Letter(s) from Anastasia Timofeeva to Peter (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hi, my friend Peter! I was waiting for your answer, because I'm happy to talk with you. I believe that you are very interesting, kind and sociable person! I want to thank you for what you continue to write to me, and I rejoice with your letters every day.
Peter, how are you doing? What did you do today? How are things at work? Are you okay? I worry about you ... I'm very worried about you, and I want to know what you're all right.
My address is: the city of Pskov, Lenin Street. Building 62. Apartment 24.
My day was not very good. In the morning I slept on his job. I did not hear the alarm and slept on his work for an hour. I woke up at 9:00 am, no breakfast, I had to quickly go to work. When I came to work, I had a serious conversation with my boss. My boss gave me a reprimand. I'm not very good mood, I went to his work Activities. Thank God, today was not a lot of customers. Otherwise, I just could not stand it and would be very upset ... The time passed very quickly, and I decided to go home.

I decided to take a walk, get some fresh air and just to dispel the thought. On the way home I went to the store to buy groceries and cook dinner. When I came home, I undressed and laid out the food, and then became involved in the preparation of dinner. For dinner, I decided to make a salad, which is called (Winter Garden), and I also made a baked potato with mushrooms .. This was dinner tonight at my house.

After dinner, I went to take a shower to remove the fatigue. After the shower, I started to do a manicure. I like to look good. Any decent girl should monitor their appearance. Do you agree with me, my dear friend Peter ?? When I saw your message on my face immediately broke into a smile, and my mood was better. This is how my day was. Recently, my life has become very monotonous. I stopped going to the movies, stopped going to the theater, an ice rink to skate. I do not know why, but in my life there were only two main goals - a house and a job. But now I have another important goal, it's you! Thank you for your existence in my life.

On it I finish my letter. I think you want to know how my day was. I also wonder how you spend your day? What's new in your life? You can tell me all about yourself. I'll look forward to your response.

Letter 2

Peter, I am very glad to see your letter. And I feel your kisses on the lips.

I feel your hands. You hug me. And tell me words of love.

Your letter makes my heart jump again in the chest.
Dear, I wrote you my phone number. I do not know why you can not reach me.
Today was a good day. And I managed to do a lot. I had a great desire to learn about the rules of the trip to your country.

And I was able to learn a lot. I now have the information that I need to do to travel to you.

And I can tell you about the events of my day. After work I went to a company that is engaged in registration of documents for international travel.

I had a conversation with a man who told me all the details.

I learned what documents I need to do to fly to you.

Also, I was shown a list of expenses. It was also very important to me.

I liked that the agency can organize a trip for 10 days. This means that after my conversion to the agency, I can arrive to you in 10 days.

I will need to visit the embassy of your country. I will need to have a copy of your document. it is necessary for the embassy.

I have to make a visa, medical insurance. it's not so easy to do, but it is possible. Passport, I already have. I made it a year ago. And he was given 10 years. I am ready to overcome all the difficulties to be together with you.

I was told that all the details, which also have an impact on total costs. The cost of a trip to Moscow and more.

Peter, to pay for all the costs would amount to $ 1,500. is the maximum amount. I even considered the cost of state taxes, the cost of plane tickets, the cost of documents, and more. Visa will be done for 3 months. But this is not the limit. After 3 months of living together, we can extend the visa. And so I can stay with you.

Peter, in front of me there is one problem. I need a year to save up the full amount, and that I was able to arrive to you.

Honey, I gathered all my savings in my house and was able to find $ 700. But this is not enough. I do not have $ 700. You can not pay for my trip out of your country. I need to be sure to do all the documents in his country. The travel agency will coordinate all activities. The same agency will be responsible for my stay. I hope you understand me.

Without your help, I can not quickly come to you. Today, I turned to my mother. But my mother with tears in her eyes told me that he could not help me. Mom has a loan for an apartment. I wrote you a long letter now. And a lot of important words that I wrote.

I want to tell you that I have a great desire to see you soon. I want to start our life together, as partners.

I hope that we can make our plans. and we will have a happy life together.

I finish the letter. I'll wait for your answer. Your Olga!

I love you.

She says the last photo is her mum and dad