in everything, about the house and gardening,
i like to do the work about the house and i like cooking very much.
I think it's wonderful to do everything together and even washing the dishes can be interesting to do it with a beloved person.
I don't need the invitation fro ma hotel.
I hope that this time I have answered all the questions.
I really have fallen in love with you and hope that you trust me,
cause without trust the relations won't work.
Yours Olga
Letter 8

Hello, my dearest Norbert!
if i can have one wish, it would be, to be in your arms now.
if i have only one desire, it would be, to make love to you. if i have only one dream, it would be, to live the rest of my life with you. i miss you my dearest so much. my life is becoming so nice,
since you come into it, i started to enjoy life much more than before, my life have more sunshine, more flavor, and it is worth living just because of you. today, i feel like if i am walking on clouds, the whole world is not big enough for me, all of that because of you!
I miss you terribly and can't wait for that day when i will be in your embraces, i think i will lose consciousness because of happiness!
i'm very happy that we have settled everything, that was a little misunderstanding and I hope it won't happen again. I do trust you and believe that you also trust me.
My full name is: Olga Radkevich My home address is:
House 7
Geroev Brestskoy Kreposti Block
Miss you and dream to be together!
Yours forever, Olga
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