Letter(s) from Nadezhda to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my prince David!! How are you? My love I am very happy to receive a letter from you, a letter that supports me in the days of our parting with you. Thank you for your letter. I'm happy that we're in love. Always. Today when I read your letter on my face again shining smile. I know you well. And that's my only wish is to make you happy. I told you and tell you this yet, I just yours and you are mine alone. I do not need no man in the world, except you. Because you're my prince who ever took my heart itself. And I'm not against it, I just happy about this. My love, I want to tell you that I believe that today is my day at work went well. Today we are engaged with the children more creative items. We drew today nature. And besides drawing we have engaged in molding of the clay, molded humans and animals. And of course, today we are also engaged in mathematics and Russian language, and my day was quite productive at work. And how was your day? How's the weather? Today we have a sunny, but at night we have on the street is cold.My love, I want to tell you that if you want to come to me, I certainly do not mind this, but in this case rather start the process for my arrival to me and come to me soon because I'm tired of being away from you and I want us to be together soon. I'm tired of being away from you. My love I do not want to wait for many months of the meeting. My love is when you start the process for your stay with me? My love and here I'll be able to take vacation only in December, but now the only thing I can do is just quit your job. And I think that that is what I will do, you're gonna take me with you. My love but my past photos that I sent to you I made it recently. But in a restaurant, I do not mind to go with you, and I certainly would wear a beautiful dress and it does not matter what color it is.I think it's - destiny, fate that I met you. I am madly in love with you, my dear. Your letters are filled with love and care, and I am pleased to feel that the world is a man who loves me, appreciates, respects and waiting. I thank God that we found each other in this cruel world. In a world where already starting to forget what it means to love and be truly loved. We are with you found each other, and I know that despite all the obstacles that have arisen between us, we'll be together. You need to believe it, and do all that depends on you to make the dream come true. One should always go through life to the dream and put maximum effort. If something you really want, then everything is in our hands. It all depends on the person, and only he builds himself his fate. My love I dream of our meeting, and about how we're going to love each other, I have a dream that we will give each other a lot of petting. I dream about how you're going to have to wear on your hands, as we cuddle, we will walk in the park and hold each other's hands. I want this, I think about it constantly.
In the small time that we're familiar with, I realized a lot .... I realized that I was never in the world have not met such a good and sincere man like you! I love you! But just remember this always. Fine, I love you !!! You need to me. I understand that I can be happy only when I am with you. I'm thankful, I'm grateful to God that we met each other! You are my destiny! I love you with all my heart and soul! your Nadezhda

Letter 2

Hello my love David!
My love is like you, and whether you're good at? I'm fine with the exception that upsets me more and more that we are not together. My love, I love you very much, and I was upset that I'm not with you. The longer I'm away from you, the sadder and sadder to me. I wish I could now be close to you and I in reality get your love. My love, I hope that soon we'll work it out, and soon we will be able to be together. I love you and my dearest wish is to be with you. Today is my day as usual was at work. I worked hard at school today. My love as I understand you would like to know if I showed my photos to my mom. I want to tell you that I have not done, because I do not have your photos printed. My love as I understand you would like to know whether you are beautiful. My love you are really beautiful. And I really like to enjoy your photos. And here to meet you, I would like in your country and not in any other, because I wanted to see where you live and I would like to get acquainted with your family. My love and here at work one of my colleagues know about you and me and I personally do not mind it our relationship and she wants us to have with you all turned out. My love and that's my mom, I did not say how old you are, but I do not think that it would be against our relationship because you're older than me, because for her the most important thing that I was happy. My love pies and of course I know how to do, and I often do them in the oven or on a hot fire in the oil, but they are good it does best in the Russian stove.David My prince, I am sure that my life will not be the same, what it was before. I am sure that when I arrive to you, then I will need to change my life. I will wait for the difficulties. But I'm sure my little bear that with you I can overcome all of this. I am sure that you will help me, and then I'll feel in your country as in their own country. I want to be with you, my prince. For me the most important thing and I hope that you will treat me as well as I to you. For me is really important to you and I could be together, and so I ask you to understand that I want to come to you and to me it is very important to be with you. Every minute I dream only of you. I love you and you are my only prince, to whom I want to come to the other side of the planet and to be with you forever. I want to create with you family. I understand that, we first need to know each other in real life. But still, my love, I'm sure we'll be able to start a family. I'm sure of it, because that's about it every time my heart says. I can not disobey him, and so I ask you to understand, my prince, that you are really important to me. I am ready to give everything in the world to be with you now. I'm sorry that nothing will help me to do this and only time can join us, that you and I were together, and that's why I'll wait as long as necessary. I love you and I'm willing to wait for you forever. Now, my prince, I'll finish my message to you. And I'll be waiting for your answer. I love you, and I'm sorry, I'm still not with you.
your Nadezhda

