Letter(s) from Anastasia Timofeeva to Pranou (France)

Letter 1

hello my dearHello dear Pranou!
Pleased to receive your news.
I met you on a dating site. My name is Albina Bychkova. Born July 17, 1985, height 165 cm, weight 51 kg.
There was a time to write you a letter. Maybe at the end of next week I will start again travel around the city, but while I'm here and I can write you a letter.
dear Pranou, I want to say that I live alone in their own apartment, which I got from my grandmother. Of course apartment in need of repair, but I still live here and I do at home. I have parents, but they live in another part of Russia and I have not seen them long ago, the last time I came to see him in sahalin, 3 years ago, my father and mother lived fun, but poorly. They divorced, but still often together ... in general. they have their own life, I have - their own. I would not like to talk about them a lot.
I have no siblings, unfortunately, but I have a cousin with whom we rarely see each other, it - a sailor:) he travels to many countries, so it is always on the move.
Tell me about your past relationships? Of course if you want to ...
I had two friends. Since the first man we met from the second year when I was an accountant. met for 2 years, but then parted, we were completely different and younger. Then I met a man who was 15 years older than me at that time (I like men who are more mature me. With them is to talk about.) In fact, I could not enter into relations with a man who younger than me or same age but at the same time I understand that all ages can love and life can turn around dramatically. Ultimately, I'm tired of the mat there - here, there is a desire to find a place where I spent the rest of his life, the main thing that was next to loving a man and for him I could do a lot.
Sorry for the short letter, would like to write more in this letter, but we need to go, I'll write next.
I look forward to your next letter. I must continue to work.

Letter 2

Good day my friend Pranou!
I hope you are all well. Today is a great warm day, despite the fact that yesterday was different.
Light of the sun is very bright and the air smells fresh and at the same time the wind blows from the rivers.
Since today was a pleasure to work. My city - the second largest in the Nizhny Novgorod region after most of Nizhny Novgorod
is located on the banks of the Oka River. I like my town, life is not fast, but of course there are all kinds of people,
a lot of bad and a lot of good, I think it's anywhere like this:)
I do not know would you like to write to each other not the virtual letters? You can send me an email to my email address:
Albina Bychkova
606000, Nizhny Novgorod region.,
street Chapaeva, 38, ap. 12
Of course, if you want.
And just want to hear your voice. dear Pranou, can you give me your phone number? Write if you can ... I, in turn,
can not leave your phone number. my apartment is the home phone, because in today's world it is actually not needed.
Much faster, easier, more efficient use of mobile phones In Russia almost everyone has a mobile, even a child.
But I dropped my phone in water, so it does not work, I recently gave it for repair, unfortunately,
but I think that I could try to call you with the post office or from any landline phone.
I want to say without exaggeration that you really like me. so I'm glad we communicate with you Pranou.
I had tried to open his own business, but I did not succeed. I had an idea to open his own newspaper,
open a hair salon and beauty salon, I had everything, and most importantly a quality-researched business plan in any case,
but I did not give a bank loan. Here in Russia is difficult to get a loan for the development of the business, I hope you understand.
But nonetheless, I now work for the state have a stable salary and do not complain about life, but I am missing a simple kind of love.
With your letters, I feel that my life is changing, I'm a completely different feel my start to the day.
Every day a new and enjoyable in all respects.
Okay, I digress, must go ...
Sincerely, Albina

Letter 3

Kiss you
My love Pranou!
I am happy to inform you that today I will fly to you, that is, at first I iudv Moscow, the day after my flight. Here are the data of the flight.
Moscow - Paris Feb 25
Flight AF1471 from Moscow Sheremetyevo 25 Feb 11:30
Boeing 320 Paris 12:30 25 Feb Charles De Gaulle Intl
peresadka in g. Paris 4h 5 m
Paris - Marseille 25 Feb
Flight AF6032 from Paris 16:35 25 Feb Orly Arpt
Airbus 319 in Marseille 17:50 25 Feb Marseille Provence Arpt
Marseille - Moscow May 25
Flight AF4316 from Marseille 14:45 May 25 Marseille Provence Arpt
Airbus Industrie 320 Moscow Sheremetyevo 20:30 May 25
Tonight I am going by train to Moscow - it will be longer than on a plane ... but the important thing is that I will see you Pranou.
But today again I look unimportant. The whole day I had a bad temper in his stomach, and I accidentally rude passer-by, who hurt me ...
It's not like me, but that day a strange, probably because I feel now a lot of emotions - it is an approximation to seeing you this spring, it is critical days .... But still, I'm completely different!
I have a unique feature that I do not like conflict and avoid them in every way, I can not say anything in response to the person who offended me - this is my challenge.
In men, I like everything, it would be better if I was born a man. :) If I had not given birth and I did not have monthly - these hard days for me, I'm very hard to bear these days. : (
You know, if I had the opportunity to ask God one question, I asked what the essence of being? Why do we live? for what?
Have you no matter what the question was asked Pranou? you can not answer .... Now is not the point, I understand ...
I have already packed up a week ago, I watched the weather in your country, so I'm completely ready for anything.
I goodbye as with almost all the friends and acquaintances, some friends, my very best to come see me on the train. I would be very nice.
Now, I must still give the keys to his apartment a friend who said to watch her, she just has nowhere to live, she went from her parents. :)
Now I will write you tomorrow when I'll be in Moscow, as it will be important to you. So you're ready to meet me. I'm still very worried ...
but I understand that I am happy ... Because I love you ...

P.s. Kiss you. Soon we'll be together ...

Letter 4

My love Pranou!
I'm in Moscow ... I'm really hard to say this, but I do not treat for you ...
I was stopped at departure to you at the airport when I went through customs. When Customs are bailiffs.
They looked at the database in their computer and they said that I have a loan that I have not paid yet.
I must still state-owned bank now, so do not let people who have at least some debts to the state.
I have my pocket money this approximately 1350 euro, but you must still 680 euro, I really do not know what to do ...
I am writing to you in euros, so you can evaluate the credit is actually in rubles.
I feel even more so, I can not find money here. I tried to call their friends and acquaintances, said the assistance would ask them to pay my credit, but no, they can not. But how? I can not go back home now.
I have to go straight to you! dear Pranou, please help me, I'm sure that in future the money will be with us ...
I bought tickets and now I can only exchange them or receive only a percentage of their value ...
my love Pranou, just tell me, can you help? if not, then I'll understand everything, but I do not see any other way, it makes no sense to wait, but I understand that now everything in your power whether we are together in the coming days ...
I understand this ... and yet I'm very bad to know that I am powerless now ... I can not so! because I love you! Yes, I very strongly love you ...
I never thought I'd ask for help, the more you have, but I have no one to ask more, just for you. I have tried virtually all options, which somehow could find the money to pay the loan, but no, now everywhere complexity.
I changed the tickets to the day after tomorrow, if tomorrow you will be able to help me. I can then transfer money to your bank.
There are international remittance system.
I hope for your help. I will stay at the hotel today, I'll write you later ... I love ... I miss ... and really want to see you ...
Please email me ... Pranou!