Letter(s) from Olga Koreneva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

It is so nice to meet you! I would be happy to start our communication to be able to know you closer. I am a simple woman with a big resource of love, tenderness and passion in my heart.
I will do my best to make my beloved man happy. I like this world and each moment of our life is precious to me.
So, I do not want to waste my time for jokes and fakes. If you are serious man and if you feel the same, I would be happy to get your response with more information about you.


From Olya.

Letter 2

Nice to meet you!! You are a very handsome man!!!!! My name is Olya and I am happy to start our communication. I think we have the same aims and I am sure I will be able to give to you all that you need.
I have read your letter carefully and I should confess that I like you very much.
Some words about me and my life. I live in Ukraine, in Rubezhnoye city, which is situated in Lugansk region. My family is not big- me and my mom. My dad passed away when I was 22 because of a heart attack. It was a big tragedy for us, but he is always in our memory. I am only one child in my family, but I have my cousin sisters.
I work in a beauty salon as a cosmetologist. I deal with a make-up and procedures for facial. So, I help to many women to save their beauty and youth. J My wage is not big in my country and I am not rich, because a life level is very low here, especially now, when the war takes place.
I was born on the 13th of December, in 1979. My height is 165 cm and my weight is 53 kg. I have never been married before and I do not have children. I had serious relationship with one man about six years. Unfortunately we were different and we decided to stop our connection. Now I am in a search of my true soul mate and I am sure that our correspondence will help us to know each other better and of course I would be happy to meet you after some time of our communication.
You should know that my English is not strong, but I try to learn it by myself, because I understand its importance for my future. My friend Alina helps me to write and to send my letters to you, because I do not have my laptop. It is a very expensive thing for me. Her English is much better and I asked her to give to me a favor. J
By the way, I adore cooking, reading, painting, music and traveling. Unfortunately I can’t afford to myself to travel a lot because of my finances, but my dream is to see a beauty of this world. I have been to Russia and Crimea.
What else? I can say that I am a calm person and I hate quarrels. I always try to find a compromise and I am not stubborn. I do not like arrogant people. I have many good friends, but only two of them are very close to me. I can appreciate a friendship and I am a very devoted person.
So, my love can belong only to one man and forever.
If you have any questions to me, I would be happy to answer all of them. I do not have anything to hide from you and I do not want to have any secrets between us.
Also I would be glad to know more about your life. I want to know you much better as a person and probably we will be able to create something special between us.
Please, write to me soon!! I wish you to have a nice day!!!

Letter 3

Hello again!
Thank you very much for your letter and nice photos. I was waiting for it. It seems to me our communication will be interesting with a good result. J I would be very happy to meet you when we know each other better.
I am very sorry about your marriage. Your story is very sad. It was terribly!!!!!
How are you today? What kind of plans do you have for tomorrow?
As for me, I try to survive during this hard time. The fighting doesn’t take place now in my city, but some time ago it was like a nightmare. It is very hard to describe what I saw. I faced with a real war and it was terribly. Many people left the city, but I couldn’t do that because I couldn’t leave my mom alone / she has a high blood pressure and it would be dangerously to her to have a trip/.
Our house was damaged and we had to move to a rent flat. Now the city doesn’t have a good support of a food, social payments and other necessary things. It is a hard situation with electricity and water. We do not have a phone and Internet connection at all here. My friend Alina bought a very expensive Internet modem for her computer and thanks to her I can send my letters to you. Unfortunately I can’t use a Skype connection, because her modem has a limit and as I wrote to you before, it is very expensive, but as soon as the connection is established here, I will be very happy to see you by cam and to hear your voice.
The people do not get a wage now, but we continue to work, because we have a hope to get it one day, when the situation on the East of Ukraine becomes normal.
You know, I have never thought that one day I can see an ugly face a war. I think my memory will never delete it.
Very often I see sweet dreams about wonderful sea and mountains. Probably because I so want to go to the seaside and to have a rest from all this mess there. Of course I want to make my dream true with my beloved man, whom I will devote all my life. I am not a bad cooker. J I like to make many surprises and I am a romantic person. I understand that our life is only one moment and we should get a pleasure from each day!
My heart and soul are full of love and tenderness and I am ready to give it to my one and only man. Probably you will be that man…. Who knows? JJ
Please, tell me about your casual day and send to me more photos of you. I should finish my letter now and I will be waiting for your response impatiently.
With the warmest regards,