Letter 3

Hello gentle bear David
Today I went to my email address in the hope that I will be able to see your letter, and I was happy when I got it. I'm always very difficult when I am unable to read your letters. After all, only because of your letters, I can feel your love and thanks to your letters, I can understand that I'm not alone in this world and in this world I have you. He who loves me and waiting. My love today I rested. Today again had tutoring. But I hope that today is your day, at least you're better than I spend.My love I do not know for what reason you're saying that I do not write to you, but I personally wrote to you on September 11, and after that I just now got your answer. I do not know what the problem is, but I hope that we will not have problems with mail delivery and I hope that our emails will be up to each other. I want to tell you that when we are together, neither of which will not interfere with our happiness. Because you can not prevent the two loving hearts. And I can imagine how many years we will together read our letters, who wrote to each other. I think it will be very funny, and we will be happy with a smile and remember some of the highlights of this. I will be happy when you're calling me his beautiful bride, but then his beloved wife. I just imagine that I am standing in a white dress at the altar before the priest, and hold your hand. The Holy Father asks me if I want to be your wife and carry your name, to live with you in joy and sorrow, to be the mother of your children and I nod my head. Because you and me, my knight, waiting for this all our lives. Then the priest asked the same questions you have, and you are also in accordance with replies "Yes, I agree to be the husband of this woman." We must not lose his happiness, which is already so close. It seems that's left to do the final step, and this is it happiness is in our hands to you. And I want to take this step. I know that it will not step into the abyss, but it is a step in the sea of our happiness and our joy. Because we love each other. Because I trust you, just as I trust myself. We expect a great time when we're going to stand by the window and look at the starry sky. Will shine a bright moon, and gentle pale moonlight will fall gently on our faces. You're holding my arm with one hand, but with the other hand you put your arms around me. I feel as good as never before felt. You take me in his strong arms and talking about me on the bed, where you are, it gives me a heavenly pleasure. That night we'll remember for a lifetime, because it will be a magical night, my knight. I very much look and a great desire to wait, when will you meet me at the airport and take me in his arms, my love. How I wish that this time it is as soon as possible. Do you think it will be? I imagined a lot of variety of choices, and they were all great. But perhaps it does not matter, as it will be much more important is that we'll be together. Only I need you and I will only belong to you. Unfortunately, I have to finish this letter, but at the same time I have sent a lot of my kisses. I love you my kitten, love and really miss.
your Nadezhda

