Scam letter(s) from Marina to Rick (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Richard !!!
Richard, I am very glad that you answered me. Until today, the day I thought it was just a waste of time. But now I see I was wrong! Richard, I very much want to find their true love. Many people say they find someone with whom you're ready to spend the rest of his life on the Internet is simply impossible. My friends say that there are many people who are willing to cheat and play on people's feelings. Richard, I hope that you are a very nice person. I am a new person on the Internet, and still do not know much. But I hope that our friendship with you and you can continue to teach me many things. Richard, I am very glad that in this infinite space of the Internet, I found just for you! For me it would be a great pleasure to know you better. I hope you can answer me in return. After all, I have never got acquainted with a man in this way. For me it's something new. I want to tell you about myself. I live in Russia in the city of Samara. I'm 30 years old. I hope it will not hurt our communication with you? If you want to know more about me, then ask, and in the next letter I will answer you. Richard, along with my letter I send you my picture again. I too will wait with impatience for your answer and your photos! Write to me, I'm going to wait for your letter. Marina.
PS sorry for the long letter, just a lot of.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Richard!
Interestingly I can pronounce you dear?
Richard how are you? I hope you're doing well.
If I'm really interested you, maybe we'll ever meet, and we say to each other kind words. I'm a simple woman, and just looking for my man!
And now I want to tell you about me directly. I work as a pediatrician at the hospital, because I really love children, this is a very good job and I really like it. My hobby is listening to music and reading books. I love to read novels about love. And what about the music, I like a variety of music, but most of all I like classical music.
Just my hobby-fitness. Richard I visit twice a week gym and engaged in fitness, and you love to play sports? If you play sports, what?
Now I want to tell you about my city, in our city a lot of trees in our country, in Russia it is very beautiful nature, and in my town as well. I love walking in the park in the summer. I love to watch the sunrise. Richard, I want to find a man for serious relationship. I do not smoke, sometimes me and my friends go on nature and can drink a little wine. And now I would really like you to tell about yourself. What do you like and what is not? Richard, tell me about your character, I really want to know more about you. Richard, I'm going to wait for your answer. Please answer me as soon as possible. I really hope to get your answer. Marina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Richard!
I am a single woman, and when I receive your letter, I just feel that I'm not as lonely man. Richard, I read your letter many times, and I want to tell you that it is very pleasant for me that you have given me attention and worried about me, and I am very pleased that we communicate with you. I feel really good feeling from you.
I am very pleased to receive again from you the photo. I love your photos. I always happy to open your picture on my computer. Thank you for that. As before, I will send you a photo, too.
Richard sometimes I think about our relationship, and I hope we do not play games with you, I hope that we create our bright future, and I hope you write me the truth. My dear Richard, I promise that I will never deceive you, I hate when someone - you cheating on me, and I think that we are serious in this. Richard, I feel the sincerity in your letters. My soul tells me that you are a fair man. I do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. I want to have a bright future, and I hope that you also want to do this. Richard, I know that we can not meet with you right now, I am just waiting for that moment when it is possible. We need to know each other more, and only then will we be able to meet with you I think that all people should do only those things that they love. Richard you have a lot of friends? I think you must have a lot of friends, because our life will be much better if we have a lot of friends. What can I tell you more? Richard you have a dream? I have a dream, I very much want to be loved. My dear Richard write to me as often as possible, as I am very much forward to your letters, and I love to read them. I want to know your perspective on life. What principles do you have? Richard on I will finish my letter, and I look forward to your next letter. Answer me as soon as possible. Your Marina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Richard!
Richard how are you doing today? How - your mood? I hope you're doing well. Thank you for your nice letter.
Me again and again delight your beautiful photos. Thank you very much for what you are sending them to me. I love your photos. Your photos bring light into my life. I am very grateful to you for it.
Today at work was a little patients. By this, I was able to open the book and read a little. This book of Russian detectives. They are not as famous as Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. just yesterday my friend Anna invited me and our friends in the movie. I love going to the movies, but unfortunately I have very little time to go there often. My dear Richard, and you love going to the movies? What kind of movies do you like? I love the old Soviet films. That show on TV. Another thing I want to ask you one question.
Richard what are your plans for the future for me? And if you're just joking with me, say it to me. Do not break my heart if I do not need you. Because I am serious about you! As for me, I can come to you in the future. Perhaps this is my destiny, and your well. I would very much like to meet you. Richard, I'm not joking with you. Please answer me.