Letter 4

I am so happy to get the news from you! Thank you very much for your letter and nice photos. I can’t stop thinking of you after two letters and I do not have a desire to continue my search. I am a woman of one man and I do not need an intrigues and games in my life.
You are a very interesting person and you are special to me. I would be happy to look into your soul deeper thanks to our letters and my intuition says that I do not make a mistake. You are a man whom I need.
You know, my intuition saves me always. It is very strong and always correct.

How are you today? It is always nice for me to read about your plans and thoughts. Our communication is very easy to me and I have a hope we will try to build something special between us.
As for me, I am fine. I have a hope the war will be finished soon and the people will be able to rebuild their damaged houses and souls. You even can’t imagine how much grief is here! Many people lost a lot. I do not speak about houses and things. They lost their dearest and nearest people and they lost a hope for the future.
As for me, I try to be strong. It seems to me I will be able to overcome any hardships if I have a love in my heart. I will become stronger if I am next to my beloved man. That is why I have started my search and… I am very happy you are in my life now.

my dear, your age is OK for me. I am a mature woman also and my priority is inner world. I like your life experience and your wisdom. It is your treasure. Our bodies can become older, but our souls will save their age.

My dear, there was a mistake in my profile as for the city. I asked one of my friends to set my profile on the dating site because I do not have my computer. So, I even do not know how to do it. Anyway, it doesn't matter because I have already stopped my search.
I was touched with the story about your best gift. YOu are absolutely right about the money. As for me, it is only a paper.
Unfortunately I should finish my letter now. Alina says to you hello. J
I wish you to have a nice day and… I kiss you. JPlease, write to me soon.
Your Olya.

Letter 5

Hello my dear!!!!

It is so nice for me to get your letter and nice photos! I should confess that I start to miss you very much and I can’t stop thinking of you.
My friend Alina respects my choice and she is happy to help us.
your statements about wife and husband are very wise ad I agree absolutely with you. Sometimes it seems to me that you read my thoughts.
How are you today? As for me, I am fine. My working day was shorter today, than usually. So, I got a chance to write my letter to you. J
You know, I like to drink some coffee or cappuccino without sugar with a cheese in the morning. What about you? How do you like to start your day?
Also, I like to cook very much and I think you would like our Ukrainian food, which is very tasty and healthy. Have you ever tastes borsch? It is the main Ukrainian national dish. J I promise to make for you the best borsch one day. J
You know, I like my country, our traditions and culture. Our people are very kind and hospitable, but I do not understand our corrupted government, which tries to make the genocide against the people here. Our life level is very low here and the war took away many hopes for the future development. Terribly.
Anyway, I am an optimistic person and I never lose my hope.
Can I ask you one question? What kind of comparison can you find to the relationship between man and woman?
As for me, it is like existence in one “boat”. J I mean understanding, loyalty and respect. I think the compromise should take the place in this “boat”.
Do you know such Russian writer as Anton Chekhov? He is one of my favorite writers and I like one phrase of him: “If you do not know what kind of feelings you have to the person, just close your eyes and try to imagine that this person doesn’t exist anywhere. Then everything will become clear to you.”
What do you think about it, my dear?
Sorry, I should finish my letter because Alina has a limited Internet. I like our communication very much!!
I wish you to have a nice day and I will be waiting for your response impatiently!! I am sending my sweet kisses to you!
Sincerely your Olya.
P.S. as soon as the mobile conenction appears here, I will call to you immediately. Unfortunately we do not have it now. (