Letter 4

Hello my love David,
My love again I happy to see your letter. Every day your letters bring me much joy. My love I am very sad that the days go by, time is running out, and we're still together. I would like as soon as possible to be with you. Because for me it is very hard to be away from my favorite David. I would be a great joy to be with you, to live my life with you and love you with all my heart. I want to overcome the way and most importantly, get closer to you. I want to be closer to you. And for that I need to come to you to get closer to you. Only with you time to stop and then I will feel all the flavor of love and all the warmth and tenderness that will caress me every day and every night. My love, I think you know how I want to be with you rather be with you. As I just want to be with you and to be your partner, which will you throughout your life, to love and care for you to please your eyes. I want to be a support for you in life. I want to be with you family. I want to have you in my life. My love I hope your day was good? Because my day, I can not tell you what went well, because today, unfortunately, had to work again, and so I could not relax. I was engaged in tutoring. Weather We also are not happy, because we now often rains.My love forgive that just today I write to you, but yesterday I did not have access to the Internet. At work, there was no access to the Internet due to technical reasons and, therefore, only today I am writing to you. My love, I'm glad to hear that you are well spent your weekend, and of course it's just a pity that I did not have with you, because I am sure that together we might better spend that time. But sea foods we eat and of course I love them except for seaweed. But your pictures that you sent me, they loved me. My love do you ask me about the phone call to you and I really do not understand why once again, I say this, if I have already said that as soon as I get a chance, then I will make a call to you. And in my last letter I told you that my phone does not make international calls and that is why we do not talk to you. My love, I want to kiss you in reality, and I know that only with you I will be happy in the present. Only when I'm with you, I will be fine, because I know that you love me. And I know what you're going to make me happy. I also will do my best to make you feel good to me. To your face always had a smile. I wish you could be happy with me. I want to give you my love. When I arrive to you, I gave you my concern, I'll warm you warm my soul and warmth of my heart. My love is as well, if we turn our words into reality, because it is really a life with a capital letter. It is a life in which we rejoice our love. It is a life in which we understand how much we need each other. For me it is important that you have been with me and loved me. The main thing for me to be with you in reality. I do not want to be away from you. I so want you to caress me and always told me about love and happiness that is in your heart. Only you, my prince, who loves me and waiting for me. My love, I love you and I think that when you read my letter, then you will realize how much I need you. These are my words that sound to you, so that you understand how much I love you with all my heart. My love, I miss you. I can not even put into words all that sadness that torments my heart. My love for this my letter ends, but tomorrow I will write you my letter.

your Nadezhda

Letter 5

Hello my dear David! How are you? I am personally in order. Today in my day there was nothing interesting and remarkable. Today I am as usual a lot of time spent at work. Today we are with the students spent the first lesson in physical education. Now in the autumn of the first than we will work with children in physical education classes, is learning to play various games. This is the main and most popular basketball game, then we will learn to play football and volleyball and gymnastics already then go closer to January. I am not a professional teacher for physical education, but physical education classes in the younger groups, we teach it. But when they already go into the older group, then there is in each subject and including the physical education of children will have a personal tutor and he will be all the more in-depth teach children. And my problem is not so much on the job. I need to teach children the basics of basic knowledge of the subjects.My love, I want to tell you that I do not understand the reason for which you can not reach me, because my phone is constantly in touch. My love, I'm glad you gave me your phone number, and then I call to you, and I think that I will call to you tonight after work, but my phone number is: +7 (922) 240-0934. My love as I understand you would like to know which of my photos very fresh and my photo with red hair is the latest picture. My love you can not imagine now how I've missed you. Now I would give anything in the world in order to be close to you. Every day I am more and more miss you. My longing for you is very strong, because I really miss you. I want now to be close to you and in reality you receive from your love and your attention. I can not imagine my future life without you. I can not imagine my world, which will not be for you. You are the most important in my life, except my family. After all, my family for me is also very important, and when I arrive to you, then I hope that from time to time we will visit them, so I do not want them to think that I had forgotten about them completely. I would very much like you to meet my family, and I think you'll like each other, as both my mother and my grandmother, they are very good. My love, I want to tell you that you are now constantly circling in my head, I keep thinking about us and about the bright future that will have you expect when we are together. And I would very much like to those happy days when we are in reality to give each other our love came as soon as possible. My love for this my letter ends. But I hope that tomorrow you'll be sure to write me. your Nadezhda