After all, since when we first met, my heart lit up a little spark. With each passing day the spark grew and grew brighter. I realized that my feelings for you have grown into something more. I loved you with all my heart and all my soul and I can no longer imagine life without you. You are for me was the air in the hot sun.
While !!! Your favorite Marina.
PS as I would very much like to hear your voice, tell me your phone number, I'll call you as soon as I connect an international call.
Letter 5
Hi my favorite Richard!
My mood is very good, because I read your letter again. Every day I receive from you good energy, you make me one of the happiest women in the world. I feel that I'm not alone, as I talk to you. When I read your letter, my soul is filled with joy, I love to read your letters.
Richard, I would love talking to you in Skype, but I still did not get a laptop repaired. I will definitely call you in Skype, but now I do not have such an opportunity! I'm writing informed that I will immediately call you as soon as possible.
I want to ask you, my dear, you're a pessimist or an optimist? I want to tell you that I am an optimist. I always think about the future with hope, and I always hope to believe. I hope to start a family with a good man.
Richard when you feel bad for the soul, what are you doing? When my soul is very bad, I include very loud music, and I listen to sad music when very sad at heart, and when I listen to sad music, my bad feelings left me tears. I love to work, I'm a hardworking person. What can I tell you yet today? I love working with children. I love to give good advice to people. As a child I wanted to be a doctor, and my dream came true. I loved to play with my mom to the game: "Hospital", when I was still a child.
And also I want to tell you about their feelings that emerged during our conversation:
I find myself thinking that with every stitch letters our distance decreases and becomes closer that happy moment when I can hug you and be able to say, how do I care about those moments together ... My favorite, my dear, is the best in the world so you want to be close to you. I love you, and so do all of us to be happy together.
At this point I will finish my letter, and I look forward to your response. Answer me as soon as possible, I'm always happy when I receive your letters. I am waiting for your answer.
Your Marina.
Letter 6
Hi my favorite Richard!
Honey, I would like to receive from you in the photo *******. That would be interesting. Unfortunately I can not send you back the same photo. I do not like this photo.
Today I went to a travel company, and they told me that their company can prepare my documents so that I could come to you. I was told there that my documents will be ready in about 2 weeks. They will have to prepare my passport and insurance, then they will have to order me a visa. The agent said that the visa I would have to arrive in Moscow at your embassy. They said they could take care of the fact that I could get a visa without any problems. Then the agency will be required to book a ticket for me and a more convenient route of flight. I told them that I probably will sign a contract with them for my stay. My dear Richard tomorrow I will study the details of the cost of the flight, and the necessary documents. Today I had some free time from my work, and I was not able to examine in detail all. My dear Richard, I very much hope that we will be all right, and that we will soon be with each other. I often think about it. My dear Richard, I would like to ask you, if the cost of your trip will be a great, if you can help me pay for part of it? I hope that little bit of money for our meeting with you will not be a problem for you? I hope you do not have to help. I have money. We just do not know what can happen. Is not it? My dear Richard write to me as soon as possible, I'm going to wait your letter.
I kiss you.
Letter 7
Hi my favorite Richard !!!
I do not even know where to start.
cute, I understand the seriousness of your attitude, but I am informed that I can not send you a photo of the ****** content. Please forgive me and do not be mad at me. I believe that during the meeting you can see everything. is not it?
Richard today I went to a travel agency to find out the sum of the flight for you. I was told that the visa and passport costs $ 250, and a round trip ticket from $ 650, health insurance and other documents necessary for departure to your country $ 260 and get 1160 dollars. Richard tomorrow I get paid $ 500, and I will make them, but I do not have another $ 660 to come to you.
I hope you can help me, and then I'll write an application for registration of visa and documents, but it must be done as soon as possible. Will you help me ??? Documents will be prepared for about two weeks, and maybe even earlier, I said so in the travel company. My visa will be valid for 60 days. I already know how you will meet me at the airport with flowers. My favorite Richard for me it is very important that you trust me, and help me with the money to fly to you. Because without your help I would not be able to carry out the flight for you.
I think that trust is the most important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman. I really trust you, and do not want to lose you ever! I hope that soon we'll be together! Answer me as soon as possible, I'm going to wait for your letter. Your favorite Marina.
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