Letter 6

Hello my dear David!
How are you and what is your mood? My mood is good and I spoil a little mood, when I think about the fact that we are still far away from each other. But I hope that soon we will correct it. My heart can not live without you, and it dreams of the day when we'll be able to finally be together and never, not to leave. My love, I want to tell you that my day at work today was good. Today my children have been studying geography, we studied the children studied history and the first topic is the baptism of Russia, and I told the kids about how and how it happened and when. And in general at work was a normal working day.My love as I understand you were on a fishing trip and I'm glad you had a great time there and I only wish that I was not there with you, because I am sure that together we could have a great time. My love as I understand you would like to know if I had read sometime John Grisham. No I did not read it ever. And what are the good works? My love and about to arrive to you in October, I can, but as you know to do that I need money which I do not, so I can not imagine what we will do to meet. Because for me it will not be possible to find such a lot of money to come to you. My love, I think a lot about our country, meetings and I want this day to come as soon as possible. I really think that this day will come one day and then no one and nothing can separate us, and we will only be with you, and we will enjoy every moment spent together. I think we will be a little of the time, few days spent together, a little night out together, and we're going to want more, because you and I love each other. And this love will give us a happy life. Life, which will never be the suffering and sorrow, because we will be happy only because we have the opportunity to be together. I think that when we meet, the field that you and I have nothing and no one will be able to separate because we will hold each other with such force that no one can break. Even the most powerful man in the world can do to you and I broke up, because the love that we're experiencing, is given only to us, and nobody in the world can no longer feel that way, that we experience. Do you believe that? I really want to have a meeting with you, I want to live with you and enjoy life, because only with you I will be happy only with you my heart will be calm and no longer feel that longing, which it is now experiencing. I think that when our hearts to connect with you, then we will truly be the happiest people in the world, and nothing can separate us and make us sick. My love for it I finish my letter, but tomorrow I will wait for your answer.
Your Nadezhda.

Letter 7

Hello my sweet bear David!
Today I am again the happiest woman in the world. And it gave me the happiness of you, your writing. I know that no one except you will not be able to do this, because in my heart lives the love of one man. The man who captured my heart and my dreams. And this man you're my darling. My love how are you? And how was your day? I hope you're all right? I am personally in order, and tomorrow in our school will be opening a new work of the season. Tomorrow, millions of children go to school and thousands of new students enter the school for the first time. And tomorrow will be a busy day as 1 day at work always goes hard. I do not know what I'll do tonight but at work I have today was quite a busy day, because today as yesterday we were preparing for the opening of the school.My love you can not imagine how I'm upset that I can not do anything to come to you. My love is very upset at the bank, because I really hoped that I could get a loan and come to you. My love, I have tried to find these funds. I asked my friends help,, I tried to take a loan to help pay for the work, but all to no avail. And now I just can not imagine what we will do to meet. My love I do not know now where can I get that kind of money, because I have tried all possible options. I tried to borrow money, but no one can help me. My love, I want to ask you for help? Because I can not imagine who else can I go for help. My love I very much hope for your assistance, because I no longer hope in anyone so that I could come to you. I hope that you will be able to help me, because if you can not help me, then I can not imagine who else can help me so I came to see you. If you can help me, then we will meet very soon, and I will do my best to make the day of our meeting took place as it will be possible soon. My love are you talking about that the other girls with whom you want to meet and do not have the money, but I did my fault that I also do not. if I had not, I would have been Nala for the process I came to you and I would do everything I can to come to you how it will be possible soon.My dear my very strong desire in this world is to hold you. Make all your reality and my desires. Love each other, kissing, hugging you. Admire your ogle, feel your gentle caress. Are you my dear Knight will give me in our bedroom. You created me for my David and I for you. We love each other. And our love is eternal. I know our love never goes out. We complement each other. We can not live without each other. I live to you my dear. My heart beats. So we are together. This means that everything will be okay. And we'll be happy together. I end this letter, because today was a difficult day, and I'm tired. But you're always in my dreams and in a different way and can not be, because we love each other.
your Nadezhda

Letter 8

Hello my love David!
Now I feel very bad, painful and sad. Yesterday I spent the whole night crying. I could not sleep for a long time. I have no idea what to do now. As I told you, and yesterday I went to the bank to take out a loan. But I was denied a loan, since I have a small salary. And there is no guarantee that I will be able to repay this loan. The Bank does not like to risk and they denied me immediately. And now I have no idea what to do. As I already told you, in order to come to you, I have to draw up the documents. But I can not pay it. I've been searching for the money, but could not find. And now I have lost all hope that our meeting will actually happen, since I can not do anything. I'm sorry if I gave you false hopes that our meeting will take place. I want to come to you, and I would like to be close to you, as you did to me is very expensive and you are the love of my life. You're the one person with whom I would like to have a bright future. You're the man I've been waiting my whole life. I recently grateful that it brought us together. Fate brought us together so suddenly, and I do not want to just as suddenly, it separated us. My favorite David I do not want to lose you. I really want to come to you, because I love you. And I would have done anything for us to be together. But now I do not know what to do. Tell me, what do we do now? You can help me with this sum? Understand that if you can not help me, then I can not come to you ....
I beg you, write to me as soon as you can.
I'll wait for your letter.
With love and hope, your Nadezhda

Letter 9

My love if I can not afford to travel to you, then perhaps I can not dream about it? My love, I believe that when we are together and that's why I dream of our meeting. And if we do not have faith in a meeting, why then we write to each other? My love you say that you can not help me, but then you're right, because we do not meet with you, since I myself one not cope with all the difficulties to come to you. I'm in such a case, I wish you luck and I hope that you will be happy in the future. I do not see any reason to write more to you, because I do not see what you want something to do with me. good luck

Letter 10

Hello, my love David!
Now I can safely say that I love you. You're the love of my life. You're the love that I've been waiting my whole life. And I love you pure sincere love . You're in this short time that we are familiar with, you could enter into my heart . And now it is forever yours. And now I'm not going to hide my feelings from you. I want to just have my feelings for you were growing up. If you do not have to see me the same feeling that I feel for you , I hope that you ever will be a feeling that I've got you. I do not mind that you're far away from me . So I think that love has no boundaries . And love can not be measured boundaries.My love as I understand you would like to know if I knew English, and you are absolutely right and I know him and I can write as well on it and speak well on it and I'm glad that between us there is no language barrier, and we can understand each other. My love as I understand you would like us to talk to you on the phone and I do not mind that we have talked to you. And you can call me at the following number: +7 (922) 240-0934. I'll be happy to talk to you. And I'll be waiting for your call. My love but meat dishes our country, I certainly would not mind to cook for you and when we meet, then you will know how I cook. My love and that's my family, I already told you, and in some detail, and I want you to recall once again that my father died and I have only my mother and my grandmother and I hope that you do not forget it. And I live with my mom. I want to tell you that I'm an only child and I do not have any brothers or sisters, but I certainly would like them to be. I do not know why my parents did not want to have more children. But I would be happy if I had a brother or sister, as I have always dreamed of having. And that's where we'll meet again I do not think that is so important for me, the most important thing is that we were together and that we are indeed doing each other happy.I want you to be able to truly able to love me . I really want this very much . I am happy that I met you in my life . Because I feel that, like you I will do well in life . I understand that you are what I need. You're a man with whom I can truly feel what love is . Am I right ? Ok. And I know that I will never deprived of your attention. I will always love and care . I also want to be able to give you my love .
I also want to love and take care of my love David. I want that when my love David, came home from work tired . I'd prepared a meal for him . That it is always full and full of energy . So he came home with a good positive attitude . Knowing that his home waiting for and loved. I would like that when my love David came home we could spend time together . We could always be around. Do each other all kinds of massages, we could take a bath together . We just could do with each other. Do you want that? Ok.
Of course, it is good and wonderful. What do you think ? In your opinion do you wish your girlfriend was working ? Ok. And, as you earn and bring money home ? Ok. Because, in my opinion , she should , as well as a man trying to bring money into the house, bring some benefit . And do not just sit at home. And she's just like a man should work. I most want to work . Because, I used to always seek itself , and I want my children to be always in abundance and had everything they wanted . I do not want to take on the fragile shoulders of men , the question financially. I think that a man should take care . Them and so little on our land. And I do not want my love began to ache , and God forbid , something happened to him. After all , the man should always be happy. And he just wants to love and care. I do not want him to come home with a dim view. He should only be happy. And I wish that happiness has come to our family home with him . I think it would be nice if we have a close-knit and loving family . Do not you think ? Ok
My love I'd like to know your opinion on anything that I wrote ? Ok please tell me to my questions . This I think it's pretty serious issues which I would like to know . This is my letter to you must end. I want to send you my photo . Because I know how much you love them .
Your Nadezhda